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Just a rant (do not click)

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This is getting too ridiculous... A scorpion hoover at 2997 PS. Really, I mean REALLY???

No wonder you loose players.  build creativity, this game will die when this isn't fixed. Playing everyday but my fun drops to absolute zero when I see something like this.

Getting Scorpion to 8 Energy wouldn't fix, giving 200% weight wouldn't fix, better matchmaking wouldn't fix. 


*mic drop

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“Pick up mic“



Same here!



Every round facing double mammoths...BORING



Every round facing double hurrikanes and this gameplay ruining BEEEEBEEEEEEBEEEEEB..BORING


Every round starts, a salve of crickets....BORING

Every round an Instant kablaam of a loserlancebuild...BORING



“break the mic in the middle“

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