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Crossout GDT Race Tournament


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Hello everyone!

This is TheCatPlaysGamez, youtuber, streamer, and part of the newly created "Ghost Division" Tournament organizer group. We are the english branch of the probably already well-known "Flame Raiders" Tournament organizers and we will host tournaments in the EU area from now on!

We are fully affiliated with FRT, they provide all prizes and other logistics for us, although the prizes ARE sponsored by our shared sponsor, ThermalTake.

Now we got the introduction done, lets get into the juicy stuff, the tournament! The most important information is made in bold text


This tournament will be the "pilot" so it's rather small and won't contain great prizes, but those prizes will get better over time, guys!

Okay, I will keep the information short here, since everything else is found in the Ghost Division discord, found here: https://discord.gg/hYr6S6a

> The race will take place on saturday 12th of may, at 12:00 GMT+0, so be sure to CHECK YOUR LOCAL TIME compared to GMT+0
> Tournament entry is done on the discord, as well as prize payouts and other important announcement stuff, so BE SURE TO CHECK THE DISCORD REGULARY

> Tournament entry will start at monday 7th of may, on the discord

> Hovers are forbidden in this tournament

> The race has 1 "preliminary" round, then a split "redistribution" round, and then a "finals". This means you can play up to 3 matches
> This in turn means that the tournament will only last for about 1 hour
> Getting second or first place in your first race nets you a guaranteed prize, whatever it might be.
> It is single elimination, so if you do not hit the requirement place, you are eliminated. No second chances.

> This race is a 2-legged race, meaning you will be racing in teams of 2.
> A team is accounted to be "finished" when both players are finished.
> Both players of the team will recieve the rewards mentioned. A spare player is optional as a backup, but you, as team, would have to divide the 2 prizes across the 3 players yourself, there is no third prize.

> Races will be done in custom games, hosted by promotional accounts, called GDT##, ## meaning 01, 02, etc.

> This tournament supports a maximum of 16 teams of 2 players, so 32 players in total.
> The matches will contain 4 2-man teams each.


The people responsible for organizing this tournament are:
TheCatPlaysGamez, Swordstriker

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Typos. Lots of typos.
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Please do NOT ask questions here, instead hop onto the discord and ask them there, if you want a fast reply.

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