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Crossout 0.9.40


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  • Developer

Attention to everyone! Intelligence reported the discovery of new towers and cargo! Prepare your trucks and equip them with everything you need! Move, raiders are already fully armed and ready to fight back!

Welcome to Crossout 0.9.40! Today we are ready to present to you an updated Raid mode. We continue to work on improving battles with raiders and increasing their attractiveness for the Survivors. As a serious step in this direction, we decided to abandon the old raid options and replace them with new scenarios. Also check out the upcoming in-game event, scheduled for April 1, and greet our old friend in a new guise — the "Sector EX" map!

Game Modes


  • Raids now change once every hour.
  • New Bosses have been added to the updated raids.

Please note that the durability of Raider armored vehicles, as well as the damage they deal are optimal for the armored vehicles of your team.

New raid "The War for Fire"
A group of wastelanders managed to launch one of the drilling stations left from the old world. This promises them considerable reinforcement in the region, which makes some influential survivors from competing factions very unhappy. A direct attack will lead to another redistribution of spheres of influence, which is unprofitable for anyone — but the strengthening of this gang must be stopped. In response to this challenge, a daring plan was born: not only to destroy the mining unit, but also to steal the available fuel! The team of desperate thugs needs to:

  • Get into the oil production area and destroy the defences
  • Ensure the uninterrupted operation of the tower for the last batch of oil: it needs energy, the employer recommends looking for ‘live’ energy cells in piles of garbage around — that's what the Scavengers do
  • Take the extracted oil, and remember to defend the oil rig.
  • Attention! In desperation, the group leader will have nothing but to try to destroy the tower, and you will need all the power of your team to conserve one of the rare sources of oil.

New raid "Data Heist"

Some survivors are known for not making long-term relationships with anyone and trying to stay away from constant clan squabbles. Connoisseurs of anomalies and old abandoned places, avoided by other survivors, the keepers of the secrets of the old world and the discoverers of new places in the Wasteland. Abandoned towers previously used for broadcasting have become the temporary base for several groups like this — it is rumoured that someone managed to re-start them and use them to monitor anomalies and exchange messages. This means that even short-term control over the towers will allow us to slightly lift the veil of secrecy and learn the secrets of the Nomads. In any case, the one who ordered the daring foray into the protected area is certain of this. He is willing to pay for the risk generously, but you need to:

  • Get to the towers, breaking through the guards
  • Capture each of the towers with special equipment
  • While the data is being sent — protect each site of communication from enemies who arrive after the alarm. The enemy is cunning and will force you to move and repel attacks from both towers.
  • Do not let the group leader scramble your plans, efforts and towers.

New raid "Perimeter Breakthrough"
This cargo was perfectly hidden. At least that's what its owners thought. A reliable gate, a lot of serious security. But the more valuable whatever they want to protect is — the more other survivors want to get it. In the Wastelands this principle is especially relevant. Your contact was extremely laconic when you discussed the details:

  • Break into the guarded perimeter full of hostile raiders and minefields.
  • Destroy all who try to interfere.
  • Take everything you can.
  • Take the goods to a safe place. But are you really sure that the gang leaders will let this slide?


New raid "The Last Convoy"
It is hard to say what the raiders did to this person's relatives. For you, only one thing is important: his revenge is going to be terrifying and he is ready to generously pay for assistance. The hellish device, capable of erasing a small village from the face of the earth is packed into a truck, which must be delivered to a certain address — that's what you have to do! Besides:

  • Escort the truck to the place, protecting it from attacks
  • Help gather some propane cylinders to destroy the gates on your way to the destination.
  • See how great the anger of a man can be!
  • Attention! The ultimate objective has an owner — and he certainly will not step aside, letting you quietly complete the contract and enjoy the reward. Be careful on the road.

New raid "Gone in a few minutes"
Valuable goods are valuable goods. Fuel, ammunition, food, medicine. Survivors can get them in different ways. In battle. Some find them.Others steal. This time you will have to feel like a real plunderer of riches. A huge truck full of various goods is waiting for its new owners. The task is extremely clear — find the truck and deliver it to the desired point. But, as always, the customer forgot about ‘details’:

  • The truck with cargo was left in the heart of a protected area. Now you need to take it back.
  • The truck is running on fumes — you need to solve this problem.On the way you need to collect 4 units of fuel and refuel the truck.
  • Finally, most likely, you'll have to leave with a fight.

 The truck's cargo is important, very important. It's very likely that high-ranking enemies have become curious about its fate, or... maybe even the gang leader may come to look at the treasures that you have to steal.

New raid "Hit and Run!"
This time the enemies seemed... crazy. In any case, this is how the driver of the combat truck, who tried to get out of the dangerous area, described their behaviour. Of course, he chose to stay silent about the fact that this truck had to be borrowed from a group of survivors. The situation's tough — you have to not only get away from the chase, but to slip out of the triple ring of roadblocks and minefields.

  • Speed and firepower are the guarantee of a long life.
  • The outposts will become an obstacle, which must be destroyed.
  • The commandant of this fortified area will not be happy with the hijacking attempt and the destruction of so many fortifications. He will be furious. And you — will be in front of him.


  • Now after the finish, the armored car is invulnerable.This will help exclude the possibility of its destruction and not getting fuel when the barrel is installed.

In-game event on April 1

It's the height of spring in the Wasteland. The day is close when the faces of even the harshest survivors widen in a smile under their masks, and laughter of the particularly impressionable (or especially "altered" by the Crossout virus?) will shake the walls of the garages. Friends, meet April 1 in Crossout!

New brawl "Where'd you get the car, dude?"

Especially for the "Day of humour and jokes" we have prepared a special brawl, everyone can take part in it. Its victory conditions are no different from the familiar "Big Black Scorpions". But the April Fool's Brawl would not be special without a little surprise, would it? And the surprise is that you will fight on random and unusual armored cars, which were selected by us from the exhibition! So do not be surprised if you have to fight with a stove against a dragon, and after your destruction and rebirth you will turn into a stroller armed to the baby teeth :)


  • Players battle on random armored cars selected from the exhibition.
  • After each destruction your armored car changes randomly.
  • The brawl ends once one of the survivors destroys 10 enemy armoured cars or after the 10 minutes expire.
  • The winners are those survivors who destroyed most of the opponents and took places from 1 to 4.


"But what about the rewards?", You ask. Of course, there will be special April Fools' Rewards:

  • Sticker "Harley King" is issued for 3 wins in the brawl.
  • Sticker "Surprise" is issued for 5 victories in the brawl.
  • Sticker "Nosedive" is issued for 8 victories in the brawl.
  • Sticker "Crab it" is issued for 10 wins in the brawl.
  • Decor ‘Missile rockets’ is issued for 15 wins in the brawl.
  • Decor ‘Inflatable Mammoth’ is issued for 20 wins in the brawl.

 Pay attention once again to the fact that the winning survivors are the ones who took the places 1 to 4 after the brawl.

Two-step authentication

We would like to remind all Survivors that you have the opportunity to protect your account from unauthorized access and hacking that recently have become more frequent. To do this, you need to activate 2-step authentication. It will signigicantly raise the level of protection of your account even if hackers have gained the access to your login and password. For detailed instructions on how to activate and deactivate two-stage authorization, please click here.


We are happy to inform all Survivors that the "Sector EX" map has returned to rotation in a new, daytime version. We didn’t forget about its “night” version and it will be returned to the rotation as soon as all the necessary tweaks are applied.

This unfinished outpost on the city outskirts never raised much interest among the raiders. Only the select few knew about the existence and true purpose of Sector EX — to serve as a cover for an underground laboratory.
Before the catastrophe, the builders managed to construct an underground bunker, but the building itself was never finished. After 20 years, nature has won the construction site back, and there's little left from a once-solid str Only fortifications stood the test of time, still serving as a serious obstacle to Sector EX. This, the name behind the place, and occasional broken turrets lead to the idea that the territory was once under the watchful control of the military. Although the witnesses of those events can not be found, and no one will take it for granted. The rusted ruins still keep their secrets.
In a drunken gathering at the bar someone lost information about the location of Sector EX in a card game. And the next night, armed groups found each other there, so that the secrets of the underground laboratory could be left to one of them...


All drones and turrets

  • Now the player can destroy his turrets and drones.
  • When you hold down the key responsible for launching the drones / turrets, they will be destroyed, and the module will be recharged.


  • A number of texts and descriptions have been improved.
  • Improved several interface elements.
  • Added new raiders.
  • A number of graphical effects have been improved.
  • Improved several sound effects.
  • The vehicle description card is improved.
  • Improved the behaviour of projectiles in conditions of deteriorating communication with the server.
  • Now the search in the Storage and Market works with the name of the faction or pack.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug of not dealing damage with the "Werewolf" cabin kamikaze drone after the expiration of its lifetime.
  • Fixed errors on several maps.
  • Fixed minor errors in faction blueprints.
  • Fixed a bug where improving the "Cooled" weapon could be disabled in combination with other equipment.
  • Fixed a bug with the absence of the cursor in the chat in the spectator mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Sansara" and "Immortal" patches had the same image.
  • Fixed incorrect carriage collision at the Powerplant.
  • Fixed a bug where the diagonal strafing on the "Meat Grinders" activated stop lights.
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to send an invitation to the group to a player in combat.
  • Fixed a bug where sawing map objects automatically turned off invisibility mode.
  • The bug in the "Snappy" blueprint has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect Energy Boost operation after a new day.
  • Fixed a bug where using a weapon "Spark III" to hit the shield "Aegis-Prime" added a slowdown to the armored car.

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  • Developer


  • Improved client stability.
  • Fixed a bug when players got into the wrong raids
  • Fixed a number of AI bugs in updated raids 
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect awards of in Brawls
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