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Smaller/Toggle Allies Nametags

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Nametags over allied players takes quite abit of space on the screen, and for support its dificult to see through the nametags across the battelfield.

would it be possible to add features in options like:

A option in options to scale the player names smaller or larger.

A bindable keyboard key for remove allies nametags, but keep arrow: I will try to explain this fully.
I do not need to know what vehicle belongs to what teammates all the time, a simple arrow (current arrow) showing who is a teammate is enough.
But enemy player names would be more usefull to see at any given time, if using voice a ally can tell me "bob going left, using stealth melee" 

these features would give the players better visual over the battlefield

I belive other players would find this verry usefull.


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