Player tags in battle do not line up correctly on top of each other.

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw When players pile up in a battle, names do not always line up in the same order as the players are in. Sometimes you'll have player A in front of player B but player B's name is in front of player A
What you expected to see I expect the names to appear in same order as the players do. Whichever is the closest to me, his name I should see and his name should obstruct others' names.
Conditions in which error reproduce Have players so close to each other their names get mixed into each other. Observe how the names do not always line up tin same order as the players.
Problem details Sometimes the ordering is correct, sometimes it isn't, i have no idea what triggers the right order. Video demonstrates what is the problem exactly.
Frequency of reproduction frequent
Time of bug 00:02




2019.01.03 22.28.40.zip

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