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Questions to the developers, Summer 2018

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Hey guys, will you add additional map for storm warning in near future? I know you added a fourth one a couple months ago, but adding 1 or 2 more wouldn't require too much work cause they already exist in PvP.

Why did you reduce storm warning to only one time a week? Not popular enough compare to the other brawls?

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Hi devs, few questions/comments/other. * I believe Harvesters are OP in their current values. They scale quickly to higher damage per energy and PS than any other legendary by far and are able to

Do you ever plan to fix the "auto aim" with cannons? you know, when you aim a bit higher than the target because of the distance but the game thinks you are Ace and need help with aim so it drops the

Hey guys, I have a suggestion. When test driving your vehicle, it would be nice if we could change the level of the raiders that spawn. So instead of having to take my 10,000 power score build out aga

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Hello Developers, in a few words, thanks for Crossout. But now I am sad and angry about the cost of the new resource: Plastic, once the wire exchange event is over, the price of plastic skyrocketed as I have never seen, and at this moment it is absurd to build an epic weapon, they will have some strategy to reduce the price of this resource?

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Hey guys, I have a suggestion. When test driving your vehicle, it would be nice if we could change the level of the raiders that spawn. So instead of having to take my 10,000 power score build out against these little tikes with guerilla cabs and hornets, I could have more of a challenge and really test out the build. I'm not talking anything serious, just maybe the ability to cycle between the easy, normal, and hard level raiders. That way I would have a better idea if my tank Is going to hold up slightly, or if I'm going to get torn to shreds in the first couple of seconds. 

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 I just recently noticed that "not for sale" items aren't salvageable anymore, do you plan to bring back this option ?

I got and use few items of this kind, but if I have duplicates or the ones I don't need, I would salvage every one of them, I mean 100 scrap for rare isn't much but its something at least. . . 

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Community Managers, currently the forum is not in good state. There is an alarming rate of people being mad / angry about, suggestion posts getting ignored, not get approved ( not talking about random ones but suggestions coming from Veterans is also ignored.)

If you look past 2 months there is no single good suggestion thread approved. Either premoderation team needs serious talk or forum will have serious problems. You know gathering ideas from members is a good idea. I too opened single- detailed- clear suggestions but its being ignored. 

There is also a thread in general discussion which i mentioned you and Nero, still no answer. We veterans of game need an explanation about this.

Coming to my question

1) When REWORK of Fusion ?  Reward end-game players please not punish them. Remove worst stats in weapon, example aim time on goblin, Range on Mammoth. All fusing stats should be rewarding. 

2) New update brings worse engine sounds then 0.9.75 ( colossus + cheetah). You completely remove the details + clutch noise + heavy bass from Colossus under "improvement tag" unbeliveable..

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  1. We all expect IMPROVEMENTS in the upgrade / fuse system and have been asking for a year. Will and when will the upgrade system be improved and how?
  2. it has already been announced. Co-drivers have been adapted with the resources. When and what changes can we expect next ?
  3. Is there a release date for a new PVP map?
  4. Will there be more raids to choose from in the future? are the old raids coming back?
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Hi Devs.

Since I discovered your forums I've been comming back regularly to check on updates and news.
I've made a small list of things that I wonder about concerning the game that I hope you can help me with:


  1. As you know there are several "flying/soaring/ascending/falling with style" builds going around in this game.
    Do you wish to permit people to fly through the maps with "flying builds"?
    And if yes - then why are there so many invisible walls?
  2. Weapons such as the Mandrake and the heatseeking missiles benefit greatly (borderline cheating?) from an increased camera distance / point of view.
    Getting a better overview of the battlefield is currently possible by designing absurdly tall vehicles.
    Is this something that should be speculated in, or are you planning to make a maximum camera viewing distance that will be the same for all vehicles?
  3. In one of the recent patches you changed PvP in order to give points to people who go after the objective.
    While I think it is a tremendous update (good job!) I'd like to se greater rewards for completing objectives in PvP.
    In some matches people even move AWAY from the objective in order to shoot more enemies, because this gives better scores and better rewards.
    This is quite counter productive, as the main objective is to win the game and defeat the enemy team - not being the MVP.
    Now if only you could be MVP by capturing the point / defending your own...
  4. The current build requires 250 pieces of plastic to build an epic item.
    What are the reasoning behind the massively increased need for PvE i order to upgrade gear?
    Basically you have increased the minimum number of PvE matches required for crafting Epics by 25.
    This seems to go against the idea of Developers wanting people to play more diversely as there is only 200 free fuel pr. day.
    Would you consider removing the fuel requirement for PvE from the game all together?
  5. Hovers are currently a strong meta in the game, and often difficult to counter in lower PS matches.
    A good counter to howers thou, is the harpoon mine.
    Would you consider removing the paywall from the harpoon so that it becomes available to everyone?
  6. Currently the bots are... binary... at best. They shoot with extreme precision, but can't "think" worth 2 cents.
    Unfortunately bots are part of a lot of the games, and it would be fantastic if they were a little more "reliable".
    (And I don't mean in terms of you can rely on them being stupid!)
    Can you say something about your plans regarding upgrading the bot-logic?
  7. The market is a great place to obtain and sell items with other players, but sadly it seems limited.
    Can you say something about why there isn't a black-market function where buy-orders are not possible, and supply and demand truly roams?
  8. Seasonal objectives can be quite tedious. As it stands right now, there is not really any motivation to "do great" when completing season objectives. Would it be thinkable that in the future, players could complete several season objectives at a time, in stead of first having to "kill 60 enemies with weapon A" and after that "complete 6 raids" and after that "kill 15 players with weapon B".
    It seems that this current model is merely a time sink, and does not encourage diverse and entertaining gameplay.
  9. Pack pricing seems high. There are packs in several price ranges, but the most expensive ones are the price of entire trippleA computer game titles!
    Are there any plans to reduce pack prices?
    Alternatively, would you consider making a "season-pass" payment model?
    (For example, all content released in 2018 is pre-paid for if you buy a 40€ season pass)
  10. Last thing is not a question, but a pad on the shoulder:
    I bought my first pack today - the "3rd half" pack seemed like something for me.
    I am not a fan of "pay2win", but the horn and the paintjobs, and the smoke thingys are exactly things that I WOULD pay for; cosmetic things. I did so to celebrate my first 200 hours ingame! (yay!)
    Thanks for keeping this game good - Now get this bugger out of beta!

Best regards.

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Hello dev team i wanted to come by and ask some questions since i am a new player and wanted to know a couple things.

1) I am us player i have my setting set for us servers and yet 9/10 i am tossed to a eu server. While i love my eu gaming counterparts this has made matches hard for me to fight with the lag and raids even harder to complete what is happening here and what is being done to fix this issue?.

2) As a new player coming in i want to say i love the fact of building cars and such. However the steep curve of progression is just that steep. I was working hard to get to purple gear and it was still going to take me a while to get the wires and copper but i was fine as it seemed i was getting them in good time. Now i got this plastic which does not seem to drop nearly enough to be worth while with the amount needed for items. That made a steep curve nearly a mountain for a new player like myself that is already having issues getting stomped by the people with far better weapons as many put it on the forums(seal clubbing /Ace stomping) so it's making pvp not that fun as well as getting items needed to craft harder. Add that with the server issue it's a total mess. What is going to be done to make this a little friendlier for new players? 

thank you for your time.   

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1. Are there any plans to add new relics to the game? 

2. Are there plans to change the Kapkan minelayer? I love the minelayer works amazing with porcupines. It makes teams have to use builds that will counter it like a spark build. I know the new weapons are usually "balanced" after testing so I'm expecting it.

3. Will the spark be adjusted so that it wont explode friendly porcupine barrels? 

4. Can we have some more CK skins for weapons that currently don't have any. Mandrake, Mammoth, and Tsunami would all be good weapons to have a CK skin on because of their size, and of course a porcupine CK that changes the appearance of the barrels would be rad. Also can we make the CK crates cheaper to make or possible have an event which rewards players with a CK crate. Right now these crates are expensive to craft and the likelyhood of getting anything is so low that no one on Xbox makes them. 

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Do you ever plan to fix the "auto aim" with cannons? you know, when you aim a bit higher than the target because of the distance but the game thinks you are Ace and need help with aim so it drops the crosshair? or at least option to disable it? Picture 1 i sent you shows it. also, Picture 2 shows that cannon can aim much higher, just so you don't reply me with the max angle story.

I really think that you guys should stop treating us players as if we were total idiots not capable for aiming


Picture 1.jpg

Picture 2.jpg

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Thanks 4 answering my questions! a got some more ;-)

  1. How many prestige levels do the engineers have? Will there be a reward for level 100 except the medal? Or any other prestige level with the engineers?
  2. Each faction has creates for the Prestige levels. The item in this creates are not salvageable. Will there be an additional option to receive 100 scrap or any appropriate reward?
  3. Will I be able to craft with upgraded items in the future?


Thanks to you guys for your service in the crossout community!

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Guest muff28601

If the speed on the hovers was reduced why was the durability not increased, the difficulty in using hovers to start with along with the lessened durability 2 wheels the speed is what made the difference now it's too easy to destroy them

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Hello Mr. Mme can you tell us at the time of today if the drone legendary will be reborn to rise from the ashes?

the module legendary implant in the dawn children ?
recharge accelerator

the question that some people ask themselves

but where does the speedometer?
exist really ?

a first personne view would be possible?

In practice, will there be more difficulty level  in pushing this game mode?

in a battle in progress is someone who  shoots us  above and who  self-destructed
how long it should be held to not give the point to the enemy.

we know very well that there is currently a lot and different solution of displacement but nevertheless we would have liked to know if to evoke you the interest of the vehicles with airbag (VCA)

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Hmmm some questions.

1. Why do wheeled and tracked movement parts still count towards the mass limit when not touching the ground thus not supporting the extra weight?

2. The harvesters end plates count towards contact damage why when the blade isn't making contact.

3. Why is there NO PS CAP for EASY and NORMAL RAIDS ? it's oh so irksome seeing players bringing anything over 4k into an easy raid or 7k in a normal raid.


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Will there be tweaks in the future for the firebug and scorpion? 

Currently the scorpion has abysmall aim unless your standing still. Other turreted cannons that have bloom have an explosion payload to compensate for the inaccuracy, so have no real problems shooting on the move, as the explosive radius makes up the difference. The scorpion has no such thing. This leads to glancing shots that hardly do any damage. Standing still also makes it very dangerous to use, because only the most agile of builds can get out of the way of returning fire, unless it’s a pair of tsunamis, meaning you almost always trade in that situation, and since you don’t have a lot structure to take such hits you are likely, as well as the tracer revealing your postion *everytime* you fire, even if the shots don’t land thanks to the rng.

I understand you wanted scorps to be more skillful but making the guns aim erratic is far from skillful. It’s not up to me now if my shot strips a gun or pops an explosive, it’s all random within the reticule.

You all must be aware of this because in big black scorpions game mode, those scorps are nothing like the normal scorpions:

They turn much faster

And are pinpoint accurate

The only difference is the velocity of scorp rounds is much much slower. 

So I suggest making normal scorps like that of the scorps in big black scorpions. That way they are useful again in the skilled hands of those who have good shot placement and can lead shots, as well limiting it’s ability to easily cross map ppl leasing which annoyed a lot of ppl.

Also the firebug could use more work, it’s ok, but doesn’t stand out like scorps and porcupines currently.

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If u havent notice all weapons are about the same damage or they get shot off with one shot.do u even play this game devs?why do u make weapons weaker i cant comprehend that?thats the whole point and fun part is getting money leveling up to gst stronger weapons.used to be my fav.game.if it wasnt for making harvesters stronger i would have quit playing by now.

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It is possible to change the Username in Crossout? When I first installed the Game, steam gave me a "random" Name - I thought I can change it later, but I dont find a button.

Since the last two Updates, the soundeffect on different maps in PVP is different loud. 

thank you

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Will batteries get a incresed drop?
The wopin 5 pr match is not much
And needing 750 to make a legendarie will take you about  150 matches.
And with a 5min match thats about 12,5 hours of farming, not counting inbetween matches.
Sometimes one looses and get less than 5 batteries

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Any plans on new faction? Any ETA when it could arrive?

I have heared some rumors, but would be nice to hear this from Devs.


Thank You!

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The icebox cabin increases the damage of weapons with limited turn angles by 10%, but does it also increase the damage of fire pools created by weapons like the Incinerator or Porcupine? If the damage from fire pools is increased, does it have any effect or change on how fast enemy parts are heated by that fire? Would a Draco flame thrower heat parts up faster when using an Icebox cabin?

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