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G'Day Everyone,

The Art Of Warfare and the crossout division. welcomes you all to the 3v3 team battle tournament for the game Crossout ,
which will be held on March 9, 2018 after 11-00 (pacific time) .
And you have the opportunity to take part in it! Go 



The main provisions of the regulations:

tournament type - Single elimination
region of battles - usa
format for the initial rounds will be best-of-3 and best-of-5 for the final
each player is allowed a maximum power score of 6000
teams are registered with 3 people 
matches are 3v3, but minimum participation of 2 per team is required
teams of 2 people are allowed to participate in the battle, if they are ready for it (max ps pr players is still 6000ps) 
relic weapons prohibited
It is forbidden to use the decor of any rarity
Each team will choose 1 map for a round of the best of 3, 2 maps (same map is allowed) for the best of 5.


1ST place each
30 day scanner 
Legendary decor pack
350 coins
Kenjutsu sticker

2nd place 
350 coins
Pack with all the factions flags for 24 hours (not standards)
Smirk sticker
Scoffer sticker

3rd place 
150 coins
Scanner for 7 days
Keep the mask on! sticker

1 Tournament properties


1.1 The tournament has a double elimination format
1.2 The tournament is held in a 3 vs 3 team format
1.3 Preliminations sit in a best out of 3 round format, finals, best out of 5
1.4 All matches are done battle mode
1.5 All matches will be held in the Assault and Encounter formats

Build restrictions:
1.7 each player is allowed a maximum power score of 6000

1.8  relic weapons prohibited

1. 9 It is forbidden to use the decor of any rarity 
1.10 Breaking rule 1.7 or 1.8 or 1.9 will result in an instant disqualification
1.11 Swapping builds between matches is allowed as long as they dont break previously mentioned rules

2 Registration Rulings
2.1 Registration is held on the gaming forum (CROSSOUT.NET OR TAW.NET) in the corresponding section
2.2 Personal data, including password, will not be asked for
2.3 All teams exists out of 3 players 
2.4 After registration, the team composition can NOT be changed
2.5 After registration, the teams will be divided into an elimination tree
2.6 Registration can be done until one full day before the tournament starts
2.7 Tournament Officers have the right to decline registrations (objectively)
3 Organization rulings
3.1 Communication between judges or Officers and the teams will be only via team captains

3.2 The person hosting the lobby is also the judge
3.3 Judges check whether everyone follows all rules and regulations
3.5 Judges will answer any question related to tournament rules and regulations
3.6 Judges will report anyone that breaks a rule or regulation to the tournament officials
3.14 If the judge is not present, ask the Officer for further instructions
3.15 Judges may also be Officers

4 Technical rulings

4.1 Match start times are decided beforehand and all teams will be informed about this
4.2 Teams have to be present at least 5 minutes before the match starts
4.3 If there are less than 2 members present by then, that team will be disqualified
4.4 When the opposing team gets disqualified, your team automatically wins
4.5 Officers can change the match start time if needed and if both team captains agree
4.6 If times change, the captains will be informed by in-game chat by an Officer
4.7 Times between the matches should be no longer than 2 minutes, although a longer break may be announced because of technical needs
4.8 Team captains may request a longer break, for 5 minutes instead of the normal 2, and can request this only once per 3 matches

1.15 If there are 2 draws in a row, both teams will be treated as eliminated
1.17 Winning teams proceed to the next round
1.18 If a team, for any reason, does not have an opponent during a match, they will automatically proceed to the next round

Technical issues:
4.9 If a participant disconnects during battle, the fight continues like normal
4.10 If the participant can't reconnect by the next match, the Officer is to be informed about this so the spare player can be invited instead
4.11 If technical issues prevent the matches to continue or stops it halfway through without a battle result (win/loss/draw) to be announced by the game system, a re-do will be done afterwards, or moved to a later time
4.12 If only 2 members are present, the matches still start, or a disqualification follows

Conflicts and arguments:
4.13 In any case where a conflict cant be solved by normal communication, turn to the Officer for help
4.14 Officer decisions are final. Period

5 Prizes

5.1 Prizes for the winners are sent within 10 business days after the tournament
5.2 The list of prizes is announced before the tournament registration is over by the tournament Officers


6. Commenting rules

6.1 The list of commentators and broadcasters is determined by the tournament organizers 
6.2 Any tournament participant has the right to broadcast their fights 
6.3 It is mandatory that the organizer guarantees the broadcast of only the final matches of the tournament 
6.4 The choice of other matches for the broadcast remains with the organizers.

7. Bans on participation in tournaments

7.1 Black book is a list of players who are not allowed to participate in tournaments for any period or indefinitely filled in by the organizers. 
7.2 If you didn’t come to the tournament without notifying the organizers in advance in any way possible, you will be registered in the Black book register without any restrictions on participation. After repeated non-attendances, then a ban  of participation is

7.2.1 first is 15 days.
7.2.2 second 25 days.
7.2.3 third 30 days
7.2.4 final is full ban    
7.3 When a player is exposed to selling tournament awards and other violations of the User Agreement and the Cross Out Terms of Use, the organizers have the right to deposit this player in an emergency. 
7.4 The tournament organizers have the right to refuse the player to accept to participate in the tournament without explaining the reason for the refusal. The organizers are not obliged to voice the reasons for making any Black book.


The organizers of this tournament are:  taw_Barettokurab


How are the prizes credited?

Almost all prizes are sent by a personal message on the forum in the form of a bonus code. If you do not have messages on the forum, the function of sending private messages is not available. In this case, we are tryingg to contact you on the day of mailing in the game.

We do not need your personal information!

In exceptional cases, we can ask you for UIDs and logs.
The only sponsor is members of the crossout division 

Redeem Your Reward Code Here:

Steam users: How to link your Steam account to your email address

Binding your account to the email address is required to:

  • Contact technical support
  • Make purchases in the Gaijin store, including game nickname change (the first change is free)
  • Get access to the Crossout forum 

To do this, those who have no Gaijin account, need to link their e-mail to Steam:

Make sure that Steam overlay is enabled for the game.

Open game settings and click ‘Link e-mail to Steam’ 


Enter your e-mail in the box

Open the message that should be on your inbox. In it you will find the username and password for your Gaijin account.

!!!Attention!!! If a player is found guilty of selling tournament awards or any other violations of the user agreement and Crossout Terms of Use, the tournament organizers have the right to permanently include the players into a black list.

Registered users in The Art Of Warfare Tournament v1 for the Crossout game  Please be sure to be signed in 15mins before the tournament.


to convert the time for you 

>>World Clock Time Converter<<


The organizers of this tournament are:  taw_Barettokurab

For more Questions / Tournaments, Join Taw crossout division Discord:


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When will anyone make a tournament without cowardly restrictions on the game? max 6000 ps. (only sealclubbers and nøøbs allowed)  weapon and decor restrictions are dumb.. How about trying to play the game the way it's meant to? 

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On 2/27/2019 at 4:15 PM, Mad_Lancer said:

When will anyone make a tournament without cowardly restrictions on the game? max 6000 ps. (only sealclubbers and nøøbs allowed)  weapon and decor restrictions are dumb.. How about trying to play the game the way it's meant to? 

hvis du ikke er interesseret hvorfor så kommentere?, vi prøver at have noget for alle, i forskellige categorier.. hvis vi åbnede op for alt ved vi alle at dem med relics eller lancelot ville vinde.. derfor kommer der regler med der gør det muligt for flere at have det sjovt til vores turneringer..

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