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Experienced player looking for an active clan

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I´m an experienced player, been playing every day since december 2017, have many complete builds (harvesters, hammerfalls, reapers, retchers, tsunamis, hellios, crickets, 10 bigfoots, 6 hoovers and 6 legs ML200, 2 goliath, several cabins including Steppe spiders, apolo IV, spark and aegis prime), i can only play tuesdays and thursdays from 17h to 21h UTC, and i cant seem to find a clan that plays at those moments. My clans where allways in good positions (150 to 300) overall. Im from Portugal but i speak good english, my factions are all at level 15, so i have all the structure pieces. I've allways played with "Discord" or "Team Speak".

My ingame name is Hitman_PT so you can check me out.

Thanks in advance.


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