[Contest] Rebuild in Crossout: Labor Day

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Well, survivors, May is here, and it's time for “that” season. It's time to dig up your greenhouses from under the sand and sow the endless desert fields in the hope that the rough and lifeless land of the new world will yield at least something edible. We call on all artisans of the Wasteland to assemble agricultural machinery, the Valley needs you!

So, the task is: build any kind of agricultural equipment. And try not to use in the “Harvester” in your build ;)

The top 8 entries will be selected in total. Of them:

  • 3 lucky survivors, selected at random, will get the unique paint can “Aquamarine” or “Shimapan” to choose from. As you know, appearance isn't everything, so they will also get 1000 coins for produce. In case they fail grow anything.
  • The remaining 5 winners will get 600 coins and a unique paint can “Pattern: Graffiti Dawn”.

In addition, among all the participants, we will randomly select 15 lucky survivors who will get a scanner for 3 days!

All contest winners will also receive a unique “Rebuild in Crossout” sticker.

To participate in the contest you need to:

  • Build your own craft, recreating any kind of agricultural machinery, which must be self-propelled.
  • Upload the craft to the in-game exhibition. The name must start with the tag 0105.
  • Post a screenshot of your creation on VK or Facebook with the hashtag #MayXO and indicate the name of the craft at the exhibition.
  • Specify your nickname and your platform.
  • Build your entry in the slot for a car or a leviathan.
  • The armoured car must be functional.
  • Only one entry is accepted from each participant.
  • The entry can not contain offensive and Nazi symbols, obscene language, references to prohibited groups and societies, elements of erotic content or in any other way should not violate the rules of the game.
  • By participating in the contest, you consent to the use of your work at our discretion.

Attention! Entries are accepted until May 7, 12:00 GMT. Results will be announced within a week after entry admission is concluded. Distribution of prizes is made within a week after summing up the contest.

Good luck in your work and on the battlefield!


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Results of the contest "Rebuild in Crossout: Labor Day"!


The results of our Labor day contest are here, and we invite you to check out the best entries and congratulate the winners!

The best (according to our jury's opinion) 8 contest entries:

  • 0105 KOMBAIN
Скрытый текст


  • 0105 AN2 CX
Скрытый текст


  • 0105 CWA FORESTR
Скрытый текст


  • 0105 POLIVATOR
Скрытый текст


  • 0105_MOTO6JIOK
Скрытый текст


  • 0105 Kirovec BEL
Скрытый текст


  • 0105_May
Скрытый текст


  • 0105 BbI9upaeT
Скрытый текст


As a result the lucky winners of 1000 coins and one of the paint cans have been chosen with help of a random number generator. They are the creators of the following entries:

  • 0105 POLIVATOR
  • 0105_MOTO6JIOK
  • 0105 CWA FORESTR

The remaining 5 winners will get 600 coins and a unique paint can “Pattern: Graffiti Dawn”.

The list of the entries chosen randomly which authors receive a "3 Day Scanner":

  • 0105 frontloader
  • 0105 panther4502
  • 0105 MAZ MVU 30
  • 0105_MirTrydMay
  • 0105_Kaunas_ASU
  • 0105 CR 8080 DD
  • 0105_Evil0_MTZ
  • 0105_EDEM V SELO
  • 0105 traktor
  • 0105_John_Deere
  • 0105 NosyHorse
  • 0105MayDayMayDay
  • 0105_KOMUNAR
  • 0105_T150

We remind you, that the rewards are going to be sent within the several working days. Please, don't delete the contest posts until you get the award!

Thank you for participation!

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