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Flame Raiders U.S.Tournament #1


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Ladies and gentlemen gamers!

The Flame Raiders community and sponsors organized an open tournament for the Crossout game in the mode "Free for All", which will be held on September 16, 2018 at 13:00 (Pacific Standard Time). And you have the opportunity to participate in it! (PC Only)

The main provisions of the regulations:

    The tournament is held in the mode "Free For All".
    As modules / cabins / movement / undercarriage, details of blue rarity or below are allowed.
    All weapons are allowed the use of blue rarity or lower (the use of at least one gun is mandatory), The Explosive Spear and Decor parts is prohibited.
    The number of power points should not exceed 5000.

Rules / Regulations


1. Registration for the tournament
1.0 The tournament is conducted using the Single Elimination system
1.1 Registration takes place on the gaming forum in the corresponding section.
1.2 The format and rules for submitting an application are described in the relevant topic
1.3 Players who have left an application for participation are allowed to the tournament
1.4 After the registration is over, the tournament organizers form a tournament table
1.5 The interaction of participants is carried out directly with the judges, in the event of controversial situations not established in this set of rules with the organizers
1.6 Tournament organizers reserve the right to make a final decision on registration for the tournament
1.7 The number of participants in the tournament is determined by the organizer 16 max
1.8 Registration of participants opens on 09/12/2018 (12:00pm) PST

2. Rules of the organization of fights
2.1. The battles take place in the "Custom battle" mode, the server region is "US" United States
2.2 Invitations to fights are sent according to the standings by the referee or the organizer
2.3 A set of cards for the organization of the tournament is selected in advance and must be published by the organizers in the relevant topic before the end of registration
2.4 It is the judge's duty to monitor the players' compliance with the Rules and Regulations, conduct battles, record the results of the battle and transfer all necessary data related to violations of the Rules or Regulations, to the organizers of the tournament
2.5 The time of the start of a fight is determined by the standings and is communicated to the participants
2.6 In case of failure to appear within 5 minutes after the time indicated in the schedule and / or receiving an invitation from the organizer of the lobby, the competitor will receive a technical loss
2.7 In case of failure to appear at the appointed time of the judge, the participant may apply to the organizer to determine further actions
2.8 The time of the bouts, indicated in the standings, can be changed by the organizers of the tournament in a larger direction. The match may start earlier than the time specified in the schedule if there is a technical capability and consent of all participants
2.9 In case of disconnection of any of the participants during the battle, the fight continues until the winner is determined.
2.10 In case of detection of technical problems that make it impossible to continue the fight, the current battle is stopped without fixing the results and a replay is appointed or the fight is postponed to a later time by the decision of the tournament organizers
2.11 In case of changing the time of the battle, the organizers undertake to notify the participants using the in-game chat

3. Rules of the conduct of fights and matches
3.1 Format of the tournament 1 against all
3.2 The condition for victory in battle is a certain position within the battle (the more K/D you have, the higher the position above)
3.3 In the case of the same number of K/D at the time of the end of a fight, a duel is set in a controversial situation in a controversial situation and each is for himself at the discretion of the referee.
3.4 The technical interval between fights is determined by the schedule and can be changed by the organizers
3.5. A technical break may be declared by the organizers to provide technical needs or organizational moments. Notification to players is provided through a game chat
3.6 Within the framework of the tournament, any participant can take a break no more than 5 minutes once
3.7 The number of power points should not exceed 5000
3.8 Parts of the blue rarity or below are allowed as modules / cabs / movement / undercarriage.
3.9 The use of blue rarity or lower (use of at least one gun is mandatory) is allowed as weapons, the Explosive Spear and Decor parts is prohibited.

4. Settlement of conflict and controversial situations
4.1 In the event of conflict and controversial situations that can not be resolved in accordance with these Regulations, the participants or the referee must contact the tournament organizer
4.2 Decisions of tournament organizers are not subject to appeal
4.3 Any infringements by both teams and judges should be reported to the organizers of the tournament

5. Awards and rules for their accrual
5.1. Prizes for prizes are awarded within 10 working days from the date of the tournament (on questions of charges, please contact the organizers of the tournament)
5.2 The list of prizes is announced before the end of the tournament registration by the tournament organizers.
5.3 The size and availability of the award is determined by the tournament organizer
5.4 The list of tournament organizers will be published in the relevant topic no later than the end of registration
5.5 In the event of a change of nickname between the end of the tournament and the award of prizes, the organizer does not bear any responsibility for the accrual of the prize-winning team members
5.6 in the case of the drawing of material prizes, delivery takes place only through the territory of the Russian Federation

6. Rules for commenting matches
6.1 List of commentators and live broadcasts is determined by the organizers of the tournament
6.2 Any participant in the tournament has the right to broadcast his fights
6.3. In obligatory order, the organizer guarantees the broadcast of only the final matches of the tournament
6.4 The choice of other matches for broadcast remains with the organizers.

Round - a set of matches held in parallel.
Match - the aggregate of fights between the combatants to determine the winner.
Double Elimination - the construction of a tournament in which the losers in the top grid matches are given the opportunity to enter the final, becoming the winner of the lower grid.
The lobby is an in-game room created by the organizer in the "Custom Battle" mode.
The organizer of the lobby is the person responsible for creating a lobby and fixing the results of the match, he is also a judge.
The main organizers are people responsible for organizing the tournament and resolving disputes between the players and organizers of the lobby.

IMPORTANT: neither the organizer, nor the judge, nor anyone else has the right to learn your password and other personal data. We also recommend setting up 2-step authorization. Developers do not participate in the organization of this tournament. The only sponsor is The Flame Raiders. The organizers of this tournament are: Beta_Angel and SiNNCaKeSS

!!!Attention!!! The prize for the first 8 registrations is given on condition that the player took part in at least one of the final matches.



Prize Fund of the Tournament:



How are the prizes credited?


Almost all prizes are sent by a personal message on the forum in the form of a bonus code. If you do not have messages on the forum, the function of sending private messages is not available. In this case, we are trying to contact you on the day of mailing in the game.

We do not need your personal information!

In exceptional cases, we can ask you for UIDs and logs.
The only sponsor is Flame Raiders.


How the lobby is assembled and launched into battle!


1) Every fight has a time schedule. For example, the first round starts at 13:00.
2) At 13:00 the invitation to the lobby begins to be sent.
3) at 13:05 or upon the acceptance of invitations by all the participants, the judge will start the fight.
Only in the case of team tournaments, the captains are determined to be ready!


!!!Attention!!! Read the text below the spoiler!


If you applied for participation and did not show up at the tournament, without placing the organizers in the knowledge of any method available to you, then you will be listed in the black list. After several non-attendance you will be in the ES for 2 weeks.
You can write to us in a discord - https://discord.gg/4jctPUd
Also, you can tell us about your absence right in the subject of the event.
We only need the phrase - "I can not be." And all questions will disappear.

The organizers of this tournament are: Beta_Angel and SiNNCaKeSS

How To Register in the Tournament.

Post a reply here with your in game name when the registration time opens.

ONLY the first 16 will be accepted and entered into the Tournament.


Registration for participants opens here on 09/12/2018 (12:00pm) PST

Registration for participants is now Closed!

The Tournament for the Crossout game in the mode "Free for All", will be held on September 16, 2018 at 13:00 (Pacific Standard Time)

For more Questions / Tournaments / Events, Join The Flame Raiders Discord:




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  • Whichapi changed the title to Flame Raiders U.S.Tournament #1

Congratulations to The List of Winning Combatants.

 1. kerbalcake,  25 points
 2. theredshell,  24 points +1
 3. Kalgaz,  24 points
4-8. carn1vore,  19 points
4-8. Bikaz_,  19 points
4-8. Primordial,  19 points
4-8. Robocraftman,  18 points
4-8. Torchaf,  17 points


For more Questions / Tournaments / Events, Join The Flame Raiders Discord:



Video Of Match:


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