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No Bot PvP plus Handicap

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This is a PvP match with a minimum of 5 people on each side with a maximum of 8 people on each side. There are only people never bots.  To handicap uneven builds people will get extra respawns at the starting spot. If your car is weaker you get an extra chance as compensation. The people with the top cars only have 1 respawn. A weaker build will get 2 to 4 respawns but it would have to be really awful to get 4 respawns. If something has 4 respawns it prolly shouldn't be in the match.

The game sets up teams with 5-8 people on each side within 1000 PS of each other. These builds are not going to be even or fair. People will get extra respawns to help balance this out.  After the cars are picked the game will determine six things. The median Attack damage, the median Attack per second damage, the median speed the median acceleration, median cabin structure, and median total structure points. Anyone whose build is below the median attack and their median attack per second gets an extra life. Anyone whose build is below the median speed and median acceleration gets an extra life. Anyone whose build is below the median cabin and the median structure gets an extra life. Someone with a great build will have 1 life. Some whose build is weaker can have 2-4 lives

1) Game picks 10 to 16 people to form a match

2) Determine median attack (Alpha Attack and damage per second)

3) Determine median defense (Cabin and structure)

4) Determine median speed & Acceleration

5) Everyone gets 1 respawn (you can make one dumb mistake, I got your back)

5) Hand out additional respawn for weaker builds for attack, defense and mobility which gives you zero to three extra respawns.

Note that you have to be inferior at two different types of attack, defense or mobility to get the extra life. This keeps people with specialty builds from getting bonus lives. 

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