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Which Starting Pack?

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I've been playing for 5 days now. I really enjoy the game. I was wondering if there is a pack that anyone suggests for a starting player? I would like to toss a few bucks at them since I'm really enjoying the game. Suggestions? Thanks!

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In this game coins are the most important, so I suggest to look for a pack that give You the highest value out in coins per dollar/ any currency you use. Also for a new player scanner could really help, since by completing 2 games a day You will get 40 coins every day, so in 1 month if You're active enough You can get out 1200 coins. Which is more than any pack at that value will give You. Besides with scanner You also get more experience and can earn more recources ( of course if you're active enough ).


Here You can see about how much coins You can get out by selling pack contents:


In case You get confused:

The best value is Corrida pack and it's not the most expensive. You get over 160 coins per dollar, close comes Drive pack with 155 coins per dollar. 

Insomnia pack also gives ok value, if 10 dollars/euros is all You want to spend, but like I said if You're active scanner will be more useful than Insomnia for example...


Please avoid spending money on packs such as: Wasteland warrior ( steam ), Pandemic, The inventor and Wild hunt, currently with current market prices, those packs are bad idea to obtain.

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29 minutes ago, KaSH_ said:

Here You can see about how much coins You can get out by selling pack contents:

Just a heads up, that site contains allso discontinued packs

Packs on this site are no longer avaiable / Discontinued packs:
Third Half
The Tramp
Wasteland Warrior
Family Holliday Pack
Valentine Day Pack

Some might come back later, like the Frostburn (christmas), vallentine pack (for valentine)


packs are dificult to choose from, specialy at start.
it  depends on what gamestyle you want, cannons, smg, shotguns, crickets, etc.

I can sugest these:

Horseman Deluxe:
Due to its limited edition, the cabs incresed reload, lots of twin wheels for later to upgrade to Bigfoots

this cab has nice boos for accuracy

Favorite Pack:
This is a must for ANY weapon that uses cooldown, retches, equlizers, shotguns.
free instant cooldown of overheating weapons, its abit slower than the Torrero cab, but the instant cooldown is worth it

the cab isnt that great, but the kapkan is so handy and pritty much meta in clanwars and pvp

the cab is great if you going lancer/melee.

this is a must for anyone who want to go spider build, just need 2 more legs and some canons or something.


kinda okay

the tracks look awesome, but theyr easy to flip, this pack is not recomended if you want to get a good build at start, tracks weigh to much and slows your build down, Id rather go for spider cab and leggs over this


I can not say what pack you should go for, its all up to you what you want to focus on, smg, shotguns, cannons, etc...



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40 minutes ago, ElTulip said:

Thank you!  I'm really enjoying my drills / rockets close range guy.  So I might go with that Torrero for more rockets / speed / and accuracy for those rockets. lol

the torrero gives better accuracy with the crickets, used in hover cricket build.
Echo in horseman gives faster reload time to all reload weapons.
but the echo cab is 1 enegy less than the torrero.
12 for torrero and 11 for echo
but yeah it realy depends on what you want.
since crickets deals more dammage over range, the torrero cab is best option, better accuracy

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I suggest the Insonia Pack for the beginning.

Some coins, three vectors and 55 part limit. With that you can start to Play.

and it is the cheapest pack.

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2 hours ago, Blasphemon said:

I suggest the Insonia Pack for the beginning.

I bought the insomnia pack early, thought this was a good way to go, but nope, regret it not long after.

if one wants to trow some coins into this game, why not use the money on something thats worth getting.
yeah costs more, but get more bang for the bucks

Wyrven cab is not a good cab, it has no perks.
10 energy for 750 PS
the pack gives junk wheels, 3 vectors thats okay.
yeah the pack gives a unique uncraftable engine that is only good for tracks now, and doesnt help much with anything else if you going hover/leggs/wheels.
better off getting a "red hot" if so, 0 energy drain and gives more carry cap, and speed overall.

But the Torero gives 12 energy for 1500
yeah it dubbels the PS, but the perk is good, and 2 extra energy, pritty much a rare generator buildt into it.
the pack gives a cricket wich it sounded like the player wanted to use, if not its jsut sell it and get more coins than 3 vectors
and to top it, the Torero pack gives deasent wheels compare to the vyrven pack.
some deasent wheels that aint gonna fall off by looking at it.
The engine is soso, Razor using up one energy, better to swap with lunatic blue engine or hot-red, since those dont use up energy (depending on what weapons is gonna be used)


Torrero, favorite, spider, Cerberus, are all good packs, even the echo, but I havent tryed the echo fully out to say for sure its good or not.


One needs to look at the packs to see what they get with them, what they can use, less buy for ingame coins.
I would not want to buy a cab that I will never use, and wheels that you get from PVP.

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