Questions to the developers, January - February 2019

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This thread is designed to collect questions from players and post responses from developers. A selection of answers to the most interesting and relevant questions will be published as soon as it is ready (the nearest one is expected around the 30th of January).

We read all the questions, but we cannot promise that we will answer everything. 

  • Most questions can be answered by searching. Please do not ignore this option and before asking a question, be sure to check what was written on the forum about this. Perhaps a whole developer blog was devoted to your question.
  • It is extremely likely that within the framework of this format we will not announce the content of future updates or discuss previously raised topics. All plans are announced in developer blogs.
  • Even if you did not see your question in the list of answers, it does not mean that it was ignored. Each question is taken into account and discussed by the developers.

Otherwise: clearly formulate the thought and try to ask substantial questions: 

  • If your question is not a question, but a suggestion, please post it in the appropriate section.
  • Bug reports are posted in a special section.
  • The question should be asked a respectful, correct and understandable English language.
  • Economic issues are not commented.
  • Question spam (both within one post or several) is prohibited.
  • Do not forget that you can also ask questions you are interested in on Twitter, ny putting @Crossout_Eng before the question.

Good luck!

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Today we publish the first digest of your questions.

  • Will players be given the opportunity to sell upgraded parts? Or are you going to add the option to salvage upgraded parts?

Answer: for the time being we do not plan such functionality, however, we are considering an option where upgraded parts could be used in the crafting of new parts of the next rarity level. 

  • Are there new construction parts in the plans?

Answer: Yes, we are planning to add new construction parts to the game. And according to tradition (the only exception is the “Pandemic” pack), if new parts are included in the packs, they can also be obtained through gameplay, by increasing prestige levels with certain factions.

  • Do you plan to add unique parts from the packs to crafting? For example: “Tacklers”, “Iceboxes” or they will remain only within the market?

Answer: right we do not plan to add parts from the packs to crafting, even though some of the packs were withdrawn from sale. If you need any parts from such packs, you can almost always buy them on the in-game market from other players. If we are talking about the “Tackler”, we remind you that in the future we plan to add a similar machine gun to the game, which can be produced on a workbench.

  • What have you done with the hovers? It is now impossible to fly at all, no manoeuvrability!

Answer: Now the acceleration and manoeuvrability of the craft with hovers depend on the power of the cabin used and the power bonus of the engine used. Perhaps, you are using a low-power rare or common cabin in your craft. In this case, indeed, the effectiveness of such a craft decreases. The changes were made in order to transfer crafts with hovers from low PS, where they were extremely effective, to medium and high PS values, where other crafts can compete with them. To increase the manoeuvrability and speed up your car, try installing a powerful cabin of epic rarity and an engine with the maximum power bonus.

  • Do you have a plan to fix the lack of Relic Fragments on XBOX? I played 160 Clan Battles last week and didn't get a fragment drop, is this common on PC? or is it a bug?

Answer: Yes, we are aware of the situation with the fragments on consoles and are already discussing possible options for changes. Even if there are no changes in the fragments for the PC version, we will separately consider the console versions of the game, taking into account the peculiarities of their markets and the chances of obtaining relics.

  • Hello. Recently, I've started seeing the following picture: according to battle results, I defeat more opponents, but the MVP goes to another player. How exactly does scoring work in PVP battles and how do I get the MVP title more often? How does it work?

Answer: most likely, you simply scored fewer points at the end of the battle than your teammate. The number of enemies destroyed is, of course, good, but the title of the best player is given to the one who scored the most points. Points are issued for the destruction of enemies, destroying parts, capturing the base. Try to always help your teammates, because it will not only increase the chances of winning but also give you more points.

  • Issues related to the use of decor as “armour” from explosive damage.

Answer: Yes, at the moment the possibility of such use of decor is a feature. However, we would like the defensive function to be performed precisely by construction parts, and not by the light decor, which should be used only for cosmetic purposes. That is why we are now considering options for changes, thanks to which the decor would cease to serve as protective parts for an armoured vehicle. Wait for future updates!

  • Will there be a new faction in 2019? Or at least when are the knechte going to come with cabins?

Answer: right now we are not planning work on a new faction. We are waiting for the knechte somewhere in early spring. More accurate information will appear later in one of the traditional developer blog produced before their arrival in the Wastelands.

  • I do not like the new lighting system! Of course, everything looks promising, but the brightness and contrast are killing my eyes! Is this the final version or will something else be done?

Answer: the current version of the lighting system will still be improved. Now we are discussing various options for adjustments and even the appearance of custom settings that affect the overall brightness of the image. As soon as news about these or other improvements appears, we will inform you about it in a piece of special news or within the framework of preliminary update info.

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Let us share with you the next digest of your questions and our answers!

Question: How does it turn out that a cabin (for example “Duster”) with 4 bigfoots with a total penalty of 80% rides and moves better or just the same as on 4 hovers with a total penalty of 20%? In particular, it can climb the steepest incline in test-drive on bigfoots without problems, but on hovers, it doesn't work with the same weight. It seems to me personally that somewhere there is a mistake in numbers or this is a planned stealth change. Please provide feedback on this. Thank you.

Answer: Hovers have their own dependence on the power of the cabin used, and the “common” low-power cabins do not allow them to show their full potential. This allows to reduce the overestimated efficiency of low-PS hovercrafts and transfer crafts with hovers to higher PS values. Performance does not suffer, because much more powerful “epic” cabins and engines, giving a good increase in power, are used.

Question: Hello! I have a problem, yesterday I earned a part container, and today, having entered the game, I didn’t find it in storage — how does this work?

Answer: For all such questions (you did not get a container for the prestige level or for any other activity / the lot disappeared from the market / there were no coins for the sold part, etc.) you should contact Gaijin technical support staff. You can leave your request HERE (do not forget that you must first log in using the login and password of your account so that you can choose a project and post the appeal).

Question: Goliath is an extremely well-armoured and catastrophically wide movement part, 80% of players use it as armour! Do you think this is normal?

Answer: Initially, these tracks were created to enable players to create heavy and slow, but extremely well-protected crafts. And if you try and assemble the craft in such a way that in its upper part not a single part would protrude beyond the tracks, then you will not be afraid of flipping over and you can continue to move.

Question: Now, when destroying an enemy module, the damage is dealt both to the craft owner and to the attacker, for example, a harvester destroying the generator also receives damage, albeit reduced by absorbing explosive damage. But why is there no damage to spears, they are 100% invulnerable to explosive damage, why is that? Are you going to fix this or is it going to remain as it is?

Answer: In fact, if the spears are close enough to each other, destroying an enemy generator with one spear can destroy several other spears located close to it. As for the explosion of the spear itself, then everything is correct, the installed spears will not receive any damage. Otherwise, installing more than one spear would be meaningless in many cases.

Question: The game constantly crashes after the last update. Are you going to fix this??? (and various other variations of this question)

Answer: Yes, fixes are underway. Often, various reasons lead to “crashes” and, with the help of small updates, we plan to fix as many errors as possible that depend on us. Note that some errors may also occur due to outdated graphics drivers or the lack of important operating system updates. Therefore, we recommend that you issue a bug report with logs and a Dxdiag report in this section so that our technical experts can get acquainted with the causes of the problem and suggest solutions to it.

Question: I don't quite understand, so there are plans for uranium to be issued by leagues for victories, at the end of clan battles for the week, the issuance of uranium, depending on the place of the clan, stops, and the limit on the uranium for victory is 100 units. Is that right?

Answer: The league your clan is in will affect how much uranium you will receive for each victory in a battle (until you reach the limit of 100). A place in the table at the end of the week (top 60) will affect the fixed amount of ore that your clan will receive at the end of the week (in excess of the limit of 100 units).

Question: Are options for different formats for different leagues considered? For example Diamond “Best of 5”, Gold “Best of 3”, Silver and below “Best of 1”?.. Awards for winning can be adjusted accordingly. Are you looking into PS-based matchmaking in clan wars?

Answer: So far we have no plans to change the format of battles, depending on the membership of a particular league. In fact, this option lengthens battles for those clans who currently show the best results. We see no reason to do this. Matchmaking in clan wars will still occur based on clan rating points. There are also no plans to change this mechanic.

Question: Hello. Gentlemen, please revise battle scoring. You can knock out a million white numbers, but if there are no yellows, you get nothing. And what is the minimum of yellows for the battle to be counted and rewarded?

Answer: the scoring system works a little differently. In case of direct destruction of a part or the destruction of an opponent, points are awarded to players in proportion to the damage dealt to this part or the opponent’s cabin. An important note: players who have not dealt damage to a part for more than 15 seconds do not receive points for its destruction. This means that even if you almost destroyed the part, but then the enemy disappeared, points for its destruction will not be obtained. “Damage colour” does not affect the scoring. It only shows that you hit the cabin or some explosive module.

Question: why do hovers use engines? It is clear when the engine and its power are required for other movement parts (wheels, tracks, legs, augers), but the hovers, who themselves are a kind of engine, do not need this!

Answer: do not forget that Crossout is primarily a game in which there may be different conventions and mechanics that do not coincide with real life. And the convention is that hovers, like other movement parts, consume the power of the armoured car, and it decides how fast and manoeuvrable the craft will be. You can increase the power in the game with the help of the cabin and the engine, which gives a significant increase in power.

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Today we publish new digest of your questions.

Question: Gentlemen, it would be good to equalize the chances of hovers and wheels in races, because hovers do not experience the difficulty of contacting the surface of the track. Or create a separate race for hovers. Is it possible to keep football on a permanent basis, as well as the Christmas brawl, along with the rest of the brawls? Thanks for the answer.

Answer: Hello! We already know about the situation with hovers in races, but thanks for again drawing our attention to this issue. In the future, we plan not only to improve the brawl itself but also to make the necessary changes in the effectiveness of hovercrafts in this mode, if necessary. But we note in advance that at the moment we do not consider the option of the separation of hovers and other movement parts in races. As for the rest of the brawls you listed, they were initially conceived as temporary modes that are relevant only during certain events and holidays. But we noticed a lot of positive reviews of the New Year's brawl and took note of the mechanics that many players liked.

Question: Why is there a time limit to get assists? ( At least, the assist notification does not appear.)

Answer: Assists in battle are counted only if the enemy was destroyed no later than 15 seconds after you dealt damage to him. Such a system was introduced back in update 0.8.0. Due to this condition, a player who wants to earn an “assist” and points should not let go of his opponent. The rival, in turn, can show his cunning and perseverance and hide from enemies in an unequal battle, thereby depriving them of points, or lead the enemies pursuing him straight into an ambush and turn the course of the battle.

Question: Do you think that when you switch to the “top 60” system and the leagues and taking into account changes in uranium, you need to introduce a special frame for the clans in each league? The more prestigious the league, the cooler the frame. As a result, the clans will have an incentive to stay at the top to keep their unique frames. And will there be a new legendary and relic weapon in the next six months?) Are you going to add new legendary and relic weapons in the next six months?)

Answer: We are thinking about introducing special frames for leagues in clan battles, you are reading our minds :) The frames are not expected in the next update (0.10.30), but we do have plans for the future. In the next six months, a new relic weapon may indeed appear. Most are already familiar with the “Punisher” machine gun from the past news items. For now, there is no information about legendary weapons.

Question: You have just written that you will fix the ABUSE of decor as a shield, but at the same time you release HUGE spare wheels that will again be used as shields due to low mass and high durability. And I'm not even talking about shields from the neon sign, the tree, the tyre in the form of a snowman.

Answer: The release of such decor will not affect the plans for its rework. The decor is released primarily in order to serve as a spectacular decoration for an armoured car or to serve as parts necessary for art crafts. For example, many players have been waiting for a long time for decor in the form of spare wheels, and we are glad that we realized this wish. After the rework, the decor will not lose its decorative value.

Question: Good afternoon! Why don't you develop heavy cabins? The game has a huge variety of light cabins and only two heavy ones: the Humpback and the Icebox. And even in the thread on the near future, you do not say anything about new cabins for heavy crafts.

Answer: Good afternoon. We hope that you have already heard the news that the Knechte are planning to come to the Wasteland again and bring new cabins? So, we can secretly tell you that one of the cabins is planned as heavy. Let's wait for the official announcement of the event, where it will be possible to get acquainted with more or less final information.

Question: Good afternoon, when will attention be paid to augers (Meat Grinders)? There are a lot of complaints about this movement part, it really has no manoeuvrability, no balance, no speed, the only advantage is that it deals constant damage that can't be used because of the above... please do not ignore?

Answer: Hello, we are not ignoring you. In the near future, we plan to evaluate the performance of armoured vehicles with augers in various PS ranges. After analyzing the data, we will discuss whether any changes are necessary for this part or its unique features. Thank you for bringing our attention to this question!

Question: Hello! Are you going to develop the plot in “Adventure” this year? Branches of weapons for shell casings? If you are, is it going to be closer to the second quarter or the fourth? Do you plan to develop patches and reward system for them in the future? Do you plan to develop the “fusion” system? For example stickers. Are you satisfied with such a system in the game at the moment? 

Answer: Good afternoon. While we are not planning to release a direct sequel of “Adventure,” the plot is going to be developed in the complex raid previously announced. Who is the creator of the Ravagers? This and other secrets are going to be revealed in this new mode. With regard to new weapons for shells, we stand by our original plan, and in the future, the range of parts may be expanded. Patches and related challenges at the moment allow you to customize your personal banner. We are not planning any new rewards, as well as the inclusion of stickers in the mechanics of fusion.

Question: Hello, please add a button for turning off banners, my eyes start to hurt from their saturation, can you do this?

Answer: Hello. We do not plan a special option to disable the display of banners. But we want to add a transparency setting for banners displayed on the map screen (“Tab” key). Thanks to this change, they will no longer completely cover the view for players accustomed to the frequent use of the zone map.

Question: Hello! Are you going to improve the challenges in any way? Do not forcibly drive experienced players to farm kills and victories on white weapons and in easy raids! Let the players have a choice of what to do and what not to do. Think about it

Answer: Good afternoon. At the moment we are actually discussing possible changes in the mechanics of challenges and patches. This applies both to proposals for revising the mechanics of the sequential unlocking of challenges, as well as proposals for taking into account not only the kills but also the “assists”. If any of the mechanics are going to be changed, you can learn about it in advance from the special news with advance information on the next update.

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Let us share with you the next digest of your questions and our answers!

Question: Dear developers! How much more are we supposed to tolerate trolls in raids? One person like this gets on the team and rides with a box that has to be brought to the gate. And what will you do to him? Fuel's wasted, and the troll's having fun.

Answer: First of all, we would like to inform you that at the moment we are working on fixing the so-called “toxic” mechanics in raids. If we consider the case that you described, then after the rework, players will no longer need to carry the load anywhere. It will be enough just to get to it and activate it. And in a similar way, we plan to rework all the mechanics that some players could have used to “troll” others.

Question: Developers! Will there be only cabins with the next Knechte visit? I am not against the cabins, but I would also like to see new weapons...Thanks in advance for the answer!

Answer: At the moment, it is planned that the Knechte will bring not only several new cabins but also new weapons. By the way, some players have already asked us about these weapons before. For now we plan to introduce a craftable analogue of the "Tackler" and a light legendary minigun. But you should keep in mind that this is just a preliminary information. Let's wait for the arrival of the knight riders and the official blog with  final information on the event!

Question: Good afternoon. Guys, I've got a lot of recommendations, but the most important is survivability, please let us live in the game, I play with tempests or whatever, the miniguns)) and the avenger cannons, got no money for more, so I start the game, flyers break my guns and I run along the fields like a scarecrow))) until they kill me, but this gets boring fast, and you can shoot two times with cannons and then they're broken, there is very little survivability.

Answer: Hello! This is exactly why there is build mode in the game. In assembly mode, you can experiment with the placement of weapons and try to shield them with the help of structural parts. If you don't want to do it manually, then the exhibition is always open for you. In the search, you can enter the guns and cabins you are interested in and select one of the ready-made crafts. The saved blueprint can also be modified in the garage. Do not forget about the function of auto-assembly. The system will analyze the parts you have and assemble a version of the armoured vehicle, which can then be modified at its discretion.

Question: Hello, is it possible to introduce identical crafts in races so that you don’t get advantages over other players, as for hovers — supplement the races with additional timed tasks? — thanks for the answer

Answer: Good afternoon. No, we do not plan to remove hovers and stealth modules from the game. The parts fit perfectly into the game world, and they have their fans among the players. We do not plan pre-made crafts in races either. One of the features of the mode is the ability to build your unique racing craft. Moreover, as data shows, it does not have to be light. Heavy racing armoured vehicles in the Wasteland are no less effective. We would not like to deprive the mode of such diversity. As for snow on maps, this possibility is discussed.

Question: a question about banners and badges — I’ve been levelling for half a year for the tsunami — and I’m using them, but I won’t get the banner until I play all the previous guns. Feels like I'm forced to play stuff I don't like or left behind a long time ago. Even if I play on white guns, then blue guns, I need more slots for blueprints — so the question is can I unlock banners in the future without starting from the bottom?

Answer: In update 0.10.30 we removed the requirement to unlock challenges in sequence. Now you can immediately complete the challenge for the use of legendary guns. But remember that to get the rest of the backgrounds and logos, you still need to install weapons of other rarities.

Question: Hello, I have a question about trading, I noticed that there is very cheap legendary decor. When salvaging it, you can get an amount in excess of the cost of the decor itself. Now the question is: Is this normal and can it be used? Will this be fixed?

Answer: the price of parts on the market is set by the players. And yes, there are cases when the price of a particular item is lower than its cost or the cost of resources after salvaging. This is how the market works, and you can keep track of cheap parts and purchase them to salvage them later.

Question: Why when getting 200 gasoline a day, does it not accumulate if it's not spent? Or why can it only be poured and not out? (Although it is understandable in order not to disturb the economy, why does it not accumulate?) It would work better if I could accumulate fuel.

Answer: The fuel that is poured into your tank every day can only be used to participate in raids. If you want to trade this resource or accumulate it in storage, then you need to install a fuel barrel or tank and participate in missions. The fuel earned in this way can also be accumulated and sold on the market to other players.

Question: Will you rework the “Ghost” cockpit since, according to the players, it is very large and has a few welding spots, the perk works only 5 seconds, the players have little demand, I also wanted to mention the tacklers, its perk does not work as it is a machine gun and fire constantly leads well and the damage is too small (would the perk be more suited to cannons, albeit with a slight recoil)? Thank you.

Answer: The effectiveness of the “Ghost” after the recent revisions to it will be studied in preparation for the next balance update. We have previously noted that additional changes to the cabin are possible, if necessary. Thank you for bringing our attention to this question. As for tacklers: the perk works and many players use it successfully. To do this, you need to shoot in quick bursts, i.e. to shoot by briefly pressing the fire button, without holding it until the gun is overheated. Thanks to this method, the chances that enemy shells and bullets will hit the machine gun during the effect of the perk are extremely high.

Question: Fellow developers, tell me why, after acquiring the deluxe edition of “War”, the garage remained the same, even though a new one was promised?

Answer: Hello! You can freely switch between the standard and the new garage. To do this, go to your profile, select the “Garage” tab, select “Horsemen of Apocalypse Garage” and click the “Use” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

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