[PS4] [News] Last chance to purchase the “Frostburn” pack with a 60% discount on PS4!

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Survivors! The pack will become unavailable from February 28, make sure to purchase it with a 60% discount!

The pack includes:

  • Unique armoured vehicle “Icebreaker”;
  • Unique cabin: “Icebox” of epic rarity;
  • Weapons — 2 frontal machine guns “ST-M26 Tackler” of epic rarity;
  • Engine “Razorback”, “Weapon cooler”;
  • Unique character portrait “Jack Frost”;
  • Paint cans: Cold flame, Material: Aluminium;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 55;
  • 2100 in-game coins.

Jack is one of the last representatives of the Frost sect — a small closed commune, that held its cold rituals even before the disaster. A few years ago, the sect ceased to exist — one of its own could not stand the stress and burned down his native village. Nobody knows who it was, so the remaining Frost survivors are hunting each other...

Suit up and let's go, conquer the Wasteland to roaring engines and booming cannons!


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