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I propose this idea for a mission that is geared toward new people in the rewards area, so that they might get gas and scrap, when those, either run out, or have reached the 3500 cap, respectively. Payable to all participants, this can be a car show event, where the human players bring their own build from common parts, below the 2500 PS range only. A leviathan called Car Crusher may intervene at any time during these festivities, and start crushing cars! The AI on this bot however, should NOT target the cabins, but only parts, and run amok amongst the participants showering them with their own parts. After a set time runs out, or the leviathan defeated, the mission can end, giving rewards of gas to those left with a tank, and/or a few pieces of scrap that can be saved up for actual use during the long wait for the scrap cap to be reset. A sticker may be awarded to the top player, or loot box, all of that can be discussed. Something like this would be beneficial to this company in that it is not geared towards the rich getting richer, and the poor, left with nothing. While kindness cannot save this world that is meant for destruction, kindness is something that should be shown in a game. Kill the bots, cripple the humans, so that everyone wins, if only a bit of dignity. I am level 30 engineers now, but still having problems getting through a bunch of bullies who INFEST all the mission areas with their quick killing and other exploits of the game mechanics, until something is done, I will continue my KIND of ideas....


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