fairly active player looking for a chill clan.

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(Sorry for posting in this forum, it wont let me post in the looking for clan forum)
Ive bounced around from clan to clan finding many of them full of unpleasant people who rage and/or drop slurs left and right, So im hopping to find a clan with some chill people to play with that wont spout sexist or racist bs.

Clan wars dont matter to me much but i can happily join in if needed

My max build is 9323
I am happy going any ps as long as we don't actively seal club and are keeping our low ps builds balanced and reasonable.

And to whoever it concerns i only have 1 legendary and its the aspect 

my k/d is 2.14

Faction reputation.
Engineers: 10 prestige
Nomads: 11
Lunatics: 10
Scavengers: 10
Steppenwolfs: 10
Dawns children: 4
Firestarters: 8



I start to lag out a little bit when in party chats with more then 3 people but i can use discord just incase.

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