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[Developer Blog] Changes to names and descriptions. Part two


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9 hours ago, TeronGray said:

"Big G" or "Gasgen"?  Those don't sound like proper lunatic names.

I refer to the epic genny as "Mr. Splody McBoomface."

I can see the Lunatic Campfire scene now in Crossout the Movie...


How about some more Gasgen Mr Taggart?

I would say you had enough.

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Why do you do this? :014j:

Why dont you name the parts systematic and intuitive?

Names should show witch faction can craft it, what it is and witch rarity ist has.


"EN - rare cooler"

and not

"CS Taymyr"


You confuse the Player, especially the newbies.

You should priorize your work. When all the needed stuff ist done (like maps, new game-mods,...) you can start to fool around. But this is XXXX.

Dont get me wrong, Devs, i like you, i like your game.



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Renaming stuff is bad idea. Names are good for weapons, not hardware. Cooler, radiator, booster, scope... these things are not named in the real world and would not be in the apocalypse. In the real world, they have designations. Usually numbers and company names, to distinguish one product from another, when both have same or similar function.
In crossout, there are no two parts of same rarity, which do same thing.
So it feels weird, that every single piece of hardware has some silly name.

And as mentioned above. It is really counter intuitive. New players will not know, what to use. When I started, I kinda figured out, what generators are for, why use radiators and/or coolers.

As for detailed item parameters, I do not know, if it is such a great idea. Especially for new players. The bars tell you little to nothing, but will give you general idea about specific item behavior. Detailed numbers would be useful for experienced players (who already know their stuff), but would have been super scary for newbies.

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Why are new names bad for hardware? I mean if you guys really hate these names why not drop the names of weapons too? Tsunami? Mammoth? Nah, too complicated, let's just call them Legendary Fixed-angle Cannon and Legendary Turreted Cannon because they'll be easy to remember and write in chat too, right?


It'll take some time to get used to the new names, but I think hardware has the right to to have bit of peronality too and not just a "how improved is this radiator?". If we can remember the names of guns, learning the new names of is just a matter of time. The thing is, weapons used to be names too by their rarity and type. You used to have "light machine gun" and "heavy machinegun" (I think those were vector and spectre respectively). Anybody craving back to times when Spectre was called Heavy Machinegun? Helloo, anyone??


Any new player won't have the baggage of calling RN Seal a Charged Radiator for a full year. For them a Seal is a Seal, nothing more.

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Normally I wouldn't care about name change.. I still call radiators.. well radiators, I don't even remember what the new silly name is. But it's counter productive to look those items on the market now, before you were just writing radiator or even rad as key word and you could find all of them easy on the market. This change doesn't add anything to the game, who really cares about that story line? And those who do care, do they really care that the name radiator isn't immersive?! How.. why?!

Unnecessary change that gonna confuse everyone, not just new players, veterans like myself gonna spend few more seconds every time they research on the market or in Ex. Again, not that big of a deal, but it serves no real purpose!

Sometimes players complain about changes, they don,t get thats because you wanna make more revenue and I'm fine with it (like new CKs change). You can disagree on that but at the end of the day, you run your business the way you want. You gotta make money if you wanna have devs working on your game, but this change literally gives you nothing, it gives us nothing either other than headaches!

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cant wait for the next unnecessary name changes...just look at those boring names many tires have.

/irony off

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On 2/26/2019 at 1:32 PM, Psycho_Child said:

Storage expansion's description should say HOW MUCH the storage expands. Something as important as the items main function should be in it's description, but ATM players has to google that. Quite annoying.

Edit: Shouldn't be too hard to add: "+25 storage space." or something.


Also, the generator descriptions no longer show how much damage is done in what sort of radius...

and I have no idea why that screen shot has been uploaded, but it has nothing to do with this post.  I have tried reloading the page and it persists.



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