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Survivors! Welcome to Crossout 1.0.18! Do not fear those dangerous tusks of the ‘Boar’, as you are always able to tame the wild beast and make it your ally in fierceful battles of the Wastes. Also, pay attention to the new balance tweaks and that the interface of daily challenges has become much more intuitive!

Crossout — ‘Wild Hunt’ pack

Contents of the pack include:

  • Unique armored car: ‘Boar’
  • Unique cabin ‘Tusk’. Like a real boar, it can build up rage and tear the enemy apart with one strike of its tusks.
    • Cabin type: light.
    • Energy reserves: 12 pts.
    • Power Score: 1800 pts.
    • Tonnage: 4500 kg.
    • Weight limit: 8000 kg.
    • Durability: 245 pts.
    • Weight: 550 kg.
    • Unique cabin perk: For every 100 m., traversed by the car, the collision damage increases by 100% Stacks up to 3 times. Please note that only the damage done by the cabin is increased.
  • Weapons: two ‘rare’ shotguns ‘Sledgehammer’
  • Hardware: ‘Weapon Cooler’ and engine ‘Dun Horse’.
  • Unique hero portrait: ‘The Hunter’
  • Unique paint cans: ‘Boar scalp’ of relic rarity.
  • Unique sticker: ‘Eye of the Beast’ of relic rarity.
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 55.
  • 1000 in-game coins.

The Hunter used to prey on wild animals, and liked to keep the trophies that adorned his hut and car. Now he hunts people. His victims are easy to identify, because their bodies often lack a finger, a tooth, or something worse. People say that The Hunter keeps these treacherous trophies in his lair. But, frankly, one shouldn't believe rumours.  After all, no one knows where this lair is, not to mention coming back from there alive.

Changes in the ‘Engineer Workbench’ recipes

We'd like to point out that all fragments of decor and colours, as well as the recipes in which they are used, will be removed from the game within a month without the possibility of exchanging them for any resources. This is a decisive step and therefore Ivy XO personally gave the order to reduce the cost of manufacturing full-fledged parts so that everyone could afford to put the fragments that cluttered their warehouses and waiting for their time into action.


  • All paint cans and decor of the ‘rare’ rarity can be produced for 250 units of scrap metal and 40 units of copper.
  • All paint cans and decor of the ‘epic’ rarity can be produced for 350 units of scrap metal, 150 units of copper and 75 units of wires.

Hurry up to use the final (and very profitable!) opportunity!

Rested bonus

  • The limit of the 'Rested bonus' is increased up to 70000 reputation points.
  • Changed the mechanics of the ‘Rested bonus’. Now the bonus will depend on how many reputation points you have already earned with the active ‘Rested bonus’.
    • Up to 40 000 reputation points: + 400% reputation.
    • From 40 000 to 50 000 reputation points: + 300% reputation.
    • From 50 000 to 60 000 reputation points: + 200% reputation.
    • From 60 000 to 70 000 reputation points: + 100% reputation.
    • Over 70 000 reputation points: ‘Rested bonus’ is disabled.

New structural parts


  • Added a new structural part ‘Narrow avia slope’ (dimensions: 2x1x1).
  • Parts are given when certain levels are reached in the ‘Nomads’ faction:
    • Level 5: 2 parts.
    • Level 9: 2 parts.
    • Level 11: 2 parts.


  • A new structural part ‘Metal box’ (dimensions: 2x2x1) is added.
  • Parts are given when certain levels are reached in the ‘Scavengers’ faction:
    • Level 5: 2 parts.
    • Level 9: 2 parts.


  • Added a new structural part ;Strengthened twin slope’ (dimensions: 2x1x2)
  • Parts are given when certain levels are reached in the ‘Steppenwolfs’ faction:
    • Level 5: 2 parts.
    • Level 9: 2 parts.

Game Modes

Clan battles

  • Now, at the start of a clan battle, the matchmaking system will wait for a short time to connect all the players to start the battle simultaneously for all participants and provide conditions for a fair fight in the 4vs4 format.


Cargo race
Difficulty level: ‘Hard’

  • Damage of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Lunatics’ faction is reduced by 10%.

Difficulty level: ‘Medium’ and ‘Hard’

  • Damage of armored vehicles of the Raiders in the ‘Lunatics’, ‘Scavengers’ and ‘Nomads’ factions is increased by 10%.

Easy’ difficulty level:

  • The maximum possible simultaneous number of raiders on the map is reduced to 10 armored vehicles.

‘Easy’ difficulty level:

  • The durability of the towers is reduced by 400 pts.
  • Explosion radius of cannon and missile installations defending the pumpjacks has been reduced.



Plasma emitter ‘Synthesis’

  • Damage reduced by 13%.
  • Gun turn speed is increased by 11%.
  • Projectile speed is increased by 11%

Developer comment: ‘Analyzing the collected statistics, we came to the conclusion that the plasma emitter ‘Synthesis’ is too effective, but only in the hands of experienced players who spent a lot of time in the game. In the hands of less experienced players, its performance remains at the same level as other weapons of the same rarity (or even worse). Therefore, we decided to slightly reduce the effectiveness of Synthesis in the hands of experienced players, reducing its damage, but to make the weapon more easy to use for players at lower levels, we increased its rotation speed and projectile speed.’

‘Little Boy’ cannon

  • Maximum moving spread is increased by 33%.

Developer comment: ‘With Little Boy, the situation is the reverse of the previous one. The weapon's effectiveness remains a little too high for players of all levels, but it is in the early stages that the gun shows itself significantly better than against high-level players who know how to resist such weapons. We increased the maximum spread in motion to make the weapon more dependent on the player's skills and reduce its effectiveness, primarily against newcomers.’

Shotgun ‘Sledgehammer’

  • Durability increased by 20% (from 96 to 115 pts).

AT Wasp

  • Durability increased by 15% (from 48 to 55 pts).

Developer comment: ‘In the previous updates we increased the durability of some weapons that had become more vulnerable due to a new system of explosions. Changes also affected the shotgun ‘Sledgehammer’, but the changes made were not enough. In this update we continue to increase the durability of weapons, which are more vulnerable to explosive damage than others due to low durability and small dimensions.’

‘Spitfire’ shotgun

  • Damage increased by 7%
  • Impact impulse is increased by 7%.

Developer comment: ‘The main feature of the shotgun ‘Spitfire’ is the limited shooting angles. This feature imposes restrictions on its installation and the gameplay with this weapon, which makes the player vulnerable under certain circumstances. This restriction is compensated by the increased durability and damage of the weapon, in comparison with its rotating counterparts. We believe that for the Spitfire, damage compensation is inadequate and, at the moment, its damage is approximately equal to the damage of the Sledgehammer. Therefore, we decided to slightly increase the Spitfire's damage. This will allow it to become equal in effectiveness to the Sledgehammer, taking into account the limited angles of shooting.’

ZIS-34 ‘Fat Man’ cannon

  • Reloading time increased by 8%.

Developer comment: At present, cannons in the game have efficiency just above most other weapons. After several revisions, this difference has significantly decreased since we introduced a new system of explosions, but it still exists. Having originally had fairly fast reloading, Fat Man significantly increased its rate of fire due to its perk and other modules and, accordingly, damage per second. Therefore, we decided to reduce reloading speed to slightly reduce its effectiveness.

Cannon ‘Mammoth’

  • Damage reduced by 10%.

Developer comment: ‘According to statistics, cannons are now more effective than most other types of guns. After a number of revisions and the introduction of a new system of explosions, this difference has significantly decreased, but it still exists. ‘Fat Man’ reloading speed, which was initially fast enough, increased significantly due to its unique features and modules. This, in turn, increased rate of fire and, accordingly, damage per second. Therefore, we decided to reduce its reloading speed. Mammoth deals very high damage for its level and is capable of knocking down light weapons with one volley, leaving the opponent unarmed. We slightly reduced the damage from the explosion to reduce the obviously overestimated effectiveness of this weapon. We will continue to closely monitor the weapons with explosive damage and make the necessary balance corrections.’

‘BC-17 Tsunami’ cannon

  • Mass increased by 37% (from 1350 to 1850 kg).

Developer comment: ‘We believe that the current mass of the Tsunami gun does not match both its visual dimensions and the existing mass ratio between rotating and static guns. The new mass fits into this ratio and better relates to its appearance.’

‘Judge’ cannon

  • Reduces explosion radius by 7%.

Cricket 1M

  • Durability is reduced by 9% (from 164 to 150 pts).

Developer comment: ‘Recently, the survival rate of the rocket Cricket in battle has been approaching the survival of heavy guns. We think that this does not correspond to its role as a ‘glass cannon’, which can deal a lot of damage, but can easily be fired without proper protection or as a result of careless play. Therefore, we came to a decision to slightly reduce its durability in order to better match its role in combat.’

Automatic weapon ‘Caucasus’

  • Range increased by 17%.
  • Gun turn speed increased by 20%.
  • Target lock time reduced by 38%.

Developer comment: After the introduction of manual targeting for Caucasus, many players complained about the inconvenience and the complexity of the aiming mechanics. We listened to the players and increased the speed of target lock, speed of rotation and range of fire, which should make the use of Caucasus more convenient. In the future, we intend to continue to improve the system of manual targeting for Caucasus.

Catapult ‘Ashbringer’

  • Radius of the fiery puddle increased by 15%.

‘Draco’ flamethrower

  • Flamethrower optimum range increased by 20%.

Developer comment: ‘The new Firestarters faction weapons turned out to be less effective than we expected. Mostly, it is designed to fight heavy and slow cars, which are not so often encountered in battle. These changes are aimed to make the Incinerator and Draco easier to use and slightly improve their effectiveness, but it is worth noting that these changes are far from final, and in the future we will continue to improve the weapons of FIrestarters including Fortune and Harpoon.’

‘Mandrake’ Howitzer

  • Damage from the fire puddle is increased by 20%.

Developer comment: ‘In the previous updates, we added a heat effect for fire weapons, which eventually increases the damage received by parts. Because of the short active time of the fire puddle, which remains after the explosion of the Mandrake shell, the heating effect had little effect on the damage dealt to the enemy. Therefore, the effectiveness of the weapon slightly decreased. We increased the damage from the fire puddle to compensate for the overall effectiveness of the weapon.’


‘Aegis Prime’ protective field

  • Shield radius is increased by 60%.

Developer comment: ‘In the previous balance update, we changed the active time and the cooldown time, and also reduced the shield's radius from the module Aegis-Prime. With the help of these changes, we tried to solve several problems at once, and also make the module more appropriate for fast battles of our game. This led to the fact that the efficiency and popularity of the Aegis significantly decreased and we came to a decision to restore the original radius of the shield.’ 


Rarity of some stickers has changed:

  • ‘Defender of the Fatherland’: rarity has been changed from ‘Relic’ to ‘Common’.
  • ‘With a shield or on a shield’: rarity has been changed from ‘Relic’ to ‘Common’..
  • ‘Bear's roar’: rarity has been changed from ‘Relic’ to ‘Rare’.
  • ‘Wolf eyes’: rarity has been changed from ‘Relic’ to ‘Rare’.
  • ‘Wings of victory’: rarity has been changed from ‘Relic’ to ‘Epic’.

Structural parts

Oblique strut

  • Part durability increased from 12 to 16 pts.
  • Part weight increased from 29 to 37 kg.


  • Now you can customize the colour of labels and names of players and raiders. For each type of label, the colour is customized individually:
    • Ally.
    • Group member.
    • Enemy.
    • Raider.
    • Officer (special raider).
    • Leader (boss).

Developer comment: ‘Throughout the development process, we periodically found requests and suggestions to add additional options for people with hindered color perception. In this update, we add the ability to change the colour of names and labels for players and raiders. Now each player will be able to tweak the display of these elements to a comfortable level.’

  • Improved challenge tab interface. In the updated tab, you can always track the progress of the current seasonal task.
  • Description of each battle on the world map now has hints about the game mode and opponents.
  • Improved resource icons.
  • Added descriptions for purchased special packs.
  • Re-arranged items and parts in the sections ‘Decor’ and ‘Customization kit’.
  • Now when loading your saved blueprints, the game will automatically select a car slot or the leviathan slot, depending on the type of armored car you are loading.
  • A number of hints and interface elements have been improved.


  • A number of texts and descriptions have been improved.
  • Added welding points for the ‘Armored track’ part.
  • The order of display of structural parts in the warehouse is changed.
  • Improved Raider behaviour on the map ‘Terminal-45’.
  • Modified model of the cargo on the map.
  • The hint about the prestige level has been improved.
  • Modified models of some frames, structural parts, decor elements.
  • A number of ‘struts’ received additional welding points.
  • Added effects of armored car assembly for the ‘Auto-assembly’ mode.
  • Added effect for completed challenges and seasonal tasks.
  • Now a player who is in queue for a battle can not invite other players to the group and can not be invited to the group until he leaves the queue.
  • A number of graphic and sound effects have been improved.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare bug with rewards when winning via base capture.
  • Now the windows on structural parts are not painted over with paint.
  • Fixed a bug where textures of several parts of the ‘Plane nose’ did not match.
  • Fixed a bug with the lack of sound from Executioner 88mm shells.
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect installation of the decor ‘Winter tyres’.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect painting of the ‘Air Intake’ part.
  • Fixed errors on several maps.
  • Fixed a bug with the countdown to the start of the battle in the ‘Storm Warning’ and ‘Free for All’ brawls.
  • The name of the neutral base has been clarified in several cases.
  • Fixed an error in the description of the container ‘Steel Cavalry’.
  • Fixed a bug with the ‘Incinerator’ catapult having the ‘time to overheat’ parameter.
  • Improved Raider team picks.
  • Fixed a bug where the order of checkpoints in ‘Race’ was not displayed in order.
  • Fixed a bug with insufficient number of turning wheels on one of the raiders.
  • Now the battles in the “Encounter” scenario are 5 minutes long.
  • Fixed a number of visual effects.
  • Improved game client stability
  • Now in the ‘Escort’ raid, the line ‘You are too far from the truck’ is not displayed if the player is destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Fuze’ drone did not deal damage to armored vehicles on hovers.
  • Fixed a rare error in locking the camera in build mode.
  • Fixed a bug in the speed of scrolling the assortment of factional machines.
  • Fixed a display bug with the wheel-projectile of the catapult ‘Fortune’.
  • Fixed a bug of non-functional test drive of faction blueprints.
  • The error in the descriptions of some containers has been fixed.
  • Now the ‘ST-M23 Defender’ machine gun can be mounted symmetrically on the ‘Carapace’ cabin (including the variation of the weapon with the ‘Dawn’ CK).
  • Now when you cancel the search for a battle in the ‘Clan battle’ mode, the player does not lose points.
  • Fixed a bug where the player did not get the flag reputation bonus, if he left the fight ahead of schedule.
  • Fixed a camera position error when viewing blueprints.
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