Fottiti Stronzo Accepting Aggressive, Skilled Players for Clan Wars

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Fottiti Stronzo is currently accepting aggressive, skilled English speaking players for Clan Wars

We are now preparing for Clan Wars and are seeking members who are prepared for Clan Wars as well as leadership positions.

I am insidmal, the clean leader, and have been playing Crossout for about 18 months.  I have always gamed in leadership positions, operating many successful top tier raiding clans in previous games and am anticipating great success in leadership with Crossout as well.


We aim to have two Clan Wars groups consisting of 5 members each, including group leaders.

Each Group's 5 players are expected to attend all 3 days of Clan Wars as well as an additional 2 hours practice and strategy session.  Other than the team leader, the remaining 4 players will be rotated through evenly and expected to perform at high levels.

We are currently accepting 7 new members, including the two group leaders.  I will be participating as a group member since I am unable to communicate vocally via voice chat, so someone else will be in charge of the group I am in.

The 5 players we are recruiting may be new to clan wars however are expected to have at least SOME clan wars experience and clan wars builds ready NOW.

The 2 team leader positions are expected to have extensive experience with Clan Wars, strategy, and the ability to stream / record matches for review.

We expect all recruits to have a positive attitude and loyalty to our Clan.  Obviously as these will be new groups there will be some learning and working with each other to figure out each teams best strategy and configuration, and members are expected to work together to do what is best for their group - putting the good of the group above their own wishes.  We are in it for the Uranium and for the bragging rights of high ranking - so be prepared to do what it takes for your team to succeed.


Please contact insidmal in game if you are interested or wish to find out more.

We are looking for English speaking players who are active and aggressive, meaning we don't want people who camp, hide, or wait for that perfect shot. 


We are players who take action.  We are players who win.

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