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[Update] [XBOX] Crossout 1.0.23

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The new update Crossout brings a lot of interesting changes and innovations: clan battles involving menacing Leviathans, the emergence of new resources, the long-awaited blueprint storage and warehouse extension availability tweaks, and that's not all!

Now, everyone can become owners of the unique armored car ‘Beater’ and try on the identity of the mysterious Wolfhound mercenary. Do not miss this opportunity with the ‘Spectral Hunter’ pack!

Clan battles with Leviathans!

Leviathans have gained considerable popularity in the Wasteland. These huge combat machines instill fear with their crushing power, and dealing with them is a challenge for the strongest and bravest. 

Group leaders in clan battles can now take control of their Leviathans and make a significant contribution to the victory of their team and the overall ranking of the clan.

  • In clan battles, the clan leader or the group leader goes into battle on his Leviathan.
  • The remaining players in the group go into battle on their usual crafts.
  • Teams will be matched according to the same principle as in conventional clan battles. The only criterion for selection is the current rating of the clan. After the battles, rank changes will be similar to the usual clan battles.
  • To queue for a clan battle with a Leviathan, the group leader has to:
    • Make sure the Leviathan slot has a vehicle with 6000 PS and higher.
    • Select the regular vehicle slot in garage (the vehicle's PS also has to match the Clan battle requirements).
    • Open the ‘Clans’ tab and press ‘To battle’.

Clan battles involving Leviathans will be enabled in test mode for one week. Based on the results of testing, we will decide on further use of Leviathans in Clan Battles.

A new pack ‘Crossout — Spectral Hunter’


The pack includes:

  • Unique armored car: ‘Beater’
  • Unique weapon: epic minelayer ‘Snare’
    • PS: 470.
    • Ammunition: 5 pcs.
    • Durability: 240 pts.
    • Power consumption: 2 pts.
    • Weight: 360 kg.
    • Unique feature: ‘Launches mines that shoot a harpoon at enemies in range’.
  • Unique cabin: ‘Ghost’
    • Medium cabin.
    • PS: 1500.
    • Tonnage: 5500 kg.
    • Mass limit: 11000 kg.
    • Gives energy: 12 pts.
    • Durability: 330 pts.
    • Weight: 1050 kg.
    • Unique cabin feature: ‘Weapon damage increases by 1% per second, while the armored car is invisible. The bonus is reset after 5 seconds’.
  • Additional weapons: three powerful shotguns ‘Sledgehammer’
  • Additional hardware: invisibility module ‘Chameleon’ and ‘Light generator’.
  • Unique hero portrait: Wolfhound
  • Unique paint can: ‘Misty Marshes’
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 55
  • Unique sticker: ‘Hunger’
  • 2650 in-game coins

When life gets hard, call Wolfhound. For this mercenary, burnt by all the fires of the Wasteland, there is never too much dirty work, only inadequate payment. His services are usually resorted to by the most desperate. And yet nobody knows who they should be afraid of anymore: their problems or the intractable mercenary.

Wolfhound's personality is shrouded in mystery, like a swamp — with fog. He never takes off his helmet, and none of the customers saw his armored car. But everyone heard the hungry roar of the engine in the night and the blood curdling screech of the wheels. Many arrogant drivers tried to find him, but nobody succeeded, if the Wolfhound did not want to appear himself. Therefore, inhabitants of the Valley are convinced that his car leaves no tracks. Which, of course, is not so. The truth is that the ‘Beater’ places traps, patiently waits in stealth and furiously attacks the reckless victims who were unlucky enough to wander into his ambush.

Therefore, you can be sure that this mercenary will take your terrible secret with him to the grave, and no one will ever know about it. Besides himself...

Unique cabin: Ghost
Once this cabin belonged to a helicopter and was high in the sky. It's just as hard to believe, as the fact that TVs kill people. However, all of this is true.

Unique weapon: epic minelayer ‘Snare’
Launches mines that shoot a harpoon at enemies in range.

Added new in-game resources:


  • The resource is extracted in the separate mission ‘Get the batteries!’
  • To participate in the mission you need an armored car with PS 5000+ and reputation level 5 with any of the advanced factions (‘Lunatics’, ‘Nomads’, ‘Scavengers’).
  • The resource is used in the production of legendary rarity parts. The ‘Wire’ resource is no longer used to create these parts. Please note that containers of legendary rarity that are produced on the ‘Expert decorator’ workbench are not considered to be parts. You can see the recipes for their production below.
  • The resource is used in the production of relic rarity parts. The ‘Wire’ resource is no longer used to create these parts.


  • The resource is earned in a separate raid of medium difficulty.
  • The resource is used in the production of epic rarity parts. At the same time, the number of required ‘Wires’ is reduced.

In-game event ‘Flea Market’


Judging by the memories of those who lived before the disaster, at flea markets people used to sell and buy all kinds of second-hand goods. It's baffling, why would they do it, when it was possible to buy something completely new?
After the apocalypse, production fell into decay, and things had to be sold not only second, but also third, and even fifth-hand. Earlier you could find new curiosities straight from the megalopolises at flea markets!.. But, alas, these resources are finite. 

  • The event will end on June 4. Please pay attention to the fact that the timing of the event may change. The exact time of the event's end can be seen directly in the game.
  • During the event, all Survivors can exchange accumulated Wires for new resources (Batteries and Plastic).
  • Resource exchange rate: 1 to 1. Thus:
    • 100 units of wires can be exchanged for 100 units of plastic or batteries.
    • 1000 units of wires can be exchanged for 1000 units of plastic or batteries.

Scrap metal

  • Production of a number of common rarity parts now requires 50 pcs. of scrap metal. These include:
    • Machine gun ‘Chord’
    • Shotgun ‘Lupara’
    • Cannon ‘Avenger’
    • Cabin ‘WWT1’


  • Tripled the amount of copper obtained when:
    • Completing a raid.
    • Completing the ‘Invasion’ mode.
    • The player's leviathan wins in ‘Invasion’.
    • Receiving copper in daily login rewards.
  • Requirements for the amount of copper in the recipes have been increased. In a number of cases, the requirements have not been tripled, and have become more profitable for players. You can see the exact changes in requirements in the section ‘Recipe changes’ below.
  • Canceled all requests for the purchase and sale of copper on the market. The amount of copper in the players' warehouses is tripled.

Changes in recipes
Due to the emergence of new resources in the game and changes in the amount of copper earned, the requirements in recipes were also changed. Now to build:

  • A ‘Rare’ part you need 450 pcs. of scrap metal and 150 pcs. of copper.
  • An ‘Epic’ rarity part you need 250 pcs. of scrap metal, 500 pcs. of wires, 450 pcs. of copper and 250 pcs. of plastic.
  • A ‘Legendary’ rarity part you need 100 pcs. of scrap metal, 750 pcs. of electronics, 750 pcs. of copper and 750 pcs. of batteries.
  • A ‘Relic’ rarity part you need 1000 pcs. of batteries, 1000 pcs. of electronics, 1000 pcs. of copper and 600 pcs. of uranium ore.
  • A ‘Repair kit’ you need 300 pcs. of scrap metal and 90 pcs. of copper.
  • A faction flag you need 300 pcs. of scrap metal and 150 pcs. of copper.


  • A faction standard you need 200 pcs. of scrap metal and 60 pcs. of copper.
  • A ‘Random CK container’ you need 900 pcs. of scrap metal, 150 pcs. of wires and 450 pcs. of copper.
  • A ‘Random paint container’ you need 450 pcs. of scrap metal, 50 pcs. of wires and 150 pcs. of copper.


  • To activate a co-driver's skill when you reach level 5, you now need 300 pcs. of copper + other resources.
  • To activate a skill when you reach level 10, you now need 750 pcs. of copper + other resources.
  • To activate a skill when you reach level 15, you now need 1500 pcs. of copper + other resources.

Blueprint storage and warehouse extension

  • Reduced the requirements for the production of ‘Warehouse Extension’ and ‘Blueprint storage’:
    • 100 pcs. of scrap metal
    • 350 pcs. of electronics
    • 200 pcs. of batteries
    • 500 units. of copper 
  • Now using ‘Blueprint storage’ also increases the number of available slots at the exhibition by 1. Max. number of slots - 20.
  • Now, by default, all new players have 4 slots available at the exhibition.

Game Modes


  • Added the ‘Factory’ map to mode rotation


Free for All

  • On the debriefing screen the players are now listed according to their place.
  • As additional information, the screen displays the number of kills and deaths.

Big black scorpions

  • The map ‘Rock City’ has been added to rotation.

Battle Royale

Several balance tweaks have been applied to weapons (Attention! Changes are relevant only for this brawl)



  • The number of missiles received when selecting a box with ammunition, is increased from 2 to 3.

Machine gun ‘MM5-4 Vector’

  • Damage reduced by 25%.

Machine gun ‘Spectre-2’

  • Damage reduced by 17%.

Shotguns ‘Sledgehammer’, ‘Thunderbolt’ and ‘Hammerfall’

  • Cooling rate is reduced by 8%.

Shotgun ‘Junkbow’

  • Damage reduced by 10%.

Auto-cannon ‘AC43 Rapier’

  • Damage increased by 20%.

Auto-cannon ‘AC72 Whirlwind’

  • Damage increased by 4%.

Grenade launcher ‘Retcher’

  • Damage reduced by 25%.

Unguided rockets ‘Wasp’ and ‘Cricket 1M’

  • Damage increased by 33%.

Minelayer ‘Fortune’

  • Damage increased by 20%.
  • Weapon heat limit is reduced by 17%.
  • Weapon heating speed is reduced by 20%
  • The distance where shells explode away from the enemy is tripled.

Homing missiles ‘Pyre’ and ‘Hurricane’

  • Damage increased by 25%.

Improved radiator

  • Module effectiveness increased by 20%.

Added new weapons:

  • ‘M-37 Piercer’ machine gun
  • Shotgun ‘Fafnir’
  • ‘Aspect’ machine gun

Faction parts


  • Added a new structural part ‘Plane air intake’.
    • 2 items are issued when reaching level 6 in the faction ‘Nomads’
    • 2 items are issued when reaching level 13 in the faction ‘Nomads’


  • Cabin durability is increased from 350 to 390 units.
  • The maximum speed is increased by 5 km/h.


  • Cabin durability is increased from 285 to 310 units.
  • The maximum speed is increased by 5 km/h.
  • Cabin weight is reduced from 1350 to 1200 kg.


Crossbow ‘Spike-1’

  • Firing range increased by 50%.
  • Projectile flight speed increased by 50%.
  • Reloading speed reduced by 28%.

Developer comment: ‘The Spike crossbow, with its high accuracy, has always been considered a sniper weapon. But, because of the low flight speed, the bolt quickly lost altitude, which significantly complicated its use at long distances. We increased the initial projectile flight speed and range to make it easier to aim at a long distance. In order to balance the increased efficiency of the gun, we reduced its reloading speed.’

‘Aspect’ machine gun

  • Damage reduced by 10%

Developer comment: ‘At the moment, Aspect is probably the most imbalanced game weapon. This is especially noticeable in clan battles, where legendary machine guns beat even relic weapons. Therefore, we decided to weaken the machine gun by reducing its damage.

‘Skinner’ harpoon

  • Increased harpoon turn speed.
  • Increased cable strength.
  • Added the gradual cable winding option.

Developer comment: ‘We have improved the cable's durability and increased the speed of the harpoon rotation in order to make its use more convenient. Also, we added the automatic cable winder function so that players could pull up faster cars to themselves’.

Minelayer ‘Fortune’

  • Damage increased by 13%.
  • Now the ‘Fortune’ projectiles are resistant to explosive damage and collision damage.

Developer comment: ‘The effectiveness of Fortune remains underwhelming, so we decided to increase the weapon's damage. We also added resistance to collision and explosion damage to prevent shells from colliding with other projectiles or explosions of previous wheels’.

All drones and turrets (except ‘Fuze’)

  • Now drones and turrets will be painted in the colour of the module that launches them.


Paint ‘Pattern: Aboriginal’

  • Rarity changed from epic to rare.

Paint ‘Pattern: Down under’

  • Rarity changed from epic to rare.

Paint ‘Army of viewers’

  • Rarity changed from epic to rare.


  • Improved controls in stick-oriented control layouts (‘Relative to car’, ‘Relative to camera’).
  • From now on you can navigate through the Garage screen using your D-pad. It will allow you to switch between menu tabs faster and make the navigation process more comfortable.
  • Improved the interface of in-game hints, added the option to disable them.
  • Now the game has font size scaling depending on the screen resolution. This change will allow us to solve the problem with small font size at high resolutions (including 4K).
  • Changed the ‘Quasar’ plasma cannon's scope.
  • The direction to the final raider on the map is now displayed with a special marker.
  • Now, if an armored car is flipped next to a usable object, the player must first flip the vehicle. After that, he will be able to use the object (pick up a care, place a part, etc.) 
  • Player personal file now has the survivor's current portrait. The portrait is not displayed when viewing your personal file.
  • Now when you exit a clan and try to join a new clan too soon, the player will see a pop-up window with a timer for the end of the restriction.
  • Warehouse interface has been improved.


  • Drone movement logic is improved.
  • Improved display of wheels.
  • Improved the ‘Cerberus’ cabin model.
  • A number of effects have been improved.
  • Improved a number of sounds.
  • A number of in-game texts and descriptions have been improved.
  • Improved a warning window requesting confirmation of the intention to produce this or that part on the factional workbench.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to upload a blueprint without a cabin at the exhibition.
  • The bug with ‘Brake light’ and ‘Round brake light’ parts during diagonal strafe on augers has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to pick up ammunition with a picked-up load.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to deliver cargo to the collection point.
  • Fixed bugs with the sound of the minigun ‘MG13 Equalizer’ and sounds of sawing opponents with melee weapons
  • Fixed a bug with the absence of sound when an armored car collided with an obstacle.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to increase the number of sold resources using the ‘+’ button.
  • Fixed a bug with the absence of sound when skidding an armored car.
  • From now on it's no longer possible to salvage parts that are 'not for sale'.
  • Now in the ‘Sell’ window you can choose any tradable parts / paint / stickers.
  • The bug with incorrect spawn points on the maps ‘Ship graveyard’ and ‘Founders Canyon’ in the mode ‘Bedlam’ is fixed.

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