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Awakening Horror Adventure - Citizen Nowhere

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1) This adventure only can start when someone is playing alone on the Awakening server

2) Instead of the normal scrap pile they will see a scrap metal scarecrow that can be scavenged . When the player scavenges the pile it starts the adventure. Citizen Nowhere has hidden a tracker in the scrap. 

3) From that point on the player will start seeing flashing lightpoles when alone on Awakening. When they try to access the mission they get some deranged message from Citizen Nowhere that looks like a mission

4) The player will start seeing all Black  Trucks with Shot Up Medical Vans driving in areas around the market. Citizen Nowhere urges the player to board the Van and be transported to paradise

5) The player starts seeing weird creepy random stuff but only when playing solo on the Server. If anyone else logs on the weird stuff stops/  Giant Spray Painted Messages on the Cliff Walls by the Market "Welcome to Nowhere". The Map Bosses accuse each other of these incidents. 

6) the Finale comes when four people who have all seen Citizen Nowhere are on the server at the same time. There is a green adventure but the whole map is marked Green. Citizen Nowhere is collecting Survivors for Paradise. Four armed transport trucks marked with the bloodstain paint start in the corner of each map and start heading for the nearest survivor. The players have to survive for 15 minutes and/or kill all the Collection trucks. Otherwise they are bound for nowhere. The mission goal is merely to survive. If the players survive they go back to normal. If they salvage a scrap scarecrow it can start again. 

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This idea is based on the medical diagnosis for Phobias

Mild Reaction

Think about something scary

See a photo of something scary

Encounter something scary with a barrier between you

Encounter something scary with no barrier between you.

Encounter Something Scary that is not reacting normally

Worst Reaction


People react badly to things that look wrong or act wrong.  Lets take the Engineer starter car from Crossout. Nothing terrible about that. Now lets say you are along on the Awakening Server. Then starter cars start to spawn. Then they start following you showing as being on your team.  Then they all start beeping their horns  and driving in circles. Now the average person is a bit concerned because those cars don't make sense. Now you have 20 starter cars acting weird and then they all turn red and attack. Just like that movie "The Birds" by Hitchcock.  Someone driving a killer car immediately at you is not scary because you don't have time to think about it. That build up time is needed for the player to start thinking bad thoughts. 

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