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Survivors! In Crossout update 1.48 we close the “Expert Decorator” workbench and move the production of the “Random Paint Container” to the “Engineer Workbench”, introduce some important interface improvements and fix a lot of known bugs.

Workbench “Expert Decorator”

Earlier we announced our plans to close the workbench “Expert Decorator”. A detailed announcement can be found in this blog.

  • The “Expert Decorator” workbench is no longer available.
  • Production of “Random CK Container” is no longer available.
  • Containers with CK and the CKs themselves can still be purchased on the market. We remind you that this feature is going to be disabled near the end of January 2019.
  • The production of the “Random Paint Container” has been moved to the “Engineer Workbench” — a workbench that does not require a rental fee.
  • The recipe for “Random Paint Container” has been changed. The new recipe is as follows:
  • 400 units of scrap metal.
  • 300 units of electronics.
  • 400 units of copper.
  • 300 units of batteries.
  • Attention! If at the time of the workbench's shutdown you had paid uses, then the coins will be returned to the storage in the amount of 150 coins / 1 use.



Now, when firing at allies, the impulse from projectiles will not affect their armoured vehicles.


Cabin “Duster”

Attachment points have been added to the front of the cabin.

Cabin “Favourite”

Attachment points have been added to the lower front part of the cabin.


Tesla emitter “Spark III”

“Spark III” will no longer be able to destroy minelayer projectiles that are placed on the armoured vehicles of allies (barrels of the “Porcupine”, wheels of the “Fortune”, traps of the “Kapkan”).

Movement parts

Mechanical leg “ML 200”

Improve the behaviour of armoured vehicles with mechanical legs on slopes.

Salvaging parts

Changed the number and type of resources received for salvaging parts (depending on the rarity of the part):

  • “Common” part: 1 unit of scrap metal.
  • “Rare” part: 150 units of scrap metal and 50 units of copper
  • “Epic” part: 80 units of scrap metal, 150 units of copper 170 pieces wires and 80 units of plastic.
  • “Legendary” part: 50 units of scrap metal, 250 units of copper, 250 units of batteries, 250 units of electronics.
  • “Relic” part: 350 units of copper, 350 units of electronics and 350 units of batteries.


  • Increased the max. price limit you may set on the market to buy/sell the lot. 
  • Now, when viewing the “Blueprints” section, windows with additional information about the craft and descriptions are hidden during the rotation (inspection) of the armoured car.
  • An option has been added to the game settings that allows you to enable/disable the inverse control of armoured vehicles with hovers and mech. legs during reversing. By default, inverse control is disabled. You can enable it in the “Settings” menu — “Interface” —“Inverse turn”.
  • A grid of coordinates has been added to the zone map. The display of the grid can be toggled in the “Settings” menu — “Interface” — “Coordinate grid”.
  • In build mode, an indicator has been added to the part currently in hand that displays the number of such parts in stock.


  • The process of updating the game has been optimized. The in-game archive format will be changed, and the current update will require downloading more data than usual. Optimization will allow us to reduce the volume of future updates.
  • Now, after the countdown to the start of the battle, new players will not be able to join the battle, even if one or more players leave the battle.
  • The camera's behaviour has been improved in situations when the enemy/ally’s armoured vehicle is on top of the player’s armoured vehicle, and when the view is blocked by the vehicle with which the collision occurred. Now in such situations, the camera will change its angle, and the armoured vehicle that blocks the view will be transparent.
  • Improved visual effects for reduced durability of weapons and modules in battle.
  • The effect of sawing the enemy with the “Circular saw” weapon has been improved.
  • The effect of firing the cricket 1M rocket has been improved
  • Improved visual effects of water and dirt.
  • Improved behaviour of armoured vehicles with augers while strafing.
  • The machine gun “Aspect” has been added to the list of possible contents of the container “Legend”.
  • Added a unique sound for the Cabin “Duster”.
  • Added a sound for headlights toggle.
  • Added a sound for activation of the “Favourite” cabin's perk.
  • Optimized display of effects when the movement parts interact with various surfaces.
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions.
  • Team chat is disabled in all fights that do not involve team interaction.
  • Improved faction blueprint “Viper” (“Engineers”).

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect positioning of “Flame” and “Hurricane” missiles in storage against each other.
  • Fixed collision model for wheels “Bigfoot” and “Bigfoot ST”.
  • Fixed the lack of animation for the shell when using the “AGS-55 Impulse” with CK “Garuda”.
  • Fixed a bug where the cable of the “Trap” mine could be cut off earlier than 1 second after falling into the trap.
  • Fixed a bug with faulty upgrade “Sniper” for the Tesla emitter “Spark III”.
  • Removed the possibility of simplifying the mechanics of firing plasma emitters using the “Activate All” function.
  • Fixed a bug where the search for players in a brawl did not stop after access to it was closed.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the nickname of the inviting player in the notification field of the invitation to the group.
  • Fixed a bug where the sound of a working flare continued even after it ran out.
  • Fixed a bug where a player who was already in a group could be invited to another group.
  • Fixed a bug where the effects of fire and smoke on the “Bat” cabin from the “Wunderbar” CK could only be seen from one side of the cabin.
  • The error of incorrect location of the part image in the production window has been fixed.
  • Fixed excessive rocking of the armoured vehicle when moving on mechanical legs.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect location of the boxes with ammo that appear after the destruction of raiders.
  • Fixed a bug where crafts with the “Contact 2M” module could engage at an incorrect angle.
  • Fixed a bug with excessively loud sound of the gate explosion in raids.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Tusk’s” cockpit’s animation of charging a unique perk was played every time it was approached.

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Please, pay attention that the "Adventure" quest "Unknown signal" may be visible in the daily quest menu, but the mode itself is not available yet. 

Stay tuned to our news!

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