More information on player profile.

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My suggestion, add assist count.

To me and many it is relevant and more precise as to what kind of teammate the player is.

(You can have a year of experience and a 30k coins storage value and rack up kills in 2.6k) So k/d, to me never meant much and use assists and damage and those kind of stats.

Community suggested;

Damage done

MVP/Unyeilding ratio or total amount shown on main page (when you look at some else profile you don't see patches) and we think those 2 are pretty indicative of the work someone can put out no matter the team.

This could also help clans better understand the capability of a potential recruit.

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Damage done would be hard to compare since you do a lot less damage in matches below High PS. Maybe something like average Points/match would fit better but still you gain more points in High Ps games. Besides that I think the MVP/unyielding could be a nice indicator for clans.

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