New brawl ideas.

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<Crane Game>

All players are big tall giant crane with skinner on top side. This skinner has 6 times longer range than normal skinner.
Player can pick bots up and drop them on the grinder to get the score.



Mini car race! All players become wheel drone. 


<Musical Chairs>

Safe zone at the middle. Players should collect the crates on the map for score. But randomly warning appears and sandstorm comes.
Players should get in the safe zone in time, but the last player will be instantly destroyed. Players in safe zone will be repaired.
When 4 players left, game's up. Player with most score will be winner.


<Air Hockey>

New sports! Puck is sharp and spiked (with melee weapons) and hovering on the surface (like air hockey). Puck has insane ram damage bonus.
All players drive vehicle with Fafnir and Booster and Aegis. Player can push perk with Fafnir. (And even players! Push them into deadly puck!)
When player crashed by Puck, player will be destroyed instantly. (and will respawn.)
Put puck in the goal, or kill other players to get score. Puck can be accelerated up to 600 km/h, if it hits nothing for long time.
There are two plasma bolts bouncing around the arena. Player can't push them with Fafnir but can bounce them with Aegis shield.
Much faster and more dynamic game play.


<Tusk March>

All players are tusk! (Players can't attack each other) It uses map of chase raids. Each points are blocked by vehicle barricade. (as police of GTA does.)
1st Tusk gets invincibility and ultimate ram bonus. It does not take damage and doesn't be slowed by ramming vehicles.
The others will take damage by ramming vehicles, so get 1st place or just follow the 1st behind.
Players (and barricade vehicles) that fall behind by 100 m from the 1st player will be destroyed instantly.
(Like race, higher rank players get less fuel at the checkpoint)


<Western Dual>

All players are single Corvo build. This brawl uses invasion map.
Player can reload weapon with right click, and target enemy with left click. (like Caucasus. But this Corvo can target multiple enemies at one time.)
After targeting, randomly w,s,a,d pops up, and player should type all words to fire and kill enemy instantly.
6 players, 2 bots and 2 respawn chances for everyone.
6 words pop up at first, but 8 words after 4 players (and bot) left, and 10 words after 2 players left.
When two players left, sand storm comes and both can't shoot. Both should go to middle, and do last dual.


<I can't name it>

Players become ball. Player can pick up scraps on the ground and be bigger. Players can grind the other players. Destroyed player will leave scraps.
There are some bots too.  Be biggest ball.
Battle royal map, if possible.


<Bastion Boxing Sumo>

Bastion build with Meat Grinders, Rocket Boosters (shift button), and 2 Special Skinner for every players. Special skinner has giant boxing glove instead of harpoon.
Every players start on the ring. Boxing Glove and Bastion's bumper has big knock back.
Randomly parts (or item) will be dropped on the ring, and players can install it on their vehicle like Battle Royal mode. (F button to use.)
(Chameleon with no visible range, Hermes boosters, Colossus engine, Aegis shield, etc.. Only one at a time. They lasts for 10 sec.)
Ring floor is destructible. Player can break ring floor to drop the others. Sometimes bomb will be dropped randomly.





Moving wallpaper, please!

This game needs more plays like this, and encourages plays like this, and players should be able to do like this more often.
Give us more parts which can affect our and enemies' move, please.


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On 5/9/2019 at 5:02 PM, VisceraCleaner said:
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Moving wallpaper, please!


I agree with you for the moving wallpapers, static images isn't great, for the new brawl ideas they are fun, +1.

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