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New Game Mode: PvP

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I posted this in the suggestions thread back in October but it is apparently going nowhere there.  I'm crossposting it here to get some discussion going with other players since it's not making it past pre-moderation:

The game currently has 2 modes:  PvPvE (missions, brawls, races) and PvE (raids).  I suggest creating a third mode:  A PvP mode.

The three modes could be divided up as follows:

  • PvP mode:  Only vehicles with salvaged guns, unguided rockets, and scraped together IEDs on sticks and such would be allowed to participate.  All weapons systems would be player controlled.  No AI controlled weapons allowed.
  • PvPvE mode would be anything goes, really.  Content as described above, plus advanced systems (AI controlled weapons such as drones, guided missiles, etc).  Whatever you want to bring to the party.  Pretty much what is currently (erroneously) labeled as PvP content.
  • PvE would remain as-is, playing against the AI as opposed to playing against other players.

This would give the players more options on what kind of game they're playing:

  • Only want to face players that are actually controlling/aiming their weapons in order to shoot you?  Play PvP.
  • Like playing drone boats or guided missile spamming hovers?  Like handicapping your cannon build and creating a challenge for yourself?  Play PvPvE.
  • Want to burn free fuel or have a challenge to complete that requires raids?  Want to farm copper?  Play PvE.

The only real downside would be splitting the player base into more queues, but this could be remedied by taking the number of missions currently available and making half of them PvP and the other half PvPvE.  Add an additional white item drop to each mission so players could acquire all of the white items in either mode.  Same number of queues, no harm done.

This would also provide the devs with very useful and concrete data on which modes players found more enjoyable.  If one of the modes drew significantly fewer players, that mode could eventually be eliminated and the resources spent there could be redirected to the more popular (read: potentially more profitable) modes.

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