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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Kicked from a raid for idling while shooting enemies and the tower
What you expected to see If I am doing what the raid instructions say to do, I should not be kicked for "idling"
Conditions in which error reproduce shoot enemies while not moving
Problem details

When shooting the tower, why should I HAVE TO REMEMBER TO MOVE every few seconds just to avoid being idle kicked?

Not every build needs to constantly be on the move to be effective.

If I am not moving AND not doing anything else, then kick for idle is valid, otherwise it is not.


Frequency of reproduction always. I have been idle kicked in the past, and it seemed like this time happened faster.
Time of bug  







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....the reason is because it's easier to code this way. In raids but especially pvp, if all they have to is put rubber band around the fire trigger to not time out, it doesn't really solve anything for participation. A single direction on the joystick won't do it for cheaters either. It's set to detect changes in movement. I suppose as long as enemies are being damaged there should be a reset on the time though. 

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Did you see how after he was kicked that the chat showed the warning, but before the kick the chat showed nothing? Is that from using a Scope?

I keep telling them to put an audible warning when being kicked. You cannot always see the warning in the chat bar.

Also, he was moving his cursor and burst firing, not just holding down the fire button. Moving the cursor and burst firing should have been detected as activity.

The warning should have showed in the chat bar, giving ample warning to move a little.

None of it worked the way it should have.

Add an audible kick warning already!

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They shouldn't be kicking people from raids period because it cost resources. If I'm waiting for a raid to begin and decide to go pee and come back to being kicked its complete bs. I get it for pvp but there is absolutely no need to kick players from raids after wasting resources to join them. Sometimes the wait time for raids is very long. 

Justify ANY reason at all for kicking players from raids. Not only is it robbing the player kicked of valuable fuel but it also disadvantages the other three players. I would rather have a afk player that MIGHT wake up and help win than see they guy kicked. Nobody is asking for these players to be kicked from raids. If anything it should record that that player did nothing to help and temporarily prevent them from joining more raids for a short time. 

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