Two background music tracks on top of each other in Adventure story mission.

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw During a single story sequence in Adventure I had a situation where the normal background music didn't stop playing when a battle began and both battle music and background music played on top of each other.
What you expected to see I expected the chill background music to fade out when a battle music starts.
Conditions in which error reproduce Hard to say since it happened only once.
Problem details

I was not the leader of this party so we were doing someone else's quest.

The background music which is not meant to be played during battles finally fades out when a cutscene appears.

Frequency of reproduction once
Time of bug around 15:52


Video (warning, contains Adventure Story spoilers):





2018.12.23 11.36.33.zip

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They've got the same in StarConflict for years. Never did anything about it. Was from going hangar to open world and leviathan spec op.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's the exact same problem even though it's another game.

Better fix that before expanding on adventure.

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I haven't played the mission again so I don't know. If something similar happens, I'll report it here.

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