Disconnected to garage and then vehicle disasembled

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Disconnected then sent back to garage. Car was in pieces with many parts missing. Unable to reload build if unsaved prior to this.
What you expected to see Disconnect to garage and car intact.
Conditions in which error reproduce Extreme lag and disconnection. Only ever happened twice to me yet.
Problem details Disconnection either in PVP or PVE sometimes causes vehicle to be missing several parts in the garage.
Frequency of reproduction sometimes
Time of bug  




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added another screenshot

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- teg [PS4] or [XBOX] in a head
- A detailed description of the issue you have. Please describe how we can reproduce the issue.
- An attached video and/or screenshots

ok. i've seen this one a few time from others. all you need now is the Version number (found on the title screen.)

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