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Smugglers vs Raiders Scenario

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This is a game where each side has different cars and different goals. This is played with a larger more open map. The Smugglers  have 4 bases. Two bases are on the East Edge and two are on the west edge. Each base is guarded by a Spark to keep the Raiders from rushing it. The Smugglers use Growl and Bat Cabin race car builds that go 90-100 KPH with no weapons. The Smugglers get a point each time they drive from East to West or West to East. The Raiders have no base and start in the center. They have 4500 PS cars using the Trucker and Jawbreaker Cabins that go 60-70 KPH. They have long range and mid range weapons. The Raiders get a point any time a Smuggler car is destroyed.  The Smuggler side is all about racing and dodging attacks. The Raider side is all about disabling and destroying cars.  

Bots are only used to fill the Raider side. This can be done as a PvP mission with Players as Smugglers or Raiders. This can be done as a PvE mission with the Bots playing as Raiders.

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