Canadian Decals/paints for Canada day 2019

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This might be my last suggestion I make unless the boosters in the races are changed back so here it goes...


Its too late for this year, but for next year, July 1st, 2019 I would like to see Canadians get a little love by giving us some Canadian decals/paints.  You've done this for the Americans and their July 4th, so why not show a little love for Canadians too.  Heck I would love to see this as a Canadian exclusive, where only people In Canada, who have had a Canadian IP address for at least the last month before July 1st get them.

Decal - A Beaver in a sweater and ice skates, holding a hockey stick with a puck on ice.  Something like this with the beaver up in the right hand corner.


Or this one, though I like the one above a bit better




Decal - BIG Red Maple Leaf on a white or transparent background.

Paint - Something like the bloody hands paint, but with no blood, just have it with red maple leafs all over the place with a white background.

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