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Awakening Bounty Hunting

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The point of this idea is to create a Bounty Hunting system  similar to drawing cards from a deck. Then bounties can be used for many card style mini-games within the Awakening Zone. Bounty Hunting would consist of players killing Leviathans from 3200 to 9000 PS score. Each kill would get a bounty based on Player's faction and how tough the vehicle is.  Competing in Bounty Hunting is completely Optional. Areas with an active bounty would show as Red so people would be warned before going there. 

Hangabout (1 PT value) 3000-3200 PS Leviathan with Rare Parts or worse. Must have at least 2 weapons and 4 tires. 

Prospect (2 PT Value) 4000-4200 PS Leviathan with Rare Parts or worse

Member (4 PT Value) 5800-6000 PS Leviathan with Epic Parts or worse

Enforcer (8 PT Value) 8800-9000 PS Leviathan with Legendary Parts or worse

Road Captain (16 PT Value)  8800-9000 PS Leviathan must have a Relic

I am currently in the Nomad Faction. If I build a 6000 PS Leviathan it would count as a Nomad Member Bounty for 4 points. Eventually I work up to Dawn's Children . Now that Leviathan would count as a Dawn's Children Member Bounty worth 4 points. If I boost my Leviathan up to 9000 PS and Legendary parts then it moves up to a Enforced worth 8 points. 

Bounty Bots would spawn randomly on the map with difficulty between Hangabout and Enforcer. Each time a player gets the killing shot on a Bounty they pick up that score.  If a player destroys an Enforcer on the map they get a tip to the location of a Road Captain . The Road Captain spawns in with deadly weapons but a high bounty score. Enforcer and Road Captain builds have the same Leviathan rules where if they lose the game stops using them. The weaker Leviathans are expected to lose so they are never skipped. They will have a much lower chance of getting a kill.

NPC Bounty Hunters would compete against the player. This keeps someone from farming while alone. There would be 3 NPC Bounty Hunters that would have different builds. The NPC Builds should be as tough as a decent 6000 PS build .They travel around the map driving to the nearest bounty and then attacking it. 

Picking up bounties is like drawing from a deck of card  . This means you can program a variety of mini games for bounties. First one to defeat a Road Captain wins. First to score 21 wins. Whoever has the highest score when the map is cleaned of Bounties wins. First one to five bounties wins. First one to collect one of each faction wins.  Best Bounty Wins. Control Territory by getting all Bounties. Don't get killed by Bounty NPC . Wipe out the Lunatics and so on.






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Notes - I went to the exhibition to check what people could build with Relics. There are plenty of dangerous builds 9000 PS or under. The 3000 PS builds work for dual 57mm Cannons.  I spent some time in Free For All checking the latest fun wrecking exploits. Those are intentionally priced out of the PS range. 

The Circle around the Market is nearly perfect for racing.

The smaller PS builds are to make the fights interesting. They will lost most of the time. It would be nice if there was some way to tip the builder for a cool looking build. 

The Gaming Dev Board has articles claiming there are 11 different types of mini game objectives. Keeping Bounties like a card draw allows Targem to have up to 10 mini games for adventure goals. 

1) Discover Hidden Goal

2) First to Reach Goal

3) Capture Goal

4) Accumulate Goal

5) Combine Cards Goal

6) Compare to Win Goal

7) Control Territory Goal

8) Chase/Race/Escape Goal

9) Negate Other's Goal

10)  Build/Destroy Goal

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