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Space Colony Maps

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The intro for hovers says they are used for Outer Space Exploration. So there is no reason we can't have some outer space maps.  There are five places on earth that are like terrain in outer space. Devon Island in Canada. Death Valley and Mauna Kea in the US. The Volcano in the Sahara Desert. The Highlands in Iceland. For man made terrain could put some radical science buildings from the Dawns Children. You could also have some old tech houses made from dirt like the ones in Canada and Iceland in these areas. These areas are very uneven like a cobblestone road. So the vehicles will need the power and design to travel harder roads. The maps could have a Sci-Fi look or even a Horror/Sci Fi look to them. Could have unexplained Alien looking Monoliths with an Giger art style to them.  This could look really different and fun if done well,

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