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Survivors! In the Crossout update 1.37 you will see the previously announced balance tweaks and changes in raids, fixes for a number of known bugs, as well as a new special pack ‘Corrida’!

New pack ‘Corrida’

  • Unique armored car: ‘Corrida’;
  • Weapon: ‘Cricket 1M’ launcher;
  • Unique cabin: ‘Torrero’
    • Medium cabin.
    • Rarity: epic.
    • PS: 1500.
    • Tonnage: 5500 kg.
    • Mass limit: 10 000 kg.
    • Gives energy: 12 pts.
    • Durability: 310 pts.
    • Mass: 750 kg.
  • Unique cabin perk: ‘Increases accuracy for all mounted weapons by 20%’.
  • Unique hero portrait: ‘Jose Ortega’;
  • Unique decor of legendary rarity: ‘Muleta Wing’, ‘Cornj Destro’, ‘Corno Sinistro’;
  • Additional hardware: ‘Cheetah’ engine and ‘Ammo pack’.
  • Movement parts: 2 ‘Chained wheels (ST)’ and 2 ‘Twin wheels’.
  • Unique sticker of legendary rarity: ‘Mad bull’;
  • Unique paint can of relic rarity: ‘El Dorado’;
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 55;
  • Early access to new structural parts: ‘Left shoulder’, ‘Right shoulder’, ‘Corrida left fender’, ‘Corrida right fender’, ‘Corrida nosecut’, ‘Mariposa’.
  • 1500 in-game coins

Jose was always distinguished by a sharp sense of justice and an explosive personality. It has never made life easier for him, but he has learned to use any advantages in the fight against a stronger and more numerous enemy. And run very fast.

So he grew up in an orphanage, fighting bullies, protecting the signed poster of his favourite bullfighter, and secretly dreaming of a supercar. For him, the global disaster only became an excuse to escape from the old shelter-like building similar to a prison. It even made some things easier. When, in the midst of the Crossout nightmare, he saw an abandoned tractor transporting exhibits to a car dealership, he did not hesitate a second.

This is how Jose got his first car. Then his Corrida was upgraded and patched so many times that it is now difficult to determine which car gave her its genes.

But it's still a supercar, although adapted to life in the Wasteland and deadly clashes with a stronger and more numerous enemy. And it's very fast.

Attention! The pack will be available in Playstation Store from 19.07.18!

Structural parts

  • Now with each new prestige level in the ‘Nomads’ faction, the player will receive random structural parts from the following list (until all the parts are received):
    • ‘Left shoulder’ and ‘Right shoulder’ — 1 pc. of each. (both parts are issued for one prestige level).
    • ‘Corrida left fender’ and ‘Corrida right fender’ — 1 pc. of each. (both parts are issued for one prestige level).
    • Corrida nosecut — 1 pc.
    • Mariposa — 1 pc.
  • Thus, all the structural parts can be obtained in 4 prestige levels with the ‘Nomads’ faction.
  • Attention! Parts are given for each new prestige level received after the update. The prestige levels received before the update do not count, and the parts are not issued for them.
  • If you purchased the ‘Corrida’ pack, then with an increase in the prestige level with the ‘Nomads’ faction, additional structural parts will not be issued.

Game Modes


Gone in two minutes

Difficulty level: ‘Normal’

  • Truck durability reduced by 13%.

Difficulty level: ‘Hard’

  • Truck durability increased by 8%.

Hit and run!

Difficulty Level: ‘Easy’

  • Tower durability reduced by 20%.
  • Truck durability increased by 20%.

Difficulty level: ‘Normal’

  • Tower durability reduced by 20%.
  • Truck durability increased by 12%.

Difficulty level: ‘Hard’

  • Tower durability reduced by 23%.
  • Truck durability increased by 22%.




  • Cabin power increased by 25%.

Developer Comment: ‘High speed and maneuverability are the strong features of Werewolf as a light cabin. But, when approaching the cabin's tonnage limit, the craft's dynamics suffered heavily due to the reduction in acceleration. We decided to increase the cabin's power to increase the dynamics for crafts based on the Werewolf cabin even with the weight of the car close to the limit. Thus, the cabin becomes more efficient and, at the same time, does not compete with medium and heavy cabins.’



Plasma gun ‘Quasar’

  • Explosion radius increased by 20%.

Developer comment: ‘Compared with the rest of the weapons of epic rarity, the plasma gun Quasar turned out a bit weaker in combat. Projectile explosion radius used to be slightly smaller than that of other rotating cannons. We decided to increase the explosion radius and bring it into line with other rotating cannons’.

Turret ‘Barrier IX’

  • PS reduced from 940 to 705.
  • Energy drain reduced from 4 to 3 pts.

Developer Comment: ‘As a support weapon, Barrier can be effectively used both to protect yourself and your teammates, and to capture control points. But due to high power consumption, the turret simply does not fit into most efficient crafts, and this is what we want to fix by reducing its power consumption’. 

‘Kapkan’ minelayer

  • Enemy grapple time for the mine reduced by 33% (from 15 to 10 seconds).
  • Minelayer reloading time increased by 30% (from 10 to 13 seconds).
  • Added a one-second delay before launching the mine.

Developer comment: ‘Despite a number of revisions to Kapkan in the previous update, the effectiveness of this weapon remains too high. We have shortened the enemy grapple time and the minelayer's reloading time, so that the trapped player has more chances to survive, and the attacking player could not keep the enemy indefinitely. We also added a delay before activating the trap, so that players have time to react to a possible threat’. 


  • Invisibility modules ‘Chameleon’ and ‘Chameleon Mk2’
  • Vehicle detection range increased from 25 to 35 m.

Developer comment: ‘Invisibility modules give a great advantage to the player, allowing you to stealthily sneak up to the enemy and attack from either side. We came to the conclusion that the effectiveness of this module is too high. It directly affects the effectiveness of the weapon with which it is used. We decided to increase the radius where the player becomes partially visible, so that the opponents had the opportunity to notice the enemy and take retaliatory action’.


  • Improved cursor behaviour when switching between menu items using the D-pad.
  • Improved the effect of moving the cursor when using the D-pad.


  • Improved the sound of auto-cannon ‘AC43 Rapier’.
  • Improved the sound of the ‘Hardcore’ engine.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in ‘Domination’ scenario, where capture progress of an already captured base could be displayed incorrectly if the players left the zone.
  • Players in ‘Domination’ mode who leave prematurely are now affected by the same rules for rewards and reputation points as in the ‘Assault’ and ‘Encounter’ scenarios.
  • Fixed incorrect camera behaviour when it returned to its original position when using the gamepad.
  • ‘Cabin engine sound’ is now enabled by default. If the player previously changed the default setting, then his saved selection will not change after the update.
  • Fixed various bugs related to sound.
  • Fixed a number of in-game texts and descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where the wheels of the “Fuse” drone and the drone from the “Werewolf” cabin could go through the ground and behave incorrectly while steering.
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