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XO Perfetct Chat — Notifications about the raids (Chase and Steel Cradle) via DM in Discord and XO_Chat_Ghost Discord bot


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Hello guys! 

A lot of players like to go to fast raids — Chase and Steel Cradle. There is a small annoying problem. You need to know, when these raids begin. Basically, if you want to complete weekly hard raids, you need to launch the game and check the raids. 

Well, my project can help you to fix this issue.

XO Perfect Chat is a Discord server, where you can subscribe for notifications about new Chase and Steel Cradle raids (you can choose resource and difficulty). chrome_2019-01-18_15-04-14.thumb.png.465

For example, if hard Steel Cradle for electronics raid will begin, you will notification from Discord bot via DM.


Also the server has the list of current raids, which updates every hour.


More then you can watch the top 200 clans rating table in the Discord. You can compare the score, position, members count of the clans before and after clan battle session.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask me here or on the Discord server.

This is our topic on Russian Crossout forum.

You can join our Discord here:


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This looks like a great idea! I think it would be highly appreciated if you could transfer this function into a public Discord bot so that every clan that is interested might be able to use it on their clan-Discords :)


Keep up the great work!

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On 2/1/2019 at 3:57 AM, Acrome said:

into a public Discord bot

You can invite the bot via the link 

The default language of the bot is Russian, so you need to switch the language by !english command.
The bot can show the list of available commands when you enter !help command.

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what happened to the bot? this was so useful and now it's been offline for some time :(

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The operator closed the project for no further reason given from his side =/

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