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How the handbrake works and planned changes

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Starting from the earliest versions of Crossout, the operation of the handbrake depended on the type of wheels installed on your armored car. If the armored car only has wheels of a single type (only steering / only non-steering ones), pressing the handbrake results in the complete blocking of every single wheel on the craft. If the vehicle is fitted with both steering and non-steering wheels, holding the handbrake key locks only the non-steering wheels, and the steering wheels continue to spin. Thanks to this mechanic, players have the opportunity to launch a controlled drift with a smaller loss of speed, which is especially important for light and fast crafts. We'd also like to mention that the handbrake is automatically enabled when the craft stops completely and turns off when a movement key is pressed. Because of this, the player can stand still on an inclined surface without having to hold the hand brake key. There were never any changes to this mechanic, and they are not planned in the near future. 

However, we are going to look into another handbrake operation feature. Currently, if you release the accelerator button and briefly press the handbrake button, the armored car will completely stop. In one of the next updates we plan to make changes to this mechanic. The duration of the craft's braking when the accelerator key is not pressed will depend on the duration of pressing the handbrake key. To stop it completely, you will have to hold the handbrake key.

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