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Metal Maniacs

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Metal Manics

Based off the PS4 platform, we the Metal Maniacs are a NEW union that are now committed in being the best Army we can be. We play in a organized layout with everyone playing a separate role. We conclude to the best strategy thru out  our games by mixing up new comer with new roles or incorporating with existing tasks we already provided. We welcome everyone from levels 1-15 as of right now due to us being new to the game. We look forward to having a opportunity to enjoy playing with everyone in the far future.


The ranking system in the clan is of course made up but it help our soldiers identify the roles everyone manage and commitment they put in to our Army. Here's the Ladder.

V8- Wasteland Emperor: The Leader Of the Army

"What I Say is law. My Army is the Gateway for Power"

V7- Octane Sage: The Major Of the Army

"I will die for my Emperor, and the people behind me will do the very same with a grin welded on there mask."

V6- Deathroller: The Command Sergeant Major Of the Army

"I will make sure the blessings of my Lord will be passed with his Army behind him"

V5- Wreckage Dealer: The Staff Sergeant Of the Army.

"Whatever the Command, I will follow for my Leaders."

V4- Gas Guzzler: The First Sergeant Of the Army.

"I will never stop going, until my blessings are fulfilled."  

V3- Wheel Bandit: The Corporal Of the Army.

"In this Army we're all Welded."

V2- Manic MechanicThe Specialist Of the Army.

"I thrive for my Emperor's perfect Cage" 

V1- Blessed Wanderer: The Private Of the Army.

"I have been saved by the blessings from my Lord."

Let's Go to the Sand, Count our blessings.















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On 5/13/2018 at 5:06 PM, DeadSxxy said:

I’m interested. Killfranklyn is my gt on PS4 

Sorry for the late response dude. I'm going to add you tonight around 7pm eastern. My PSN is UI_Junkie 

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I’m interested Ender-D-Magus. Have mic. Decent tactician. Fare engineer. Will stand my ground and push through the enemy line like The Juggernaut 

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