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Big Bang PvP Match

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In order to participate each player must build a vehicle from 3000-3500 points. On that vehicle will from two up to seven fuel barrels. Those Barrels MUST be placed adjacent to the vehicle Cabin. Each person has a score multiplier based on the number of fuel barrels on their build. The more fuel barrels the higher the risk and the higher the score. Players die and respawn just like Big Black Scorpions. Scoring is done like a normal Free For all Match.

Two Barrels = 0.5 Multiplier

Three or Four Barrels = 1.0 Multiplier

Five or Six Barrels = 2.0 Multiplier

Seven Barrels = 4.0 Multiplier

Players can go conservative and try to hide two barrels on their build. People can go psycho and try to destroy others with seven barrels. Every player has a weakness that can be exploited with the fuel barrels. This gives everyone a chance against every other build.



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"Bang"   "Big"    "Seven"           

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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