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Unfair Matchmaking

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Dear Readers / Devs,

I am sure you get a lot of comments on the matchmaking. And normally I just role with it and let it slide.
But this time it seems to go to far.

The last matchmaking was 4 vs 8 players. more or less balanced on the powerscore side. but if you ask me.
5vs7 or 6vs6 would be the better option in this kind of senario. 

I am sure you guys are battling unfair matchmaking. but this is a bit harsh.
At least add a number of bots to equal missing player quantity.

I hope the logs and screenshot are of any help in this.

Keep up the good work and with kind regards,



I just want to know. is this a bug or a known issue. Is there somethings I can do?
or is it just a one off? and need to stop crying about it.


Update 19-2-2019


Dear Readers,

It has been a while since I checked this post.
From the response of ForMol, I am guessing it seems to be badluck and some weird disconnects or something like that. And it has so far been an one of experience. 

But I still do not understand why the bots did not join. Or like ForMol says add them at the start of the round.
 I totally understand the cases where there is one or two mismatches. But the difference between a half team and a full team is not remotely fair. 
And i would go as far and say, the game should have been stopped and/or re-enter the que or something like that. 

It would be nice if i would get a response to this in a bit more detail on how and why. 

Otherwise, archive the post and I will stop whining.

@Gaaraplayer; Thanks for taking the time and forward this post.

I hope you or someone else can comeback to me with a bit of a in depth answer on the how and the why.

With kind regards,


And as always keep up the good work. I am still enjoying the game

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In more than 10k pvp runs i never seen that .. i would personally say this is very weird and rare from my pov


Best regards.

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I have seen 6v8, usually my team is shorted, but that is because players disconnected/crashed or dropped to garage and now they do not get replaced. Previously, although it took too many seconds, the dropped player would eventually get replaced by a bot back at spawn. Hopefully just a one off. Peace

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