Team Battle Royal

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6 teams of 3 each on the map deployed in different areas of Awakening. Each team leader selects one of eight different starting areas on the map. When one start area is picked no one else can choose it.

Gas Station, Market, Oil Depot, Vulture Totem, Test Site, Wrectched Hole, Nomad Camp, Colisseum

Each player has a default vehicle of a Beat Cabin with 4 x APC Wheels 2 of them ST and two open weapon slots for collected weapons

Each driver picks a role. Each role gives that driver special starting equipment or changes to their build. None of this equipment can be randomly picked up in the Battle Royale. You can only get it with the role. 


The Hover -  The player has Hovers instead of the Default tires

The BigFoot - The player has Bigfoot Fires instead of the detaul

The Centipede - The player starts with 10 tires instead of 4

The Sparker - Player has a Spark Weapons

The Barrier - The player has a Barrier Device

The Skinner - Player has a Skinner

The Kapkan - Player has a Kapkan Mine Dropper

The Torero - Player gets a Torero Cabin build

The Icebox - Player gets an Icebox Cabin build

The TOW - player gets a TOW Missile

The Stealther - player gets a Chameleon

The Colossus - player gets a Colossus Engine

The Scout - Player gets improved Radar and a Visor

The Anti-Stealth - Player gets the device that reveals cloaked

The Mandrake - Vehicle starts off with a Mandrake

The Incinerator - Vehicl has an Incinerator at Start


Each of the six teams is painted an easy to identify color

-Team Down Under

-Team Teutonic Eagle

-Team Nocturnal Hunter

- Team Bumblebee

- Team Midnight

- Team Emerald


The game plays out like Batle Royale. If a player is destroyed their team can revive them at the garage locations on the map if they can stat at the garage for 20 seconds. 



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"The TOW" so either team might start with one less player? oh oh ...

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this OP describes the current BR format, 5 min queue before entry, get overwhelmed by a group teaming up & leave, lol


+1 i like it because it has already be proven to work in XO

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I wish there was some way to have a battle using the random car generator. Then you would have interesting battles with a variety of builds. The current PvP is someone finds a game design issue, exploits it, and then everyone copies them. Pretty sad when people are more focused on using bugged decorations and sumo wrestling instead of combat. 

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This has been in my mind for some time now...

As the game mode let 32 players to take place.  I do like the idea of larger team game on a bigger map.  This will play more of the raid - attack - defend - snip ...etc

It can also have random bots as well.  We have a few raid only map which we should make use of.

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