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Please, pay attention that the "Chase" raid has been temporarily switched off for a maintenance. Stay tuned to our news in order not to miss its return to rotation!

Thank you for your patience!

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Survivors! In this update we are introducing a number of important balance changes and tweaks to raid mechanics. And April 1 is close, which means it's time to answer the now-common question for this day in the Wasteland: “Dude, where'd you get the car?”

Dude, where'd you get the car?

Especially for the “Day of humour and practical jokes” we prepared and updated our special brawl, that everyone can take part in. We remind you that when it comes to the conditions necessary for victory, it's almost identical to the familiar “Big black scorpions”. The surprise in this mode is that you will fight on random and unusual armoured vehicles, which were selected by us from the exhibition! So do not be surprised if you have to fight on a stove against a dragon, and after your destruction and rebirth you will turn into a pram armed to the (milk) teeth :)


  • Players fight on random armoured vehicles selected from the exhibition.
  • After each destruction, your armoured vehicle changes to another at random.
  • The brawl ends when one of the Survivors destroys 10 armoured vehicles of the rivals or immediately after the allotted time has elapsed.
  • Only successful fights do count in your progress towards each reward.
  • A fight counts as "successful" if you are ranked from 1 to 4.

Tasks and rewards


This time, you can get new rewards: unique stickers that will convey the emotions of your craft. Is it going to be an evil look with a predatory grin or the joy of the destruction of your opponents? The choice is yours.

Attention! After completing each of the tasks the victory counter is reset. In order to complete the next task and get the next reward you should achieve the mentioned number of victories again.

  • 2 stickers of common rarity “Anticipation 2” — for 1 victory in a brawl
  • 2 stickers of common rarity “Joy 1” — for 1 victory in a brawl
  • 2 “rare” stickers “Passion 1” — for 2 victories in a brawl.
  • 2 “rare” stickers “Passion 2” — for 3 victories in a brawl.
  • 2 “rare” stickers “Anticipation 1” — for 4 victories in a brawl.
  • 2 “rare” stickers “Anger 1” — for 5 victories in a brawl.
  • 2 “rare” stickers “Anger 2” — for 6 victories in a brawl.
  • 2 “rare” stickers “Joy 2” — for 7 victories in a brawl.
  • 2 “rare” stickers “Grief 1” — for 8 victories in a brawl.
  • 2 “rare” stickers “Grief 2” — for 9 victories in a brawl.
  • 2 stickers of epic rarity “Hatred 1” — for 10 victories in a brawl.
  • 2 stickers of epic rarity “Hatred 2” — for 12 victories in a brawl.

Attention! After completing a task, the victory counter is reset! All the prize stickers are unique and non-tradeable. The event will last from the 28 of March till the 3 of April.

A new time-limited pack of stickers “Merry stickers”


The pack is available for purchase in the in-game store's “Appearance” tab. The pack includes the following stickers:

  • “Roadside Picnic”
  • “Wrong turn”
  • “Dress! Ten-hut!”
  • “Hugs!”
  • “On the road”
  • "Tenderness. Love. Scrapyard."
  • “Eureka!”

One day, Ivy XO discovered that an anonymous fan painted the gate and all the walls of the garage with hilarious pictures. Those Engineers, whom she showed the drawings, also laughed for a long time, easily recognizing the power players of this world.

In order not to spoil relations with other factions, Ivy ordered the garage to be repainted.  But freedom-loving engineers managed to save the drawings in the form of stickers. And now they tease their leader by sticking merry stickers on their armoured vehicles.

Attention! The kit will be available for purchase from March 28 to April 3

Sounds and music

Dynamic range

With the update 0.10.40 we are adding an additional audio setting “Dynamic Range”, which improves the sound of the game and allows you to customize the sound at any time, depending on your needs:

  • “Normal”. Everything is as simple as possible here. These are the audio settings that all survivors are used to. By choosing this option, you will keep your familiar sound environment.
  • “Advanced”. It can also be called HDR Audio (High Dynamic Range). This is the mode in which the sound system dynamically changes the volume of the sounds in the game so that the loud sounds (the more important ones) sound even brighter, more powerful and clear. For example, in the case when an ally nearby passes through the bushes, and a projectile from a cannon hits you at that very moment, you will only hear the projectile hit. Such dynamic range expansion systems have been used successfully in many 3D shooters. It is recommended to use extended dynamic range on high-quality Hi-Fi systems.
  • “Night”. Cannot use your headphones, but at the same time you do not want to disturb the people around you with the sounds of the game? Then the “Night” mode is definitely your choice! Thanks to this mode, the loud sounds become quieter, and the quiet ones remain at the same level, which makes it possible even at the minimum volume level to hear everything that happens around without risking disturbing those who are nearby. Also this option will be useful for players using the acoustics built into the monitor or laptop.

At the moment we are testing new settings and we invite you to try them with us. You can share your feedback in the update discussion and the topic with the “pro and contra”, which will be opened later. In case of any difficulties associated with the new settings, please post a bug report here. This will help us quickly find the source of the problem and fix it.


Added sound effects that indicate the perks of the Echo and Favourite cabins are ready to activate.

Game modes

Custom battle

Now at the start of the battle in “Custom battle”, the players by default are in the chat channel “Custom battle”. All participants can write to the channel, including spectators.



  • Now raids can be fought by just one survivor or by groups of 2 or 3 survivors. The number of players in each case will depend on the waiting time in the queue. Raider difficulty will be automatically adjusted according to the selected difficulty level and the number of players in the raid.
  • Added elite enemies to easy raids. Later we plan to add some new challenges based on elite enemies in easy raids.

Gone in two minutes

  • For the targets that need to be destroyed to advance through the scenario, we added special markers.
  • The mechanics of picking up cargo have changed:
    • To get the cargo, players need to fight with hostile raiders.
    • Some raiders in the location will drop cargo crates when destroyed.
    • In order to move the cargo to the truck, just drive up to them and press the interaction key. The cargo will automatically be moved to the truck.

Data theft

  • Now in this scenario, instead of collecting cargo, you need to drive up to generators and activate them.
  • After activating a generator, survivors need to protect the tower from raiders.

The war for fire

  • Now, instead of collecting energy elements, survivors need to hold off raiders and activate 2 generators protected by them to start the tower.
  • After disabling the tower, survivors will have to protect the truck with fuel from raider reinforcements.
  • If the truck is successfully protected, it starts moving to the evacuation point. The objective of the survivors is to prevent the enemy from destroying the truck and escort it to the destination.

Perimeter breach

  • Now, to destroy the gate survivors need to defeat 2 enemy turrets that protect it.
  • After the survivors reached the cargo, they will have to destroy the enemy's turrets and prevent the cargo from the incoming raider reinforcements.
  • To complete the raid, survivors need to take out the cargo and hold off the last reinforcements led by the gang leader. Each group member can pick up the cargo. To successfully complete the raid, at least one player has to take the cargo to the evac point.
  • Increased turrets view range and damage dealt by them.

The last convoy

  • The mechanic with the collection of 4 cargo crates for the destruction of the gate is removed.
  • Now the truck will stop near each of the 2 generators that need to be enabled and overloaded to destroy the gate.
  • After the gate is destroyed, survivors need to escort the truck to the target and protect it while it’s prepared for the explosion.
  • The boss is not going to like this interference! To successfully complete the raid you have to defeat him and his sidekicks in battle!

Steel cradle

  • Removed the mechanic of using 3 units of explosives for the destruction of the tower.
  • Instead, to damage the tower, survivors must disable 3 generators providing the tower’s operation.
  • Now, when fighting the boss, survivors need to activate explosives (press the interaction button) for dealing damage to the tower.


Leviathans are now able to use the perks of the Favorite and Echo cabins.


  • Added the ability to replay harder versions of some tasks from the Awakening storyline.
    • Completing challenging tasks is only possible with the fully completed “Awakening” storyline.
    • When resetting progress in “Awakening”, the ability to perform harder tasks becomes inaccessible until the completion of the storyline chain.
    • Every day at the location there is a point where you can go to replay one specific mission.
    • After the memory is completed, the point disappears from the location and reappears the next day.
    • The player can replay memories in a group in which he is not a leader.
    • The first completion of the mission memory brings the full reward (just like the first completion of the same task in the storyline “Awakening”).
    • Repeated passage of memories brings a smaller reward, by analogy with the storyline tasks of the “Awakening”.
  • Now raiders from different factions can fight each other, defending their territory.

Weekly tasks

Added a new weekly task: “Complete the task-memory once”. Reward: 50 Engineer badges.

Please, pay attention that the new task will appear on the list on the 1st of April!



  • Shotgun “Hammerfall”. 

Changed the perk. Its new version: “Every 200 m, passed by the car, give 1 charge, which is spent when fired and is guaranteed to turn off the rotation of the enemy's weapon for 0.5 s. Maximum 2 charges. ” 

  • Grenade launcher “GL-55 Impulse”. 

Changed the perk. The new version: “While the car is not moving, the weapon overheats 25% slower.”

Developer comment: We would like to phase out perks with random triggers, because they do not allow the player to fully control their actions in battle. After the changes of “Hammerfall” and “Impulse” the player will always be able to assess the situation and use the perks when he needs to.

  • Shotgun “Breaker”. 

Weapon durability increased from 360 to 430 units.

Developer comment: at the moment, the effectiveness of the new shotgun “Breaker” is significantly lower than that of other relic weapons. This shotgun unjustifiably quickly gets destroyed in battles, and that is what we consider to be its weakest side. The increase in durability will allow to balance this weapon relative to other relic parts and to increase its performance.

  • Melee weapon “Harvester”. 

Changed the perk. The new version: “Deals 120% more damage to enemies under the influence of negative effects, as well as the heated parts of the car.”

Developer comment: The main problem associated with “Harvesters” is their use at low PS and high efficiency of the gun in such battles. Our task is to reduce its effectiveness at low PS and maintain current performance at medium and high PS. The use of additional weapons applying negative effects automatically increases the PS of the entire assembly and moves the craft to battles with machines that can provide decent resistance.
Please note that the perk of the “Harvester” will not work on towers and pumpjacks in raids and “Adventure”.


  • Tracks and augers.

Increased reverse speed. Now the reverse speed on tracks and augers corresponds to the forward speed on these movement parts.

Developer comment: We continue to move in the direction of increasing the dynamics of battles and ease of movement on various movement parts. Thanks to the changes, crafts with tracks and augers will not lose so much in dynamics to cars with faster movement parts.


  • Radar “Oculus VI”.

Added the display of “Kapkan” mines and approximate location of invisible enemies on the map and mini-map if they are within range of the radar. 

Developer comment: We believe that it is quite difficult to fight with invisible enemies at the moment, focusing only on the radar animation. The change will allow you to see the approximate location of invisible enemies within range of the Oculus, on the map and mini-map, which will allow more efficient use of the radar.


Now a hit from the cannon “CC-18 Typhoon” to the shield “Aegis-Prime” does not impose a negative effect on the car.


  • Added the option to hide chat messages that contain blueprints from the exhibition. To hide such messages, you must activate the option “Hide messages with blueprints” in the chat settings.
  • The window “Contact list: friends and black list” now has new options (the gear in the top right):
    • In the “Privacy” section you can toggle accepting friend invites
    • The option “Block all incoming invites” will automatically decline all the accumulated and unreviewed friend requests.
  • The function “Show welding points” has been added to the part characteristics window (“F” key).
  • Added the corresponding icons n the technology tree for the parts obtained from packs or during in-game events.


  • Added sounds that are characteristic for moving around pebbles and rubble.
  • Optimized a number of graphical effects.
  • Glazed windows in the Survivor’s garage (standard version of the garage).
  • The paintable area of the “Howl” cabin surface has been increased.
  • The cockpit model “Howl” was improved with “CK McCampbell” applied to it.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug related to bouncing crafts that have at least 1 hover installed in the middle.
  • Fixed a bug related to various sound artifacts during the shell shock sound effect.
  • Fixed a bug where the application for membership in the clan was saved, if the player has already been accepted into the clan through the in-game chat.
  • Fixed a bug in which it was proposed to improve the level 3 turret in the “Frontier defence” raid or repair a fully repaired turret.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Lancelot” spears with “CK Viper” applied to them could be installed into each other.
  • Now, when teams have 1 player left, and one player destroys another with the help of self-detonation, the victory is always awarded to the team whose player destroyed the enemy by self-detonation.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the “RD-2 Keen” part.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect animation of the movement of armoured vehicles with tracks (crafs tilted forward).
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect display of shadows in the game.
  • Fixed a bug with the lack of the effect of fire puddles from the “Porcupine” barrels installed on Raiders' cars in “Adventure”.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect display of markers in the clan list.
  • Fixed a bug related to incorrect display of the animation of the base capture icon.
  • Fixed display of self-destruct bulbs in the Echo cabin.
  • Fixed a bug related to the disappearance of one of the surveillance cameras in “Adventure” at a certain position of the player’s camera.
  • Fixed the bug associated with minimizing the game with the “Alt-Tab” combination in the “Windowed (full screen)” screen mode.
  • Now the bolts of the Phoenix crossbow are attached to the cameras in “Adventure” and destroy them.
  • Now in spectator mode, the speedometer correctly shows the current speed of the player you are watching.
  • Improved a number of texts and descriptions.

This patchnote reveals all the key in-game changes and doesn't include all the fixes. Changes, that are aimed at improvement of Crossout, appear constantly and may not require their own patch.

Small update, 29.03.2019

  • Fixed a number of bugs in the raid “Perimeter breach”:
    • Fixed the difficulty of bruisers (officers) and ringleaders
    • Reduced the number of bruisers
  • Fixed raider spawn points on the map “Cursed mines”.
  • Fixed environment object positions on the map “Lost Coast”.
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect distribution of players among regions.
  • Fixed a bug with the incorrect link to in-game special offers.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of team rosters in battle.
  • Fixed a bug with the missing information about the cost of quick purchase/sale of parts.


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i have a few suggestions, bestides to the change of the impulse perk change (plz make it at least not like the tsunamy, like under 10km/h more efficient plz)
(sorry for the background i copied the old message and saved in discord)
i have 2 suggestions for the upcomming (speculated) horsemen:

or conquest: a new epic auger movement part. (like the goliath for the crafteble tracks) this auger will be massive compared to the normal meat grinder (maybe a modefied concrete mixer truck drumm) and maybe even angled (so the front of the vehicle it pointing downwards a bit)

for famine: an epic autocannon that can STEAL ammo from vehicles OR increase module reload for the vehicle you hit 

i have 2 other suggestions not regarding the horsemen, but regarding to the scavengers it always struck me that the scavengers only have a rare melee, so i suggest an epic and a legendary:

Epic melee: jackhammer 3 energy unique perk: the part behind you hit (max 1m) recieves 20% damage of the part that was hit initially

Legendary melee:( well here are 3, so u can choose:-) )

bucketwheel exevator wheel 5 to 7 energy, unique perk: exerst massive kenetic forces to any enemy, flinging them into the direction or rotation

Pile driver 4 to 6 ernergy, (only deals damage opon activation, like a silnge shot reload cannon) perk: the slower you go the more damage it deals

Tunnelmaker (massive borer): 8 energy perk: when in contact with enemy increases the power of the cabin significantly (so you can are more effectively pushing the enemy) and

one last tweek: the dozer cab bastion doesnt sound very good, i suggest that upon a button press the plow can move a bit upwards (like 0,5m) and 0,25m forwards so you can protect guns that are mounted on the hood of the cab

i realy hope you read this and that you can use some of my suggestions!


Edited by GreenTitanCO
Making it look nicer

Ka1deron (Posted )

GreenTitanCO, thanks for sharing your suggestions with us! I recommend you to post them in the special thread of our forums as well, here's the link: https://forum.crossout.net/index.php?/forum/16-suggestions-premoderation/
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Interesting, I actually though the Knight Riders event was going to drop today. I'm guessing that the event is now scheduled  for next Thursday. right?...

Ka1deron (Posted )

As you've probably guessed from reading our latest devblog, the Knechte is not that far - stay tuned;)
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1. Harvester

Actually, in low PS, only the buffed ramming and basic DPS is enough for the harvester to deal some serious damage. only changing the perk will do nothing.

And at high PS, the only reason harvester become strong is the Spark, it is kind of funny to force players using Spark because everyone is already using it. and 120% damage buff is a lot, which even worsens the problem by increasing the burst damage further.

2. Hammerfall

3 hours ago, BjKalderon said:
  • Shotgun “Hammerfall”. 

Changed the perk. Its new version: “Every 150 m, passed by the car, give 1 charge, which is spent when fired and is guaranteed to turn off the rotation of the enemy's weapon for 0.3 s. Maximum 3 charges. ” 



3. Breaker

The problem of Breaker is not its health at all, why are you guys so lazy?

4. Impulse

Literally, get murdered.

5. Auger

Still cannot turn properly if you install more than 2, please don't let your players down over and over again.


I feel the changes in this patch are so insane and confusing, I don't even bother regarding those as April fool jokes.

Edited by Robocraftman

Ka1deron (Posted )

The patchnotes descriptions are already fixed, thank you for bringing this up! As for the Breaker - we believe that the durability change will increase its perfomance as well as to balance in relation with other weapons of the same rarity level.
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4 minutes ago, JPA365 said:

Interesting, I actually though the Knight Riders event was going to drop today. I'm guessing that the event is now scheduled  for next Thursday. right?...

it was said to drop in early april
and there was said that this balance was going to drop earlyier then KR
i think it will drop in 7 days (4th of april) cuz that is early april and the updates always drop on the 4thday in the week

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the perks that got changed have different stats in the update and in game, you guys might wanna correct your numbers 

Ka1deron (Posted )

Thank you for staying vigilant! The patchnotes descriptions have been corrected;)
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Thanks to new harvester perk, chase raids can be finished in 30 seconds. This raid it's now 100% pure grind and 0% fun.

I expect even more harvesters in PVP.


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Even the market thinks this update is so stupid and refuse showing the price.

Ka1deron (Posted )

Already working on that - will be fixed ASAP.
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Question why did u nerf the Typohoon ?? Why should the effect true Aegis not work???

And why does Punisher hold on his perk?? it still works true Aegis

Ka1deron (Posted )

The following change is not a nerf - now the hit from this cannon works as intended and it doesn't affect the damage, taken from the “CC-18 Typhoon”.
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@BjKalderon some grammatical errors in the raids description, some clarity may be needed (auto-translate in appearance)

track reverse/strafe is welcome, as is chat improvements, & less Random vs More Player control. thank you.

great work, nice to see improvements & looking forward to trying em out in the event & coming weeks, 


   Edit: @BjKalderon the above patch notes: 


Edited by SpeedLocked

Ka1deron (Posted )

SpeedLocked, thank you for sharing your feedback with us! Regarding the mistakes that you've mentioned - do you mean in-game descriptions?

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52 minutes ago, BobSnakePlissken said:

untradable stickers...

do u expext me to play?????

it does not take space in inventory so that's a god one

Edited by alpha1q
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LOL, 68 games (with condition 1.-4. place) in one same boring **** for such a bunch of untreadeable infantile pictures? devs, you are crazy ******...   :015:


Edited by Kogaku_CZ

Ka1deron (Posted )

It's not necessary to earn all of the stickers, if you don't like this kind of event. And don't forget, that the following brawl offers a kind of gameplay that's different from others;)
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So instead of adjusting the crutches that made Harvester too strong you now make it so that players will have to use these crutches in order to make use of the perk?

27 minutes ago, BobSnakePlissken said:

untradable stickers...

do u expext me to play?????


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BTW, the rotation jamming will not be applied again for the targets who already got it, which means if you don't intentionally separate the shot, the Hammerfall can only jam for 0.5 sec even with 2 charges, this is, interesting......

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With the Typhoon perk (even trugh Aegis) was the only way i can hunt the Spiderman Hover wich climb evrywhere .That is not fair all i can say

u need to fix the climb exploit and the jump exploit of the hovers and then is the game balanced

Ka1deron (Posted )

_ChocoNutsX_, if you still encounter the following situation in battles I definitely recommend you to share the details in the bug-report section - it will be investigated.
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31 minutes ago, _ChocoNutsX_ said:

Question why did u nerf the Typohoon ?? Why should the effect true Aegis not work???

And why does Punisher hold on his perk?? it still works true Aegis

Because shields are supposed to shield you from external elements. Punisher's perk shouldn't work vs aegis.

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Thx for fixing Harvesters with Spark combo...oh wait. So now, you fixed Harvesters on low PS by buffing the most overused OP combo on high PS. Not a good job. Sparkvesters should be broken, not buffed.

Do you know, that now, Harvesters can use their perk even without touchcing anything? So contact dmg, which depends on speed, is also buffed by Spark with range and can be buffed by Tormentor? I just did 1278 dmg by simply ramming a car wothout boosters...

I don't care about Breaker, shotguns are not my style, same as Impulse, other changes are very good. But Sparkvesters...oh my god...

Ka1deron (Posted )

The change included in this update only effects the damage to enemies under the influence of negative effects and doesn't concern ramming damage at all.
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23 minutes ago, DesTut said:

So, now melee builds with harvester and spark/draco will have the full damage bonus not after some time of grinding, but when ever they want. It is just a punch into the face of your playerbase. Harvester builds were overpowered at high PS, now they will be even stronger. I'm sorry, but this is absolutelly laughable how you try to ballance it and make it even worse. 


the main problem with harvesters and mele weapons is spark perk .every time in higher ps normal harvester (no spark) can't just rush me (leg build) while my team mates are next to me

remove spark perk reload debuff nerf slow debuff and buff harvester  there is a topic with idea for spark to shoot balls of energy like quasar that slow and decrase reload on range but not constant debuff

(in league of legends there is simlar debuff spell - exost -50% slow and dmg and IT LAST 2 SECONDS while spark is constant)

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Its not even funny how you tried to "reduce its effectiveness at low PS and maintain current performance at medium and high PS"  which i assume can be done by increasing the PS or matchmaking system.

And while i same was done to lance by reducing the max dmg by 15% and speed that limits its usage now it is even better :)  120% instead of 200% and say that it will  "maintain current performance" lol

i mean, i did not expect any better from devs who think that harvester is a gun...

anyways, great news for weekend warriors, their tracks got buffed and everything else around them is nerfed so they can buy packs and enjoy the game without crying on forums how hovers/lances/harvesters are broken.

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Nice update.

You should look into the jumping hover issue.

Very often fortune wheels going under enemy launches them in the air instead of detonating.

Also all the maps where hovers can climb on spots, where no other build has a chance of getting there, like all the containers, trains, hills near spawns, fenced hill area.

Can post pictures later of said issues.

Ka1deron (Posted )

Thank you for bringing this up - the pictures as well as detailed bug-report will definitely be aprreciated, KEKLord.
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18 minutes ago, Yurker said:

Because shields are supposed to shield you from external elements. Punisher's perk shouldn't work vs aegis.

And the Punisher??? why is still working???

True Aegis with the Tsunami and Typhoon i am able to do damage but no perk activation??? where is the logik???



Fortunes and Porcs still dont deploy under Hover crafts why??? A barel or a fortune normaly should deploy under the the Hover and not lift it. People are still having manny problems with that and its not fair

Edited by _ChocoNutsX_
Forgoten some things
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You guys have to be Trump CRAZY to buff harvesters. Seriously! I use them and abuse them now and they were OP - now they are OP squared!? Just why? The reasoning given is they are too powerful at lower PS!? Wow. Just wow. This will not even fix that problem.

This buff won't last long as Harvester wars are coming, as if it was not already here! They will have to be nerfed soon to avert an all our harvester PvP fest.

I love you devs but whatever you guys are smoking stop doing it before developer meetings.


Ka1deron (Posted )

The following change is neither a "buff" nor a "nerf". Its unique ability has been reworked and if it indeed prooves necessary to implement additional changes, they will be included in one of the nearest updates.
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Update and changes are nice. 
About event, can you make one event that is actually FUN to play? as 99% of that ugly creations are eternity old and outdated, some of them can't even move or some weapons are not functioning....

Also if u make untradable stickers its OK. JUST LET US DELETE UNWANTED ONES?! CAN YOU LET US DELETE THEM?!
I don't want girly anime eyes on my vehicles and i will never use them. SAME as some other stickers that i got from two factor authentication.... also starter paint sprays.

Just make few confirmation questions before we can delete them permanently, so no one will have problems, no one will tell that they deleted them by mistake:
* "are you sure that u want to delete these trash?"
* "if u delete this trash you will no longer able to get this again"
I don't get why you forcing us to keep these garbage in our inventory.....

(hope you will not require resources needed to delete them, will not be surprised from devs like you btw)

Ka1deron (Posted )

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Jafarson. This special brawl has been designed to be an event with unique gameplay conditions so if you don't like to take part in it (even though I would recommend it) and you don't want to get the unique rewards, then you are in no way forced to participate - the missions and raids are still available.
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