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Build Function Display Tonnage

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Right now we have to count and do math on how much the total tonnage all the parts give us.
Would it be possible to add a line under or over "Mass" for total Tonnage on your ride.


This would need to calculate out each pat that gives tonnage.

A exsample would be that:

Cab: 5000
4x Tires 250 each
Engine 3000
MasterJack Skill Heavyweight: 500

so the number total number over or under Mass in the Tonnage bar would say 9500
This would allow players to finetune and get the most out of the ride more easly and not needing to re-calculate if they swap a engine, tires, etc

I mean, it does it for the mass when you plop in a engine, the total mass changes, so why not add a bar for tonnage?

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Thank you for your suggestion, @Sasherz!

We also believe, that the tonnage indication should be more intuitive and visible for all the players. The task was created, suggestion approved.

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