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Welcome to update 0.9.135! Check out the skill of Hammer Tim and test his armoured vehicle “Bully” that will blow everyone away! Also, note the latest balance tweaks and even more affordable extensions of the warehouse and blueprint storage. Now there's surely going to be enough place to put the new parts and save your favourite crafts!

Crossout — “Drive” pack


The pack includes:

  • Unique armoured car “Bully”
  • Weapons: “rare” machine gun “M-37 Piercer” — 3 pcs.
  • Unique cabin “Favourite”
    • Medium cabin.
    • PS: 1800.
    • Tonnage: 5250 kg.
    • Mass limit: 10500 kg.
    • Gives energy: 11 units.
    • Durability: 280 pts.
    • Weight: 700 kg.
    • Unique cavin perk: “Charges as you go. At the press of a button, resets the heat of all installed weapons.”
  • Please note that the unique perk does not work with weapons, that do not have overheating mechanics, and works with booster (but not in the “Race” brawl).
  • Unique character portrait “Hammer Tim”.
  • Unique decor of legendary rarity: “Braid” (1 pc.) and “Topper” (2 pcs.).
  • Unique structural parts for “Bully”.
  • A pack of exclusive stickers of epic rarity — 8 pcs.
  • A unique paint can ”Eggplant”
  • Other parts and items: 2 “Wheels with spikes (ST)”, 2 “Racing wheels”, engine “Cheetah”, “Weapon radiator”, paint can “Midnight”.
  • Increases the maximum number of parts used to 55
  • 1250 in-game coins

It's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. And Hammer Tim knew this better than anyone. During the day, he souped up cars in his garage for not entirely legal competitions, and at night he occasionally lucked into some pretty serious business. Then the doors of his garage were carefully locked, and a pair of muscleheads stood watchfully outside.

On nights like these, old “business” friends turned to Tim. Rebuild a car or two, no questions asked. Hammer Tim considered tuning an art, and the night customers paid well. This really gave room to breathe for the artisan, who felt restricted by modest budgets.
It's nice when the car you built wins in competitions. But what's even better is to get behind the wheel and win yourself. Yet, this calls for quite a special car. Hammer Time spent a long time looking for it. And when he found it, not even the car plant checkpoint could stop him. It was a prototype that Tim hijacked and transformed.

And this is how it went, and then the world turned upside down. Cross cars were no longer in favour, and he had to tack on machine guns and spiked wheels to stay in the business. Fortunately for Tim, people still love tricking out cars and competing with each other.

Structural parts

  • Now, with each new level of prestige in the “Lunatics” fraction, the player will receive random structural parts from the following list (until all the parts are received):
    • “Right shielded fender” and “Left shielded fender” — 1 pc. each (both parts are issued for one prestige level).
    • “Left side guard” and “Right side guard” — 1 pc. each (both parts are issued for one prestige level).
    • “Bully” bumper — 1 pc.
    • “Powerslide” — 1 pc.
    • “Bully” nose-cut — 1 pc.
  • Thus, all structural parts can be obtained for 5 levels of prestige with the “Lunatics” fraction.
  • Attention! The parts are issued for each new level of prestige obtained after the update. Prestige levels received before the update are not counted, and the parts are not given for them.
  • If you purchased the “Drive” pack, then if you increase the level of prestige with the “Lunatics” fraction, additional structural parts will not be issued.

Expansion of the warehouse and Blueprint storage

Reduced the amount of electronics needed to produce both consumables. Now their recipes are as follows:

  • 100 units of scrap metal
  • 200 units of electronics (instead of 350 units.)
  • 500 units of copper
  • 200 units of batteries



Shotgun “BG2 Goblin”

  • Time to complete cooling of the weapon increased by 0.5 seconds.

Despite it being a course weapon and a certain difficulty in its use, Goblin has unsurpassed efficiency compared to the rest of the rare weaponry. With this change, we want to slightly adjust its effectiveness and make the difference when playing with Goblins even more visible compared to other shotguns. 

Shotgun “Spitfire”

  • Damage reduced by 10%.

High levels of durability and damage of the shotgun “Spitfire” are the reasons for the high effectiveness of this frontal shotgun. We remind you that the main feature of this weapon is precisely its increased durability. Therefore, to adjust the effectiveness of the weapon, we slightly reduce the damage it deals.

Guided missile “Clarinet TOW”

  • Damage reduced by 15%.

According to the latest statistical data, the effectiveness of the “TOW” missile has increased significantly, and in almost all PS brackets. The damage it deals is particularly prominent, which is comparable to the damage from the legendary weaponry and needs to be adjusted.

Shotgun “Fafnir”

  • Cooldown decreased from 3 to 2.5 seconds.

By itself, “Fafnir” is a good weapon, but it falls a bit short of the rest of epic guns in terms of efficiency. Increasing its reloading speed, like with its “younger brother” Junkbow, will allow to correct the situation and make the shotgun more effective and appropriate for epic rarity.

Combat laser “Aurora”

  • Range increased by 50 m.
  • The time to complete heating of the enemy parts with a laser is reduced by 0.5 sec.

We agree with the opinion of our players and we believe that the weapon doesn’t have enough range to work better in conjunction with many guns. Increasing the heating rate of enemy parts will also increase the effectiveness of the weapon and make it more competitive compared to the “Incinerator” catapult, which partially occupied the role of a support weapon, increasing the damage dealt to enemy vehicles.

“Mandrake” Howitzer

  • Accuracy increased by 15%.

Most survivors know that “Mandrake” is a source of great damage, and a good hit can deal serious damage to an opponent’s armoured vehicle. But despite this, the low accuracy and randomness of the spread of its projectiles in some cases do not allow to effectively take advantage of all its abilities. By increasing accuracy, we reduce the spread of the shells and increase the stability of the gun.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where upgrading the Phoenix crossbow for additional damage did not work. The “Dangerous” upgrade has been replaced with the “Explosive” upgrade. All crossbows with the old upgrade existing in the game are replaced by new ones.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect operation of the option “Find in battle”.
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions.

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Small update 02.11.18

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect headlights draw distance of the part “Bully Nosecut”
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect unique perk visualization of the cabin “Favourite”

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