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Clan rework launch fail

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This is in regards to the tieral rework involving clans, launch of the rework failed, rust tier is still going against those in gold and diamond tier. Lately has drawn me to believe this game does not care about if you actually play the game or just sit on the market. Playing on xbox since its launch and all we get is the same clans on top every time, some clans complain quite a bit, (the squeaky cog gets the grease) while other's soldier through to play and enjoy in their days. I say it's time us players that have been putting in hard work on this game actually have some change. We don"t get relics because we enjoy the actual playing mechanic behind the game in it's entirety, however almost 2 painstakingly long years and we still have yet to get the general gaming community to where anyone can earn a relic in a realistic goal line. Some of us aren't rich since birth, some struggle, some can drop $5,000 on a game and not bat an eye. Too long we've waited for this community to be able to be heard, We need an actual clan system that is working and not failing, all you get unless you join a top #30 clan is disappointment. Clan wars has repeatedly shown that it's not out of who is the best of the best, rather it's simply if you have the money to make anything you want in game, then you're limitless. Why is it such a necessity to waste our time on a market that only has virtual value in one shelf? Either that or have money in real life you can dump down the toilet and not care. Why can we not just play the game to advance? We get it, you're a game in development, but that don't mean make us pay or we don't get a game worth playing at all.

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