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Survivors! We present you the next Crossout update, which includes a number of balance tweaks and a lot as well as a number of other equally important changes. And yes, the Firestarters are close!

New special pack ‘Burning heart’


As a holiday-special we’ve added a new pack that contains:

  • Unique vehicle: ‘Prancing pony’;
  • Weapons: auto-cannon ‘AC43 Rapier’ and machine gun ‘MM5-4 Vector’;
  • Unique cabin: ‘Jockey’
    • Rarity: rare.
    • Medium cabin.
    • Power score: 750.
    • Tonnage: 4000 kg.
    • Mass limit: 10000 kg.
    • Adds energy: 10 pts.
    • Durability: 380 pts.
    • Mass: 1400 kg.
  • Unique wheels: ‘Stallion’ and ‘Stallion ST’
    • Rarity: rare.
    • Power score: 80.
    • Tonnage: +820 kg (‘ST’: +455 kg).
    • Durability: 140 pts.
    • Mass: 90 kg.
  • A unique hero portrait: ‘Bonnie’;
  • A unique paint can of relic rarity: ‘Lollipop’ and paint can ‘Material: Aluminium’;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 55;
  • Unique sticker: ‘Quick and the Dead’;
  • 1000 roses in-game coins.

The pack will be available for purchase from the 14th of February for a limited amount of time - till the 28th of February inclusive. After the purchase all the parts will remain in your storage even after the holiday offer expires.

Memories of Crossout warm Bonnie's heart. After all, it was the terrible catastrophe that brought her to the love of all her life. Fortune itself put weapons in Bonnie's weak hands, and put Him at the wheel. Who cares about the millions of dead, when the wind blows in your face, the lungs are full of gunpowder, and the heart is full of love. And who can condemn them for taking someone else's belongings, and for raids on food warehouses, and for the deaths of a couple dozen doomed ones?

But evil people tried to trap the lovers, started tracking them down and hunting them. Bonnie knew that they could never be part, that only with Him she was truly alive. But He wanted to save her life so much, and she could not refuse him...
Much time has passed since then, and a lot of blood has spilled. Bonnie has forgotten a lot, but she knows for sure that He is somewhere in the heart of the wasteland, waiting for her, and will wait forever.

Special wheels in the pack: ‘Stallion’ and ‘Stallion ST’

Pneumatic suspension with variable ride height allows the machine to operate in two modes. And also perform tricks. 



Purple fireworks
Launches a festive rocket into the sky, exploding in the shape of a heart!

  • You can receive the firework via completing the special challenge ‘Road romance’.
  • Decor. Firework.
  • Rarity: legendary.
  • Increases reputation gain after battle by 4%.
  • Fireworks are temporary items. They last for 7 days since the moment of activation. The countdown starts when you pick it from your storage.
  • You can only install one fireworks launcher.

Changes in structural parts

With this update, the PS parameters will decrease for structural parts. Please, pay attention that these balance tweaks doesn’t apply to bumpers, frames and passive melee weapons. A logical question might follow: ‘Why?’ We will try to explain.
Analyzing the collected statistics, we came to the conclusion that the PS of structural parts contributed too much to the overall PS index of the armored car. At equal PS values armored cars with a large number of parts often lost to opponents with fewer structural parts, but more guns. In order to make the necessary changes to the in-game balance, we slightly reduced the role of structural parts. Thus, we adjust the PS armored vehicles and automatically transfer these theoretical players to different queues. The change will allow the system to more accurately select players, based on the power of their weapons.
As for the change in the durability and mass parameters, we have modified them in such a way that the appearance of the part more closely matches the declared characteristics, and both light and heavy parts can be equally appealing for building an armored vehicle. In general, durability of light parts will decrease and increase for heavy parts. Also, adjustments were made to mass. We would like to mention the parts of the faction ‘Scavengers’. In general, they became lighter, which corresponds to our idea of the parts of this faction compared to the parts of Steppenwolfs. Balance changes to structural parts will allow them to more effectively perform the function that was originally conceived for each of them.
On average, durability of the parts was changed as follows:

  • General parts (ex. ‘Grilles’) — reduced by 25%.
  • Lunatics — reduced by 15%.
  • Engineers — increased by 14%.
  • Nomads — increased by 8%.
  • Dawn's Children — increased by 2%.

We would like to highlight the factions ‘Scavengers’ and ‘Steppenwolfs’. Their parts will change not only in durability, but also in mass.

  • Scavengers
    • Durability increased by 2%.
    • Mass decreased by 25%.
  • Steppenwolfs
    • Durability increased by 20%.
    • Mass reduced by 5%.

 Also pay attention to the fact that the names have changed in some structural parts (the former ‘Grilles’).

Experience points in combat

Points are now awarded for the destruction of absolutely all parts installed on enemy armored cars. If earlier they were awarded only for the destruction of cabins, guns, hardware and movement modules, now experience will also be awarded for the destruction of decor, frames and structural parts.

Changes in the mechanics of repair kit production

In this update, we made changes to the mechanics of repair kit production. The process of creating them has become easier for all players. Survivors no longer have to pay for renting the Engineers workbench to craft the next set of repair kits.

  • Now the repair kits are created on the Engineers Workbench, whose rent is free for everyone, and access to their creation is opened from the 4th level of the Engineers faction.
  • The amount of resources required for crafting is reduced to 300 units of scrap metal and 30 units of copper.
  • The number of received repair kits is also reduced to 5 pieces.


Now players have an opportunity to quickly assemble an armored car. The system automatically selects a random variant of a suitable car from pre-loaded blueprints collected during the ‘New fractional craft’ competition, from the parts that you have in stock.

  • The auto-assembly button is located to the right of the Leviathan slot
  • The car will be painted in a random paint from the ones available in your warehouse
  • The blueprint is saved in the player's slot, instead of the current one. We recommend that you save the blueprint of your armored car before you start auto-assembly.
  • With the help of auto-assembly it is impossible to assemble a Leviathan.


  • Rookie players will now receive a special chain of tasks that will help them get used to the Wasteland and get acquainted with the basic principles of the game.
  • For completion of the tasks, players will receive portraits and paints of the ‘Engineers’ faction, as well as resources. Please note that the portraits and paints of the ‘Engineers’ faction are no longer in the gear received for level-ups.
  • For those experienced players who have not yet reached level 30 in the Engineers faction, all the missing paints and portraits will be issued separately.
  • Daily challenges and daily login rewards are now available from level 5.

Game Modes

  • Added new leaders for raiders of the factions ‘Lunatics’, ‘Nomads’ and ‘Scavengers’.


  • Tasks for the use of melee weapons now have an additional condition, which makes it possible to use explosive spears.

 Clan battles

  • Only armored cars with 6000 PS are higher are allowed to participate in clan battles.
  • When a player leaves a clan, the current tournament becomes unavailable for him.


Big black scorpions

  • The map ‘Fortress’ is added to the rotation. 


  • Minimum requirement for PS for access to the mission ‘Get the wires!’ increased to 4000 PS.


  • The minimum PS requirements for access to raids have been changed:
    • Medium difficulty — 4000 PS.
    • Hard difficulty — 5000 PS.
    • ‘Invasion’ — 4000 PS.
  • Now enemy difficulty in all raids is further adjusted depending on the total PS of your group.


  • On all difficulties the starting time allocated for the destruction of the first tower is increased by 5 seconds.
  • ‘Easy’ difficulty level:
    • Pumpjack durability reduced to 1500 pts.
    • The time given for destruction of the pumpjack is increased to 28 seconds.
    • Reduced damage dealt by turrets.


  • Damage dealt by the leader is reduced.
  • ‘Easy’ difficulty level:
    • Damage and durability of armored vehicles of Raiders from the ‘Lunatics’ faction are reduced by 10%.
  • Difficulty level: Normal
    • Damage and durability of armored vehicles of Raiders from the ‘Nomads’ and ‘Scavengers’ factions are reduced by 10%.
    • Damage and durability of armored vehicles of Raiders from the ‘Lunatics’ faction are increased by 10%.

Cargo race

  • On all difficulties the starting time allocated for picking up the first cargo is increased by 10 seconds.
  • ‘Easy’ difficulty level:
    • Damage and durability of armored vehicles of Raiders from the ‘Nomads’ faction are reduced by 10%.


  • ‘Easy’ difficulty level:
    • Damage and durability of armored vehicles of Raiders from the ‘Lunatics’, ‘Nomads’ and ‘Scavengers’ factions are reduced by 10%.
  • Difficulty level: Normal
    • Damage and durability of armored vehicles of Raiders from the ‘Lunatics’, ‘Nomads’ and ‘Scavengers’ factions are reduced by 10%.


  • Difficulty level: Normal
    • Damage and durability of armored vehicles of Raiders from the ‘Lunatics’, ‘Nomads’ and ‘Scavengers’ factions are reduced by 10%.


  • The amount of copper obtained in the ‘Invasion’ mode is increased by 20%.
  • Difficulty of the matched Leviathans is reduced.



Automatic weapon ‘Caucasus’

  • A manual targeting system was introduced. Now the machine gun does not start shooting until the player manually indicates the target for it.
  • Target indication is carried out by pressing and holding the key set for the ‘Caucasus’. After locking the target (the white frame changes to red with a distinctive sound), you can release the key.
  • The enemy can escape the target status by hiding behind an obstacles or moving far enough. After 2 seconds, the target state will be reset. In this case, it will be necessary to again indicate the target for the ‘Caucasus’.

‘In our opinion, the automatic machine gun Caucasus is a good weapon, but in its current form has several significant drawbacks, including a complete lack of control over the weapon. Also, Caucasus partially competes with the drones ‘AD-12 Falcon’, occupying an adjacent niche. Therefore, we decided to introduce a system of manual targeting, this will allow us to control the behaviour of our weapons, although it will make it slightly more demanding for the player's skills, and also distances it from other AI weapons’.

Shotgun ‘Junkbow’

  • Optimal range increased by 50%.
  • Spread is reduced by 17%.
  • Now the gun mostly has horizontal spread.

‘We like the mechanics of ‘Junkbow’ and the gameplay that it offers. For effective combat, the player must approach the enemy to destroy half of the car with the first volley or demolish all the enemy guns (sometimes the second volley may no longer be needed). But this gameplay requires great skill and does not forgive misses, and only experienced and patient players can achieve high scores. We decided to make ‘Junkbow’ more friendly to beginners slightly increasing its accuracy and optimal range of fire. With these changes, ‘Junkbow’ will remain a weapon focused exclusively on close combat, but it will be easier to deal potential damage to the enemy’.
Machine gun ‘ST-M26 Tackler’

  • Damage reduced by 15%.
  • The impulse reduced by 14%

 ‘Due to low presence in the game Tackler is not so common in combat, so it took us more time to gather informative data on its use in combat. In the end, we came to the conclusion that the efficiency of the machine gun was substantially higher relative to the other purple weapons and decided to slightly weaken its damage.’

Crossbow ‘Spike-1’

  • Reloading time increased by 25%.

‘Crossbow Spike is a unique event weapon, with a limited amount in the game that you can not get anywhere except to buy on the market. It has a high damage per second and accuracy and stands out strongly against the background of the rest of the purple weapons. Therefore, we came to a decision to slightly weaken the Spike by increasing the time of its reloading. With these corrections, Spike will remain one of the most effective epic weapons, but will cease to be a universal solution in battle.’
Drone ‘AD-12 Falcon’

  • Active drone time increased by 50%.
  • Damage reduced by 30%.
  • Drone durability reduced by 50%.

‘We received a lot of positive feedback from the players after changing the Cobra in the update 0.8.50. We also like the updated turret, which has ceased to be an ultimate and universal weapon, but remains sufficiently effective and in demand among the players. Therefore, we decided to apply such changes, with increased active time and reduced damage, to the Falcon quadcopter, which has recently taken the place of the turret.
Turret DT Anaconda

  • Active time increased by 50%.
  • Rate of fire increased by 25%.
  • Damage reduced by 53%.
  • Durability reduced by 63%.
  • Now the turret attacks with homing missiles.

 Drone ‘MD-3 Owl’

  • Active time increased by 20%.
  • Damage reduced by 25%.
  • Drone durability increased by 50%.
  • Now the drone attacks with homing missiles.

Epic turrets and quadcopters used to be ineffective and not popular with players, but we decided not to touch this weapon until all the necessary corrections for their rare counterparts were made. We believe that we have found the correct formula for the work of AI weapons, so in this update, Owl and Anaconda receive a significant improvement in the form of homing missiles. In addition, we subject them to the same changes that have occurred with the Cobra turret in the past patch, and adjust the time of their work, damage and durability.
Turret ‘Barrier IX’

  • Reloading time reduced by 60%.
  • Shield durability reduced by 60%.

‘In the current game state, the protective turret is not very effective. The essential protection that the Barrier gives is almost completely leveled by a long reloading, and is ineffective in fast and dynamic battles. We decided to weaken the shield, but to reduce the reloading time of the turret, this should make the Barrier turret more suitable for high-speed battles in Crossout.’

Flamethrower ‘Firebug’

  • Now, when destroyed, the flamethrower does not explode or damage the armored car.

‘We decided to remove the Firebug's explosion on destruction. The loss of weapons in itself is a negative event and punishing the player with additional damage seems excessive.

Flamethrower ‘Firebug’, mine-layer ‘Porcupine’, howitzer ‘mandrake’, mines in ‘Raid’ mode

  • Now fire damage from these weapons heats up parts and increases the damage dealt to them.

‘We decided to add a heating effect to all the weapons that deal fire damage in our game. We think this is logical from the point of view of mechanics, and the logic of the world. The heating effect of these weapons is not as significant as that of the Aurora, and it takes much more time to heat the part to maximum.’


‘Meat Grinder’ auger

  • Now augers are equally accelerated along a straight and diagonal trajectory.



  • A new unique feature of the cabin: Receiving damage temporarily increases the damage dealt. The maximum effect is 25% at 1000 pts. of damage.’ Note that the damage done to any part of the armored car is taken into account.
  • New welding points have been added.

‘We believe that the previous unique feature of the cabin was too situational and relevant only for some assemblies. We want the heavy-cabin assemblies to play the role of heavyweight tanks, that can absorb a lot of damage while in the thick of the battle. The new unique feature of the ‘Humpback’ will allow it to do it with profit, increasing its own damage. In light of this change, we suggest that you take a fresh look at assemblies using the Humpback and the tracks / mechanical legs’.


 ‘Aegis Prime’ protective field

  • Reloading time reduced by 44%.
  • Active time is reduced by 60%.
  • Shield radius reduced by 38%.

‘Cheetah’ engine

  • The unique feature of the engine has been changed. Now every 100 meters passed reduce the remaining time of cooldowns for modules, turrets and drones by 20%. The engine no longer affects the recharge time of guns.

Boosters and Invisibility modules

  • Now the activation of accelerators while invisible leads to the early termination of the invisibility.


  • Added a new string ‘Not for fusion’ to the description of all paints and decor, which can not be used in mixing and fusion.

Bug fixes

  • Improved the ‘Wing’ model.
  • Modified model of the gun ‘Tsunami’.
  • Fixed the bug of the ‘Travel Bag’ animation.
  • Fixed an error with displaying the ammunition marker in some raids.
  • Fixed a bug where the use of the Cerberus cockpit was not counted as the use of melee weapons in seasons.
  • Fixed self-destruct indicator of the cabin ‘Icebox’.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying resources in the ‘Track’ function.
  • Fixed a bug with no welding points on the gun ‘Judge 76mm’.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the added time in the raid ‘Cargo chase’.
  • Fixed a flip bug with the enemy team.
  • Fixed a bug of suspension for the ‘Shiv’ wheels.
  • Fixed a bug with welding points in the ‘Ammo pack’ item.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to create a Leviathan with insufficient reputation.
  • Neutrino sight was fixed in the absence of direct visibility of the target.
  • Fixed a bug with welding points for the ‘Mandrake’ part.
  • Fixed some elements of the interface.
  • Fixed a situation in which the Auger ‘Meat grinder’ could not deal damage.
  • Fixed the direction of the tread in ‘Wheels with chains’.
  • Fixed a number of errors in texts
  • Fixed several map bugs.
  • Improved camera behaviour when assembling the car.
  • The display of a number of parameters in the parts descriptions has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug when not all the seasonal missions, that require melee weapons, allowed to use explosive spears.
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