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I would suggest adding some sort of history to Clan Chat (edit: Other than manually reading our own Chat logs)


Being in a clan & having a chat channel for Clan Chat is great, except when members are not on regular or are away & then messages have to be repeated, or members have to be notified, this is only possible at the moment if they are ingame at same time or use 3rd party comms or maybe this forum to PM,( & what if these fail? options...)

If players could scroll back through the last few days worth of clan chat this would ease communication between clan members, allow for leaders to post notices or alerts for members & stay informed with Clan plans, tactics, etc. 


Also i had i few instances of upsetting players if I have missed their message, (even lost couple friends probably) given I may log in or out several time a day having those most recent Chat messages available would be great.

We have Our Chat logged locally so CrossOut loading the most recent from those logs & having them cached (timestamped) would be helpful

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