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602659797_CLANUPDATED2.thumb.jpg.9d58544The Black Veil is not a new clan at all. The team has changed through the years but the determination of the group is the same.
Good competitive team gaming, strategy and most importantly, FUN.
The Black Veil started in early 2002 with two main players Kobretti1 and Silent _1.

The original version was called "O_B_V " "Order Of The Black Veil" In the Tom Clancy games Rainbow Six, Raven Shield, Ghost Recon / Sniper Elite series and the rest. Converting over to STEAM game portal in 2009 we now have better communication with everyone involved.

We believe by getting a few great players together with the same intentions is by far the best way to stay competitive in any game that requires a "TEAM" effort.
 Now with CROSSOUT being our mainstay, we decided to include the practices that made us a formidable clan into this explosive, highly intense and creative outlet.  
Now with CROSSOUT AND GAIJIN making huge strides to provide gamers with unique game-play, we decided to include it in our library.
                 Thanks and check us out at

Black Max3.jpg


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