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In Friends list, we only have indications for 

 - "In battle"

 - "In queue"

 - "In game"

 - "Online"

 - "Offline"


I would like to have an indication for

 - "In group"


I want to know if my friend is already in a group before I send them a group invite.


Also, I would like the option to "Appear Offline" or to just toggle group invite availability.

Sometimes I prefer to play solo or am doing raids, etc.

Ignoring group invites can feel a bit rude, and responding to them is an unnecessary waste of time.


Also, on PSN, we have the ability to "Appear Offline" but it does not work in-game.

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Interesting suggestion, Opening up to gather feedback.

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Great suggestions, @yogaFLAME. Having the extra options and indicates would be nice!

also I would like to be able to invite "non friend" players into groups. I believe @GibSlater made this suggestion a while back. But it would allow players that are not friends on psn to team up, maybe add an option to the map page when in a round and to the score tab at the end of each round that let players send group invites when they toggle the menu of a player. (For when you want to play with someone but not necessarily want to be friends with them.) But I would also suggest adding an option that allows players who want to be solo to turn off non-friend invites. Players who are already in a group will enable the option automatically and the sender will receive a message that the player wants to be solo or is already in a group respectively.

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