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[Contest] The Art of winning - topic for contest entries

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  • This topic is for the "Art of Winning" contest entries only.
  • Any other comments, posts and discussions will be deleted;
  • Reception of contest entries will end on 05.08.2018 will end at 23:59 GMT. Winners will be announced separately within 10 working days.
  • Good luck, everyone!
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'Salamander' APC PS - 6???

A craft designed with the intent of a moderately fast and durable vehicle. 


Pros -

  • Can be refitted with most weapons and modules, depending on desired playstyle
  • Weapon placement allows for 'Run & Gun' attacks, as well as firing from all sides
  • Fast and Durable
  • Most effective in 'flat' and 'open' maps (Broken Arrow, Rock City, Eastern Array)

Cons -

  • Prone to flipping when oversteering
  • Easily immobilized from melee attacks
  • Guns are easily disarm-able (depends on weapon attacking craft)
  • Vulnerable to fire pools (Mandrake/Porcupine/Incinerators)

Tactics -

1. Movement -

  • Constantly moving is desired approach when fighting close-mid range
  • Erratic movements (swerving, sharp turns, etc) allows for higher evasion
  • When staying in one place, always face the battle at the sides (all weapons can fire on target and allows for a quicker retreat when needed)

2. Attack -

  • Vehicle is intended to work best when firing from the sides
  • Tap-fire or pulse-fire (holding the button for a few seconds and releasing, especially when using Spectres to maintain perk damage)
  • Encirclement - circling enemy vehicles while firing from side, targeting the weapons. Used against enemies with turreted weapons (e.g. Fatman cannons)
  • Close-quarters - sticking close to an enemy's sides and maintaining that position. Used against enemies with fixed weapons (e.g. Goblin shotguns), as they are most vulnerable when attacked from anywhere but the front.


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BRR5 Infidel - Armored Double-Cannoned Charging Vehicle

The BRR5 Infidel is a heavily armored, fast and kinda firstline-battle vehicle. This beast easily roaming through the battlefield with 6x Bigfoot wheel, - 2x Fat Mans ensure the driver to easily handle the attackers, and the Quantum cabin helps the machine to arrive safe and sound to any destination.
Main tactic: Because this vehicle is a fast one, he can smoothly flank the enemy and tears them pieces. Until I round and round circle the enemy and shooting him, he just try to catching up with me and shot back, but...its too late sometimes :)


  • Fast as hell, and really quickly reach the main battle line to help the other or share some love 
  • The Fire rate and Damage is very good because of Fat Mans.
  • Stability is excelent because of 6x Bigfoot
  • Armor level is also pretty good, to protect the sides and the front as well


  • The armoring in the back is not too much because I focused on the details in the front and the sides.
  • If someone is focusing too much on aiming with double cannon and not watch out of controlling the vehicle, maybe its could cause some trouble



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Craft name: Void Star

Description: An agile but deadly vehicle equipped with 3 machine guns, an improved radiator and a Cheetah engine.

Battle tactics: Great at disarming enemies at any range when flanking. Good at ambushing the enemy by jumping off cliffs with its Stallion wheels. Mouse sensitivity at 0.4 for insane accuracy. It's Important to follow at least one teammate for backup.



- Very fast, can outmaneuver any craft.

- High dps, the big numbers.

- Can distract an enemy with its looks.



- Guns come off easily with any hit of explosive weapons.

- Very lightweight, may flip.




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The Barghest

This machine, named after a mythical beast that is said to stalk the roads at night, hunting for lone travelers is more than able to stand up to its name. It is light, it is fast and it is as beautiful as it is deadly. It truly puts the "Art" into "Art of Winning". Weighting just above three and a half tons, it can match opponents much heavier. Equipped with 4 shiv wheels, it can move across any surface and the Torero cabin greatly boosts its movement characteristics. And a turbocharged V8 engine ensures, that none shall escape the wrath of its two Thunderbolt shotguns.

When heading into battle, the driver must be well aware of his surroundings to succeed. A direct confrontation is not an option for this vehicle, as it lacks armor and other modules such as cloak or a radar detector. Instead the driver. has two possible action he can take. Either he will stick close to his tanky teammates and when the battle begins, charge into the fray and circle around enemies, showering them with lead. The other option is to scout the outskirts of the battlefield and looking for other lone players. The Barghest will easily catch up to anyone and is able to dodge missiles and rockets with ease. At close range, it can outmanoeuvre even most Harvester equipped crafts. Cannons and machineguns can however cause it much trouble. As losing a single wheel can leave the vehicle crippled and the shotguns are exposed as well.


  • Fast and light
  • Very compact design, making the vehicle a small target
  • Deadly at close range
  • It's speed and agility allows it to get close really fast and avoid enemy fire
  • Looks really good


  • The wheels are at constant danger
  • The guns are exposed
  • Not suitable for ramming
  • Vulnerable to cannons at range
  • Other vehicles at it's level can push it around


The craft, charging into battle


4 Enemies slain without the help of teammates, not a bad result



Some extra screenshots for good measure:







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Hi :)

Here is my entry for the contest.


Let's begin with the description of my vehicle:

Pros : 

  • High structure (3327 points) for a compact size;
  • Can provide more than a thousand Reaper's ammo;
  • Weaker weapons as Reaper can survive a little bit longer thanks to important side shieldings;
  • Modular design: weapons are covered and placed on the sides of the cabin, which allows exchanging one (or both) Reaper with another type of weapon, such as rocket launcher for example, without recreating an entire structure;
  • Bonus Full LED backlight and French flag design, in remembrance of a forgotten innovative car maker, where its creator used to work as a designer before the Crossout.


Cons :

  • Move slowly due to its overweight;
  • Can't shot backward, a classic "harvester-spark" backstabber is often fatal;
  • Carry too many explosive components;
  • Its chassis gets blown away in case of a direct shot at it, despite all the armor.



For a maximum performance, it's important to not go in direct contact fights. Keeping a medium distance with the fight is the best way to make several damages, without risking to get destroyed at the beginning of the battle. In a case where this is impossible, try the most as possible to be in a face to face fight with the opponent : predicting your enemy's movements is a good way to avoid being backstabbed and to lose any hope of winning. 

Finally, here are the requested screenshots :


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I running fast like the light, my eyes seeing at very long distance, and my claws can cut big monsters

This is me on picture during my sleep and i will tell you about what i am... to help the developers with their statistics, with my statistics to know more about the wasteland danger


The pros : 
I help my team member with my radar to help them seeing where ennemy are... but if they do not have radio... they can't ears what i said. 
The Cheetah and 6 wheels get me more speed and more chance to ride if one or two wheels missing, with them I going to the ennemy back and the harvester destroy them quickly. During this time the bots make a diversion in face to face. (but everyone know how bots works)
Arriving at enemy base, with some friends, I protect them with spark if dangerous hurricane falling down from the sky, but they said today at the information : " blue sky "... not tropic thunder. Do not trust the Mrs weather !!

Often people used harvester very down the land... but I'm not a cow eating grass, so i like running with my arms high as frankenstein's monster so i can touch hover Alien car's, and sometimes I go over the armored track to kiss the pilot ♥


The cons :
It's good to drive quickly, to be light like the wind, but i got low life, so it's risky,.. Worst if ennemy block me with a low train blade or on their car or against the wall with their tank, ...they can destroy me with fireguns and canons too at long range. It's very bad how they can brutaly me.  
Low life du too not enough protection, and with my two gas tank i am an explosive ball, and when it explode, i'm dead .   x_x

[crossout] The Art of Winning Mrs jarjar  PS car.PNG

[crossout] The Art of Winning Mrs jarjar stats.PNG

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