Big Vern [VERN] clan recruitment

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Clan: Big Vern [VERN].

Clan leader: BumFizzle.
Mission: to get the 10 weekly wins for the weekly challenge reward, 450 engineers badges.

Level: 30+.
Mic: mandatory.
Timezone: GMT.
Weapons: legendary, crickets on hovers may be accepted.
Play: daily, but exceptions can be made.


If you apply drop me a message giving me the heads up thanks speak soon :)

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Quaero_et_tego (Posted )

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Guest Rodriguez600

In general, this game has come out for years. And, there have been lots of updates. However, i agree with your opinion. Of course, they tried to make the game better. But, i do think that they should do something huge, totally different so that this game can be back to the race with other games. If not, even some flash games on mobidescargar can debate this game. 

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