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Laggy endings

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After last update i have had games start and cant control my car at all until end when it stops and im in my spawn being ate by harvesters draged around and destroyed. That happens 1 out of 25 games but, every single game i play at the end of matches it hesitates then rubberbands 3 sec back to end of game...smh. Ive tried reinstalling hard reset everything

Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Lag and rubberband at end of each match
What you expected to see No lag or rubberband
Conditions in which error reproduce Finishing any match
Problem details I play on xbox one s, problem started with recent update
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  


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- A detailed description of the issue you have. Please describe how we can reproduce the issue.
- An attached video and/or screenshots.
- Report must contain full version number of the game to which it is related.

so the only things missing is the version number (found on the title screen.) and a screen shot of the issue (it would be better for a video to show it.) 

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